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18 July,2001SARAERP - SARAINFOTECH LTD.1 SARA Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Bombay, India. Enterprise Resource Planning.

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1 18 July,2001SARAERP - SARAINFOTECH LTD.1 SARA Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Bombay, India. Enterprise Resource Planning

2 18 July,2001SARAERP - SARAINFOTECH LTD.2 Highlights in SARA ERP Only authorized persons can view/update a particular transaction Financial limits for authorized persons to approve transactions like Purchase Order, Sales Order, Invoices Purchase Order can be made against Purchase Requisitions Credit limits for customer

3 18 July,2001SARAERP - SARAINFOTECH LTD.3 Highlights in SARA ERP contd. Limits for cash purchase can be fixed GRN can be made for ordered quantity only Computer calculates Purchase bills as per accepted quantity in GRN and rate as per PO Duplicate bill can not be entered in to the system

4 18 July,2001SARAERP - SARAINFOTECH LTD.4 Highlights in SARA ERP contd. Payments more than due can not be made Computer selects material as per customer specifications Employee expense budget VS actual Employees can not be paid more than their budget expense head wise Expense analysis e.g. Car expenses can be analyses in to Petrol, toll repair

5 18 July,2001SARAERP - SARAINFOTECH LTD.5 Highlights in SARA ERP contd. Sales Realization available Invoice wise On-line view of stock in Primary Store, General Store, Spares Surplus items, Obsolete items On line view of Customer/Item, Vendor/Item, Sales Statistics

6 18 July,2001SARAERP - SARAINFOTECH LTD.6 PRODUCTION, PURCHASE, STORES, A/C PAYABLE PENDING SALES ORDER/ FORECAST MASTER SALES SCHEDULE MASTER PRODUCTION SCHEDULE STORE INDENT Displays Last Vendor Rate,Pending PO, Stock Total estimated value PURCHASE REQUISITION Automatically creates Purchase Requisition for Indents, Displays Pending PO PURCHASE ORDER Checks limits of the Approving authority GOODS RECEIVED NOTE Displays Pending orders, Updates Pending orders, GRN Pending for Bills, Update stock

7 18 July,2001SARAERP - SARAINFOTECH LTD.7 PRODUCTION, PURCHASE, STORES, A/C PAYABLE contd.. BILL ENTRY & BILL PASSING CAPACITY REQUIREMENT PLANNING MATERIAL REQUIREMENT PLANNING DR/CR NOTE JV BANK/ CASH SUPPL. ENTRY BILL PAYMENT GENERAL LEDGER TRIAL BALANCE WITH SUPPL. ENTRY Displays GRN Pending for Bills, calculate bills as per PO Rate.GRN qty. accepted Updates vendor o/s. Duplicate Bill can not be entered in the System. Displays bills due party wise/date wise.Print cheques.Updates vendor o/s and create G/L entries.Calculate Tds.

8 18 July,2001SARAERP - SARAINFOTECH LTD.8 SALES, INVOICING, A/C RECEIVABLE QUOTATION SALES CONTRACT SALES ORDER PACKING REFERENCE PRODUCTION Updates Pending Sales Contract, Copy specification From master Displays pallet matching the customer specification PACKING STORE

9 18 July,2001SARAERP - SARAINFOTECH LTD.9 SALES, INVOICING, A/C RECEIVABLE contd. DELIVERY ORDER SALES INVOICE Update Pallet wise stock RECEIVE PAYMENT POST DATED CHEQUES Update customer o/s stock.Create G/L entry.VAT calculation Display customer outstanding, Update customer outstanding. Create G/L entries GENERAL LEDGER SALES EXPENSE LINK WITH INVOICE BOOK CONTAINER

10 18 July,2001SARAERP - SARAINFOTECH LTD.10 Modules of SARA ERP Production Related Modules Master Production Schedule Capacity Requirement Planning Material Requirement Planning Shop floor control and Work in Process Utilities Consumption and Control Scrap Accounting and Control

11 18 July,2001SARAERP - SARAINFOTECH LTD.11 Modules of SARA ERP Contd. Purchase/Stores Related Modules Purchase Management Subcontracting Stores and Inventory Control

12 18 July,2001SARAERP - SARAINFOTECH LTD.12 Modules of SARA ERP contd. Accounts Related Modules Accounts Receivables Accounts Payable General Ledger Costing Fixed Assets Fixed Deposit Accounting Foreign Exchange Buying/Selling

13 18 July,2001SARAERP - SARAINFOTECH LTD.13 Modules of SARA ERP contd. Sales Related Modules Finished Goods Production Sales Order Processing Dispatching and Invoicing Distribution Resource Planning Technical Modules Laboratory and SQC Plant Maintenance Project Management

