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SANITEKS dd Sanitary material producer Velika Kladuša PRESENTATIONS OF PRODUCTS


3 SANITEKS dd Saniteks d.d. is acting as a Share holders company with a good and long production experience. The production has started in and today, it has the production lines for manufacturing the various Medical Devices and more than 40 years long tradition.Saniteks's main activity is the production and sale of Medical Devices for clinics, hospitals and pharmacies; Products for Hygiene and the products for technical use and further remanufacturing.The company is composed of the following sections: Production of Medical Devices based on textile materials, Medicines production with chemical processes, Graphic Dept. with Printing and Paper re-making, Production services and finally Marketing.

4 Sanitary material producer
Medical areas are organized by the rules of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) though Control and Laboratory Control by GLP (Good Laboratory Practice). The managing of the processes in the company complies with International Standards ISO 9001, ISO and beside these two standards there is also introduced and Directive for Medical Devices 93/42/EEC. The final products undergo an indipendent examinations by the goverment Institute for Drug Control and Experts Evaluation by Institute for Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology of Faculty for Medicine of University of Sarajevo. These products are also approved and registered for Marketing and Sale in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russion Federation, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Monte Negro and in many other countries around the world.

5 There were accomplished and examinations with the good results for Biocompatibility and Citotoxicity at Institute for Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology of Faculty for Medicine Sciencies of University of Sarajevo and Huntingdon Institute for Life Sciences Ltd., England according to ISO Standard Clinical-Hospital Centre of Faculty for Medicine Sciences, Sarajevo has confirmed that there is no risk involved by the use of these products. Also, Saniteks itself performed Risk Analysis according to ISO Standard Production Program of Medical Devices makes about 70% of the company's turnover and there is 20% of Hygiene Program and Consumer goods and about 10% of the other products. More than 50% of the total turnover comes from Export to the foreign markets, mainly those which have very strict market and quality requirements. Naturaly, Saniteks is the leading supplier in its own country. Saniteks is dedicated to follow already introduced practice manufacturing the products of an appropriate quality, permanently improving production processes and products, to motivate the employees, to respond to the requirements of its business partners and to put the efficiency to a higher level at all time.

6 Products Gauze and gauze products Medical plasters Bandages and plaster bandages Hygienic and cosmetic products Other products

7 Gauze and gauze products
Gauze and Gauze products are made of 100% Cotton – natural material, as the main substance. Gauze is a woven fabric, cleaned and bleached by HT procedure, very hydrophilic and absorbent material. Usually it is made in the types of 13, 17, 20 and 24-threads/cm2, with or without X-Ray detectable thread (RX). Quality requirements comply entirely to EUR.Ph.Risk Analysis, examinations for Biocompatibility and Citotoxicology were conducted according to the standards and Also, the compatibility with various pharmaceutical substances is checked and safe. There are various Controls of Product: physical-mechanical, chemical and microbiological control. Gauze as the basic material is being cut and finalized into: compresses, laparatomy swabs,bandages, pieces of various sizes and forms, that can be sterile and unsterile. Beside the regular sizes and forms, the others can also be made at the cuctomer's request. Expiry Date (Shelf Life) of the gauze and gauze products is 5 (five) years from Date of Production.

8 Medical plasters Medicine adhesive plasters are being cut into various forms and sizes or rolled also in various sizes. The underlaying material can be: non-woven textile, silk, cotton or viscose fabric, plastic foils. The coating can be made with Zinc-oxide glue or the other hypoallergic glue. The plaster can have an antiseptic padding. Medicine adhesive plasters are widely used for healing and protection of the smaller wounds and burns, corn-horns, rheumatic diseases and for the fixing of bandage materials, compresses, injection needles, cannulas, catheters etc. Shel Life of Antirheumatic and Corn-horns plasters is 2 (two) years, Burn dressings – 3 (three) years and the other types of plaster – 5 (five) years after Date of Production; providing the appropriate storing conditions. Quality Control is being made according to EUR.Ph., national and internal standards.

9 Bandages and plaster bandages
Bandages make an assortiment of a very wide applications such as: bandaging, tretment, protection, sanitation of kneads and trauma injuries, immobilisation etc. In manufacturing, there are in use the natural and artificial materials, weaving, finishing and coating. They can be made into the bandaging tapes of various widths, lenghts and forms. Depending of the place and the way of application, they have clips for fixing the ends, absorbtion pads, ribbons for fixing and the others. According to the customer's request, they can be made in many forms and addapted for various usages and Sterilization process if necessary. All products undergo the quality control and testings usinh the standards by: EUR.Ph., national and internal standards. Expiry Date of these products is 5 (five) years from Date of Production.

