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2 ZILELE FEROVIARE - BUCURESTI, 17-18 October 2006

3 The Private Freight Railways Operators

4 Constructions, Tourism and Transport OTF with private capital ….
Starting with 2000 the Railway Operators with private capital had been established. In the present, on the Romanian railway good transport market acts a number of 27 operators, from which: 22 –for goods, 2 – for passengers and 1 – for goods and passengers. Because the OTF (Private Operators with private capital) appeared, the structure of the transport system is presenting, as follows: Legislation + rules CNCF-CFR SA Constructions, Tourism and Transport Ministry SNTFC-CFR CALATORI SA SNTFM-CFR MARFA SA OTF with private capital …. SERVTRANS INVEST SA …… AFER State Inspections The Traffic Circulation Control Transport Registry Certificates and diplomas Authorizations and degrees for transport personnel


6 These 27 private companies were transported in % from the total of the transported goods on the Romanian Rail Ways.


8 The structure of the transported goods on Rail Ways
Coal % Petrol products % Carrier products % Common metals and common metal articles % Concrete % Ore % Agriculture products % Chemical products % Other product groups %

9 Private Transport Operators at the end of 2005
Current No. Companies % 1 GFR 33.70 2 Servtrans 22.73 3 Rompetrol 12.12 4 Unifertrans 11.63 5 Classfer 11.24 6 Other 8.58 TOTAL 100.00

10 THE PLUS The structure of Romanian Railway Systems is in accordance with E.U. recommendations. The being and licensing procedures of the private companies are accesible and AFER has a very important role, concretized in objectivity and to promote E.U.-C.E. Directives, in the last 4 years . CFR SA managed all system, right behavior face off all transport operators, and has assured equal and free access to infrastructure’s facilities . We appreciate the open position of SNTFC to requests of private operators, that means a right behavior on the market, allow many cooperation with private operators, i.e. free depot access, revisions. We consider that was a positive role in free market .

11 The Minus Monopoly position of CFR Marfa demonstrates uncooperative position and to limit the access at its facilities which have to be used by the other operators . There are ’’ UNWRITTEN ‘’ agreements which obstruct the access of private operators at international transports trough Hungary and Bulgaria. The conditioning of clients to work exclusivity with national freight operator . Discriminatory treatment of railway system than to road transport: - double taxes, TUI ( access railway taxes) and charging fuel ; - Romania is one of the few European states where the railway system pays ‘’ road taxes ‘’, used for road transport development ; - missing of coherent system of payment for road transport similar with railway system, which, in fact, take on the goods from railway transport in advantage of road transport . Different vision regarding the investments in the two mode transports : - The State expenses in road transport are understanding like necessary and assumed by itself ; - in railway transports the same expenses for infrastructure development are perceptible like subventions for covering ‘’ black wholes ‘’ ;

12 Consequences Main words are following :
The Infrastructure is in continuous degradations, closing routes, speed limitation, less capacity which are very difficult managed by CFR SA.That is going to a bad transport for clients, which many times choose the road transport. Ex. - CET Govora, CET Turceni , CET Turnu Severin, CET Bacau - Salt Industry, Cement Industry which take on 10 million tones/ year ; We ask Ministry of Transport to involve more than, by ‘’Regulator Body ‘’ in railway transport market and to correlate all system for transport development in Europe. Main words are following : ‘’ Railway transports in front of road transports ‘’!!! ‘’ One Euro input in roads, one Euro input in railway’’ !!!


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