14 18 July,2001SARAERP - SARAINFOTECH LTD.14 Modules of SARA ERP contd. Human Resource Management Payroll Human Resource Development Customer Relationship Management Customers Profile Competitors Profile Electronic Data Interface Customer Complaints/Feed Back After Sales Service

15 18 July,2001SARAERP - SARAINFOTECH LTD.15 Features of Production Related Modules Master Sales/Production Schedule Pending Sales Orders/Expected Order Marketing Departments Priority for Orders Add Order Requirements Develop Master Sales Schedule for Next few Buckets

16 18 July,2001SARAERP - SARAINFOTECH LTD.16 Features of Production Related Modules contd. Capacity Requirement Planning Production Requirements from Sales Schedule Take into account unreserved finished goods inventory and safety stock M/C Requirements for Sales Schedule Compare M/C Requirements with capacity of M/C Calculate Overloading/Under loading

17 18 July,2001SARAERP - SARAINFOTECH LTD.17 Features of Production Related Modules contd. Capacity Requirement Planning In case of Under Loading provide a list of Pending Sales Orders for next 2-3 months In case of overloading Marketing Department Changes, Priority for Pending Orders Resolve the conflict of overloading/Under Loading Prepare Master Production Schedule firm for next month and tentative for two more months

18 18 July,2001SARAERP - SARAINFOTECH LTD.18 Features of Production Related Modules contd. Material Requirement Planning Calculate Raw Material Requirement from Master Production Schedule Calculate Inventory of Raw Material Calculate Safety Stock of Raw Material Calculate Net Raw Material Requirements RM as per MPS - Inventory + safety Stock

19 18 July,2001SARAERP - SARAINFOTECH LTD.19 Features of Production Related Modules contd. Material Requirement Planning Calculate Pending Orders for Raw Materials Calculate Raw Material Requirement after Pending Orders Calculate Pending Indents for Raw Materials Calculate Raw Material Requirement after Pending Indents Generate Indents for Raw Materials

20 18 July,2001SARAERP - SARAINFOTECH LTD.20 Features of Production Related Modules contd. Shop Floor Production and Concepts Production/Reading, waste generation taking into accounts operation/norms M/C Stoppages Packed Production Waste/scrap sent to stores Physical stock at the end of month Reconcile Raw material consumption Efficiency of M/C

21 18 July,2001SARAERP - SARAINFOTECH LTD.21 Features of Production Related Modules contd. Utilities Consumption and Control Norms of Consumption for Utilities Reading Points Readings Actual Consumption of Utilities Consumption of Utilities as per norms Compare Actual Consumption with Norms

22 18 July,2001SARAERP - SARAINFOTECH LTD.22 Features of Accounting Modules Multi Currency Cash/Bank Voucher, Sales Invoices, Purchase Bills, JV, Dr/Cr Notes Day Books, Ledgers,Trial Balance,P&L,BS Post Dated Cheques Sales Expenses,Purchase Expenses Net Contribution

23 18 July,2001SARAERP - SARAINFOTECH LTD.23 Features of Accounting Modules contd. Transporters Bills Net Contribution Employee Expense Budget,Monitoring,Analysis e.g Tour,Car GRN pending Liability Taxation Reports e.g VAT,TDS Aging Analysis of A/c Receivables,Payables

24 18 July,2001SARAERP - SARAINFOTECH LTD.24 Features of Accounting Modules contd. Bill Discrepancy Customer Worthiness Project/Cost center wise Analysis Security User wise,Transaction wise and Amount wise

25 18 July,2001SARAERP - SARAINFOTECH LTD.25 Features of Sales,Invoicing Module Quotation Sales Contract Customer Specification Sales Order,LC Packing Reference Delivery Order Sales Invoice

26 18 July,2001SARAERP - SARAINFOTECH LTD.26 Features of Sales,Invoicing Module Misc. Invoice Material Return Note Pre shipment/Post Shipment Documentation Customer Credit Limit Finished Goods Stock Statement Finished Goods Aging Analysis

27 18 July,2001SARAERP - SARAINFOTECH LTD.27 Features of Sales,Invoicing Module Cont. Matching of Stock with Customer Specification Sales Analysis (Country,Item,Sales Agent,Sales Man) Sales Realization Sales Performance Non Moving Customers Sales Agents Commission

28 18 July,2001SARAERP - SARAINFOTECH LTD.28 Features of Purchase,Stores Store Indent Purchase Inquiry (RFQ) Receipt of Quotation/Comparison of Quotation Purchase Order (Last Rate,Inventory on Hand) GRN/Inspection of goods

29 18 July,2001SARAERP - SARAINFOTECH LTD.29 Features of Purchase,Stores contd. Material Sent for Processing Material issued to Shop Floor Material issued against Indent Material Transferred from one shop to another Scrapping of Material