10 Hygienic and cosmetic products
These products make a various assortiments and application areas. There is an assortiment of Cosmetics of a very high quality, especially Ga-Ga products for babies and children. The products contain all necessary fats, biological nourishments and additives for skin protection. These products are proved and well established on the market for several decades. The products for the adults skin treatment are enriched with the herbal extracts and vitamins for the protection and nourishment of the skin and hair where they come as shampoos. The perfumes for men and women, lotions and After Shave products contain the scents and fragrances so various that everybody can make a choice. The protective cosmetics contain UV filters for the protection of Sun rays and also there is a line of products for insects repelling. Beside the a.m. products for personal hygiene there is also a program of products for the hygiene of homes and public places. They are made as a composition of anionic, amphoteric non-ionic surfactants with the additives for skin protection and fine smells; in a form of liquid detergents for cleaning, washing and in the form of handkerchiefs for refreshment and desinfection. For the maintenance of babies hygiene, we produce Baby's diapers which are made of 100% Cotton material, cleansing sticks for nose and ears, zinc and almond ointment etc. At the customer's request, it is possible to make the various adjustments and forming the sets for various applications.

11 Other products The range of these products is characterized by the variety of the used materials, production procedures, products properties and final use of the final products. The manufacture of these products requires many materials such as: non-woven textile, Viscose Wool, Cotton Wool,various blends of Cotton and Viscose fibers, woven fabrics, plastic foils etc. The final products are being used as hospitals consumer goods, garments, emergency and as technical products. The products made of Cotton-, Viscose Wool have a wide range of application and use. The products made of Non-woven materials are being used in the hospitals as bed-sheets,covering, clothing etc. Sanitery sets can be completed in various sets for different final use and the composition can be adjusted at the customer's request. Technical tapes are made of different backing materials depending of the final use and area of application. They can be Self-adhesive tapes used in the packing, closing the boxes; tapes for offices and schools; electro insulation; lacquer and painting work to protect the certain parts etc. Expiry Date of these products is 5 (five) years after Date of Production.

12 Gauze and gauze products

13 Compresses unsterile

14 Compresses unsterile

15 Tampons of gauze

16 Compresses unsterile with RX

17 Sterile compresses

18 Sets, sterile

19 Laparatomy Swabs of Gauze

20 Hydrophilic gauze

21 Hydrophilic gauze

22 Hydrophilic gauze

23 Gauze, sterile

24 Gauze for tamponade

25 Medical plasters

26 Sanipor plaster

27 Sanipor plaster

28 FIKSOSAN Perforated hypoalergic medicine plaster

29 Antirheumatic plaster

30 Strip plaster

31 SANIPLAST – Medicine plaster with antiseptic pad

32 Vaseline compresses

33 SETAFIKS – Zink oxide plaster on cloth

34 Bandages and plaster bandages

35 Calico bandage with selvedges

36 Calico bandage with selvedges

37 Elastic bandage

38 Plaster bandages

39 Saniflex bandage

40 Elastic tubular net bandage

41 First aid bandage

42 Hygienic and cosmetic products

43 Toilet water, perfumes – for women

44 Toilet water, perfumes – for women

45 After shave, Toilet water, Lotion – for men

46 Protection matters

47 Skin care products

48 Skin care products

49 Skin care products

50 Baby's Cosmetics

51 Handkerciefs, wipes

52 Shampoo and Bath

53 Tooth paste

54 Ga-Ga products, Baby program

55 Ga-Ga products, Baby program

56 Ga-Ga Pants

57 Cleaning matters and Auxiliary washing matters

58 Cleaning matters and Auxiliary washing matters

59 Cleaning matters and Auxiliary washing matters

60 Liquid detergents

61 Other products

62 Triangular bandage

63 First aid kit

64 First aid kit

65 First aid kit

66 First aid kit

67 First aid kit

68 First aid kit

69 Non-woven tampons

70 Products of Cotton Wool

71 Products of Cotton Wool

72 Sport cosmetics Auxiliary healing matters

73 SANITAPE – Adhesive office tape

74 SANIKREP – Adhesive crepe tape

75 DUPLEX both-sided adhesive tape

76 Termosan – Tape for caulking

77 Tape for insulation

78 Therapeutic means

79 Ga-Ga products, Baby program

80 Non-woven products

81 Non-woven products

82 Certificates




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