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Consumer Laws Set up to protect the consumer from unfair trading methods.

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1 Consumer Laws Set up to protect the consumer from unfair trading methods.

2 Sale of goods act This act only applies to the sale of goods (and not services) It is a contract made by the business and a customers. This can be verbal or written. The goods must be of merchantable quality for the price paid. i.e a cheap t-shirt wont last long, but an expensive one should last longer (without breaking, shrinking, stretching, fading etc) The goods must be fit for purpose i.e a cooker should cook, not freeze food etc Goods must do what is described ie 100% beef burger must contain 100% beef and not pork etc.

3 Supply of goods and services act Protects the consumer for the supply of services.i.e insurance, banking, ticket bookings etc Says the service provider must give reasonable care, with a reasonable price and for a reasonable time. The question is what is reasonable?

4 Trades description act Prevents businesses making false claims on their product/service. If it says it does something then it must be able to do it i.e. is waterproof then it must not leak. Also a business can not claim that an item is on sale/reduced if it hasnt been on sale at a higher price for at least 28 days.

5 Consumer credit act A business must be registered to offer consumers credit. The consumer has a cooling off period if they want to change their minds (stops people being bullied into loans/debt) Consumers must have written conformation on how much the interest rate will be and any other charges.

6 Health and Safety at work act This states that both employees and employers have a duty of care to look after the working environment. Therefore anyone visiting a business should be safe and secure. For example broken glass should be removed so no one injures themselves on it. Shelving should be fixed correctly and shouldnt fall on anyone etc

7 Weights and measures act States that weights must be show on packaging and that measures must be given on drinks. For example you ask for a pint of coke, they must say we dont do a pint but its 16 fluid ounces

8 Various food acts Food and drug act Food safety act Food safety regulations Food labelling regulations

9 Data Protection act Protects individuals information held by someone else i.e a business. The information held must be correct. The person has a right to see what is being held about them. The person has a right to have details amended that are incorrect.

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