30 18 July,2001SARAERP - SARAINFOTECH LTD.30 Features of Purchase,Stores contd. Return of rejected Material to Suppliers Material sent on Loan Reservation of material Perpetual Inventory Physical Stock Verification Packing/ Repackaging of Material SNO Statement

31 18 July,2001SARAERP - SARAINFOTECH LTD.31 Features of Purchase,Stores contd. ABC Analysis Stock Statement Stock Aging Consumption Registers Budget VS Consumption Price Movement M/c Sent out for Repairing

32 18 July,2001SARAERP - SARAINFOTECH LTD.32 Features of Plant Maintenance Planned Maintenance Breakdown Maintenance Condition based maintenance (Reading of Equipments) Lubrication Opportunity Maintenance Ad-hoc Maintenance (Job card/Word Order)

33 18 July,2001SARAERP - SARAINFOTECH LTD.33 Features of Plant Maintenance contd. Calibration of Equipments Mean Time between failure (MTBF) Mean Time to repair (MTTR) Breakdown Analysis Spares/Consumables/Man Power consumed History of Equipments Maintenance Cost Budget VS Actual

34 18 July,2001SARAERP - SARAINFOTECH LTD.34 LAB TEST and SQC Item Attributes Quality/Grade of Items Customer/Suppliers/Company/ISO Standards Certificate of Analysis %Low,High,Normal,Best Achieved Statistical Analysis (Mean,SD,CV)

35 18 July,2001SARAERP - SARAINFOTECH LTD.35 HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Payroll Pay slip,Professional Tax (PT),Leave,Loan,Bonus,PF,Social Security,Income tax,Overtime HRD Recruitment and Selection Training Performance Appraisal (KRA) Increments and Promotions Disciplinary Actions Separation

36 18 July,2001SARAERP - SARAINFOTECH LTD.36 How to select an ERP Package Define Objective Appoint Task Force Study material Available on ERP Packages Available Modules Required Capabilities Required (Master,Transaction,Reports,Queries)

37 18 July,2001SARAERP - SARAINFOTECH LTD.37 How to select an ERP Package contd. Arrange Marketing Demos Arrange full technical Demos Visit Successful and failure sites Enquire from Top/Middle/Operators about good/bad points Match capabilities required Vs Available 80% to 90% is very good fit

38 18 July,2001SARAERP - SARAINFOTECH LTD.38 How to select an ERP Package contd. Ask Questions Who will implement-Developers/Third party What is their Experience Who will make changes to Database Who will write new Reports Who will Train Is Trained Manpower Availability/Cost Is Source Code Available

39 18 July,2001SARAERP - SARAINFOTECH LTD.39 How to select an ERP Package contd. Total Cost Hardware System Software Communication/Cabling Application Software (Per User/Company) Implementation Charges Training Charges Man Power Cost Annual Maintenance Charges

40 18 July,2001SARAERP - SARAINFOTECH LTD.40 SARA s Team and Clients Team SARA s Team Project Manager Project Consultant (One Week per three months) (Full times for 9 months) Programmers & Analyst

41 18 July,2001SARAERP - SARAINFOTECH LTD.41 CLIENTs TEAM Project Manager (preferably Non-IT) Project Coordinator Department Coordinator Department Coordinator Department Coordinator (4 Hours per Week) (Full Time) (4 Hrs/day) Operators

42 18 July,2001SARAERP - SARAINFOTECH LTD.42 TIME ESTIMATES Sr.. No Work to be done Time Requirement 1.1. Requirement/Gap Analysis Common master files and loading of common files 2.2. 3.3. 4.4. 5.5. 6.6. 7.7. Purchase / Stores / Accounts Payable Finished Goods/Sales Order / Invoicing / A/R Plant Maintenance/SQC/Customer Complaints Production Modules G/L/Payroll (in parallel) Total 1 month 1 months 2 months 1.5 months 2 months 9 months 2 months

43 18 July,2001SARAERP - SARAINFOTECH LTD.43 WHY SARA ERP Functionality similar to or more compared to well known International Packages Future Taxes Can Be Handled Very Easily Without Changing Programs Very User Friendly Easy To Implement Developers Are the Implementers

44 18 July,2001SARAERP - SARAINFOTECH LTD.44 WHY SARA ERP Implementation time and costs are much lower On Popular Platform like Power Builder,MS-SQL Server & Window NT Easy Availability of Trained Manpower for Implementation/Maintenance System Software Cost Is Much Lower

45 18 July,2001SARAERP - SARAINFOTECH LTD.45 WHY SARA ERP Hardware Cost Is Much Lower (Its Runs On PC) Possible To Supply A Few Modules As Per Requirement of Client Big Reports Can Be Printed On Dot Matrix Printer in A Fast Mode Source Code Available under Conditions Future Enhancements/New Modules will be Available

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