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ZI-MAG d.o.o.. 2 Who are we? We are one of the leading wholesale trader in Slovenia with 20-years of tradition. We buy, distribute, market, represent.

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1 ZI-MAG d.o.o.

2 2 Who are we? We are one of the leading wholesale trader in Slovenia with 20-years of tradition. We buy, distribute, market, represent and service several international well-known brands regionally. We have no retail shops of our own. Trustee of distinguished brands of technical products, toys, textile products, tobacco products, fast-moving consumer and prestigious goods. Provider of specialized logistic services.

3 ZI-MAG d.o.o.3 What is our mission? Efficient bringing well-known brands from producer to retailers of south-eastern Europe markets under competitive conditions. Delivering goods, endorsing the quality selected goods. Providing top-quality service (after sales).

4 ZI-MAG d.o.o.4 Where are we going? As one of the leading distributor of distinguished brands, we will expand our wholesale product portfolio and optional entering foreign markets (former Yugoslavia). We will gradually expand into a leading supplier of specialized services in Slovenia.

5 ZI-MAG d.o.o.5 Strategic objectives 10% growth of our sales revenue by 2012, observe, consider and enhance all parties satisfaction, consistently improve employee commitment and satisfaction while developing a performance management system, improve the companys image in order to be considered among one of the 10 best companies in Slovenia in this segment.

6 ZI-MAG d.o.o.6 Why choose us? Because we understand regional markets and cover them with a broad range of brands, we have professional expertise and offer reliability, our information technology and our support and after-sale services are well developed, we build good relationships with retailers, we offer our clients holistic and tailor-made logistic services.

7 ZI-MAG d.o.o.7 ZI-MAG d.o.o. Organization ZI-MAG d.o.o. Wholesale And Service TechnicsTextilesToys Office Supplies Direct Marketing

8 ZI-MAG d.o.o.8 Wholesale – product groups – revenue share (2011) lighters and tobacco accessories 33% toys 10% technical consumer goods 39% textiles 10% office supplies 8%

9 ZI-MAG d.o.o. 9 Wholesale – portfolio in year 2011 lighters and accessories (Zippo, Denicotea, Unilight, Flame Club) toys (Jiri Models, Veriplast, Wader, Grafika- Grafoprint) technical consumer goods (Leatherman, Maglite, Wenger, Gerber, Nite Ize, Edco) textiles (Carlo Guidetti, Polyflame) office supplies (Jiri Models, Grafika- Grafoprint)

10 ZI-MAG d.o.o.10 ZI-MAGs Wholesale Service Range Knowledge of the market. Knowledge of selling technical consumer goods brands products. Ability to cover assigned territory. Access to a sales organization. Administrative support. Sales records. Forcasts of purchases. A marketing plan. Competitive information. Price calculation. Market research. Advertising and sales promotion support. Translations. Solving claims / technical service.

11 ZI-MAG d.o.o.11 ZI-MAGs competitive advantage ZI-MAG is one of the leading distributors and strongest player on Slovenian consumer goods market. Strong background in people with complex business and market knowledge. Organization: fully dedicated staff (Product manager and back-office) therefore knowledge of existent mode of operation and specific brand owners needs. Sales: dedicated sales force with a considerable experience. Trade: excellent negotiating position of ZI-MAG, thanks to the long-time effective collaboration and considerable critical mass.


13 ZI-MAG d.o.o.13 ZI-MAG is one of the leading distributors of global products on Slovenian market. Develop and implement strong brand management capabilities, especially to service both the large Key accounts, along with smaller localized point of sale. Develop brand strategies and plans that meet brand objectives and channel needs in accordance with principals marketing plan. Grow market share through superior branding and implementation of new products, strengthen brand performance, category understanding. ZI-MAG ensures that true partnership with principals is maintained, with the focus being on long-term profitability for both sides.

14 ZI-MAG d.o.o.14 SLOVENIA

15 ZI-MAG d.o.o.15 Slovenia – country data Population: 2.055.634 (December 2011) GDP per capita: 17.286 (2010) Currency: Inflation: 2% (2011) Political Situation: Stable, parliamentar democracy, majority center government Unemployment (ILO) 7,9 % (3. quarter 2011) Economical situation: Stable growth (3. quarter 2011 - 0,5%) Source: Statistical office of the Republic of Slovenia

16 ZI-MAG d.o.o.16 Year 2011 – Short overview Biggest customers: Mercator Spar Tus Tobacna Grosist Petrol Merkur Police and Army

17 ZI-MAG d.o.o.17 Slovenian market in 2011 Hypermarkets: 35 stores Supermarkets: 630 stores Petrol stations: 490 stores C&C: 23 stores Border Shops: 25 Technical shops: 86 stores Hunting and fishing shops: 28 stores Sport&Freetime stores: 18

18 ZI-MAG d.o.o.18 Business Plan 2012 SWOT Analysis of our position on Slovene market STREGHTS Tradition Quality Brand loyalty Wide assortment WEAKNESSES Many licensed brands Big investments in small market Low market awareness for some new brands OPPURTUNITIES Entering new doors Focusing on bestselling items Wide and strong promotional activities THREATS Reaction of competition on new comer Open European market – decreased power of local distributors Market globalization

19 ZI-MAG d.o.o.19 Business Plan 2012 Our targets for 2012: - Purchase: ________________ EUR ex-works for 2013: - Purchase: ________________ EUR ex-works for 2014: - Purchase: ________________ EUR ex-works Our targets are based on the fact that Europe and Slovenia are in the middle of recession.

20 ZI-MAG d.o.o.20 Business Plan 2012 Strategy for 2012: Expanding the sales network (southern markets) – new trade chains and channels Intense sales and marketing support Focusing on the best selling items and positioning Strong advertising activities Enter in all major chains

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