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By Dr. Susann Köhler New Management guided by heart intelligence Good Life International FZC Tel. 0502885776.

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1 By Dr. Susann Köhler New Management guided by heart intelligence Good Life International FZC Tel. 0502885776

2 The New Management is a different approach applicable to the most valuable resource – the human resource. It is an unique method of empowering people by sensing their heart intelligence. Sensing this heart intelligence brings your brain a big release of energy and unfolds your inner truth, your way of being, and your humanity. It also gives you sustainable development, because of understanding the truth. Introduction

3 Joseph Chilton Pearce explains: … the idea that we can think with our hearts is no longer just a metaphor, but it is in fact, a very real phenomenon. We now know this because the combined research of two or three fields is proving that the heart is the major center of intelligence in human beings. Molecular biologists have discovered that the heart profoundly effects every operation in the emotional brain… and neurocardiologists have found that 60 to 65% of the cells of the heart are actually neural cells, not muscle cells as was previously believed. …its proven

4 The difference between brain focused and heart guided management Brain focused management It is connected with decisions without feelings. The person functions like a machine (robot), and there is hardly any personal development. The brain decisions are focused on quantity. Everything is in abundance, but people tent to loose the ability to enjoy it. Heart Guided management It lives with our destiny by feeling the truth. The person is growing like a tree and there is a personal development. Our heart desires have a quality need. This explains that the heart desires make sense and give inner happiness. You can make a difference right now. Focus your attention on things you love including your business!

5 My duty is to get your brain and heart in harmony so that they are fully balanced

6 Please accept your heart as your leader Our heart is not only a wise leader for our brain. It creates with its ideas an electromagnetic field. Already in 1887 scientists Albert Michelson and Edward Morley had proven in their experiments the existence of this electromagnetic field better known as the Ether Field. A century later in 1986, the US Air Force repeated the experiment and the result was, THE FIELD EXISTS. Western science says that our feelings, our beliefs, and our emotions have no effects on the world beyond our bodies, but it is not true. It is proven (physically and medically) Human emotions change the DNA, that is changing our physical world, and it is happing, because there is a field that holds everything together. When you feel the good emotion in your heart that your vision is true then realization is happening and comes in your life immediately on schedule. The strength of your feelings determines the speed of the realization of your vision.

7 Our feelings attract our reality This means… Good (true) feelings attract a good life Destructive feelings attract instability Blocked feelings because of wrong attitudes attract a lot of efforts in your life

8 Divine management creates a beautiful structured body The famous Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto, proved that our words and even our thoughts affect our own lives and that of others. Concrete and beautiful words create a beautiful clear structured body. With a clear beautiful structured body, we have powerful extraordinary good feelings and so we create and have exactly this electromagnetic field around us. Change comes from within! Crystal of Love and Appreciation Btx8 He has frozen natural and different informed water, and took pictures. It is very impressive.

9 This means the energy is always present, and grows with its mass and the speed of light squared. The law of resonance The mirror E= mc2 consciousness - - unconsciousness Using your heart intelligence gives you a big understanding with Inner Peace. In business this means a constant success. Please be good, especially to yourself Be good: Good - Goodness - Goods ! ! !

10 Thank you for giving me your attention. I wish from the bottom of my heart everyone of you a wonderful sustainable development. Thank you so much! Thank you

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