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September 2005© CIFFA1 Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association Inc. (CIFFA) Ocean Dangerous Goods e-Learning Program.

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1 September 2005© CIFFA1 Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association Inc. (CIFFA) Ocean Dangerous Goods e-Learning Program

2 September 2005© CIFFA2 Advance your skills, knowledge and career in transportation logistics.

3 September 2005© CIFFA3 BENEFITS OF e-LEARNING Consistency of training material Increased retention of learned material Less intimidating for many students

4 September 2005© CIFFA4 Training anywhere, anytime Learners proceed at their own pace Elimination of participants travel expenses

5 September 2005© CIFFA5 Training anywhere, anytime – Learners do NOT have to wait for a scheduled course. e-Learning is available 24/7! them – Learners can proceed where and when the training is most convenient for them, not the Instructor.

6 September 2005© CIFFA6 Students proceed at their own pace – Some students can move through the material quickly. – Other students can take more time, and can review the material several times, if needed. e-Learning individualizes training based on the knowledge and skill level of the Student!

7 September 2005© CIFFA7 Elimination of Learners travel expenses – No travel costs for Learners to participate. e-Learning can provide cost savings!

8 September 2005© CIFFA8 Consistency of training material – Sometimes different Instructors put more focus on different topics or stress different points. – With e-Learning, every student gets the same information. e-Learning provides Students with a consistent message!

9 September 2005© CIFFA9 Increase retention of training – e-Learning offers interactivity, graphics, audio, quizzes, reviews, and testing. – Different types of Learners are accommodated in the same e-Learning Program. e-Learning provides better retention!

10 September 2005© CIFFA10 Less intimidating – Some classroom participants are reluctant to ask questions. – e-Learning allows participants to make mistakes, without risk, and learn by trial and error. e-Learning is Learner friendly!

11 September 2005© CIFFA11 CIFFA OCEAN DG e-LEARNING TOPICS Overview of Dangerous Goods Responsibilities IMDG Code Volume Contents

12 September 2005© CIFFA12 Classification Dangerous Goods List Packing and Tank Provisions UN Packaging Specifications Marking of Packages

13 September 2005© CIFFA13 Labelling of Packages Placarding of Ocean Containers Documentation Marine Pollutants

14 September 2005© CIFFA14 Segregation Consumer Commodities Basic Emergency Procedures

15 September 2005© CIFFA15 Case Studies Exam The graded Case Studies and the Exam will provide proof of learning. They are performance-based, and will simulate what a Freight Forwarder does for their client in real life.

16 September 2005© CIFFA16 CIFFA e-LEARNING METHODOLOGY Each topic in the CIFFA Ocean Dangerous Goods e-Learning Program contains several components …

17 September 2005© CIFFA17 Introduction Lesson(s) Practical Application Exercise(s) Evaluation(s) Conclusion

18 September 2005© CIFFA18 An Introduction to the topic – Overview and objective(s) A Lesson – Presentation of new information = May have several parts A Practical Application – How the new information relates to a real-life situation

19 September 2005© CIFFA19 An Exercise – Practice using new skills or knowledge An Evaluation – A graded Exercise to confirm learning has occurred A Conclusion


21 September 2005© CIFFA21 Topics name Navigation buttons

22 September 2005© CIFFA22 Built-in Glossary, available anytime! Indication of progress in each topic.


24 September 2005© CIFFA24 - Listen to narration - Turn narration off - Read narration script Many sound options available:

25 September 2005© CIFFA25

26 September 2005© CIFFA26

27 September 2005© CIFFA27

28 September 2005© CIFFA28

29 September 2005© CIFFA29

30 September 2005© CIFFA30

31 September 2005© CIFFA31 CIFFA can generate reports from the Programs software Students name Students course completion information Students grade

32 September 2005© CIFFA32 For more information on CIFFAs e-Learning, contact: Doug Burek Director, Education

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