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Green logistics navigation menu company presentation company presentationhomepage contact.

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1 green logistics navigation menu company presentation company presentationhomepage contact

2 W e l c o m e t o

3 quality center customer action partnership confidence motivationimprovement successful strong durable fast long-term active

4 headquarter Company:Reinsch Speditions- und Kontraktlogistik GmbH Address:Am Donauhafen 4 D-94315 Straubing Managing Director:Elisabeth Reinsch Employees:85 in Germany Service portfolio:transport logistics warehouse logistics onlineshop logistics port logistics Logistic facilities:25,000 m² paved area (trimodality: road, rail, water) Security:video surveillance motion detectors alarm system with direct line to security company (B-SG1, C-SG3) Warehousing area:7,000 m² block- and high rack warehouse (3 independant, heatable halls) 3,000 m² port quay throughput area Truck fleet: 15 tractor trucks 20 trailers (40 to.) 1 unit (7.5 to.) 1 unit (3.5 to.)

5 serviceportfolio

6 transportlogistics One partner, two goals and three different ways! At our location in Straubing / Germany we offer you an individual transport concept, tailored exactly to your needs. By a direct connection of our logistics center to road, rail and water we can calculate the economically and ecologically optimal mode of transport for you. Together with you, we so develop a concept fit to your needs. We there put a special focus on cost efficiency and highest productivity. The basis for smooth transport logistics is given by a modern and high-powered truck fleet. By an entirely integrated transport management all trucks are being registered and located via GPS. Therefore an electronic route following and route control is possible at any time. Your high-value-goods can be transported with a special security equipment upon request. Access to your cargo is then only possible with electronic approval at previously defined places. Get yourself high control and planning safety for your tasks!

7 Our transport services: o part and full truck loads o high-value-transports for highest security for your goods o shuttle transports for dertermined service from plant to plant/customer o individual distributions through to the customer level o customized transport solutions transportlogistics

8 Performance with logistics! In contract logistics, outsourcing plays a decisive role. We have specialized in this sector and so have been serving big companies for many years with processing their logistic services. Different tasks require different solutions. We continuously adapt to your corporate demands and offer you an individually tailored concept. If required, we take over the complete planning and processing of your logistic services and work either on site in your company or in our modern trimodal logistics center. Our services mainly include transport, warehousing, picking and loading of all different goods. Our goal is the optimization of the internal goods- and material flow control as well as the complete satisfaction of our customer. warehouse logistics

9 Our service in your company we organize completely according to your requirements and wishes. We then support you throughout the entire supply-chain from goods receiving to loading. If requested, we also take over the entire external transport with our own truck fleet. With us as your partner, you get a service provider for all your needs. Our logistics services: o stock receipt with quality and quantity control o integrated warehouse solutions analog to your requirements o no-fixed cost by performance-oriented compensation o online stock overview with order entry (optional: electronic data interface) o production-suitable picking o value-addes-services (labeling, packing, assembling, display packaging, etc.) o delivery-management from parcels up to full truck loads o fulfillment-solutions with after-sales-support o returns management o inhouse-services warehouse logistics

10 infocenter logistics All in your hands with one solution online-stockoverview about your articles in our warehouse order-management for an easy transfer of your orders general information about your direct contact in our warehouse individual accomodations appropriate to your processes further possibilities: order-overviews, order- tracking (in planning) optional: electronic data interface (EDI)

11 More possibilities a different way! Reinsch Speditions- und Kontraktlogistik with its direct connection to the inland port Straubing-Sand offers you an advanced alternative to established transport structures. Especially in the fields of loading bulk goods, heavy freight and roll-on-roll-off, this alternative represents a real competition towards other road- or rail-bound modes. Product-specific warehousing techniques in our companys own warehouses and spacious open depot areas build a solid basis for individually arranged transport logistics via ship. Modern port facilities, versatile transshipment equipment and experienced staff are available to realize your orders. portlogistics

12 Why is Reinsch your partner? Because your goal is our goal... and that lifelong! Your advantages from a partnership: o flexible and medium-sized company structure o individual solutions o modern and future-oriented thinking o cooperation with highest quality and reliability o target-oriented acting and reacting to shifts of the market o a contact for all concerns and needs

13 corporatephilosophy A professional know-how grown over years, the careful handling of goods, innovative strength, being oriented towards the needs of the market and our customers as well as clearly committing ourselves to customers and employees build the pillars that sustain our success and the philosophy of the owner-lead company. Our principles: o Our customers are at the center of all our activities. o Motivation, confidence and continuous improvement are basics for the companys success. o We focus on fair and long-term successful cooperation with our customers. o Quality is, if the customer can durably place his trust in us. o We act eco-friendly at all times. o Short decision-making processes and the ability to act an react quickly by medium-sized company structures.


15 Our customers represent quality, so do we!...

16 …and for that we have also been awarded!

17 Be inspired by the possibilities and visit us at the logistics center Straubing. The team of Reinsch Speditions- und Kontraktlogistik GmbH will give you a warm welcome! So please dont hesitate to make an appointment with us as soon as possible! Reinsch Speditions- und Kontraktlogistik GmbH Am Donaufhafen 4 D-94315 Straubing phone: +49-(0)9421 /8461-0 fax: +49-(0)9421 /8461-18 e-mail:

18 Jeder Mensch ist für die Erhaltung unserer Umwelt verantwortlich und muss seinen Beitrag dazu leisten! Innerhalb der letzten 20 Jahre ist die CO 2 -Emission im Bereich des Transportwesens um mehr als 30% gestiegen und 2025 wären wir bereits bei erschreckenden 59%. Wir haben unsere Pflicht erkannt und bereits den gesamten Fuhrpark auf schadstoffarme EURO 5-Fahrzeuge umgestellt. So sparen wir bedeutende Mengen CO 2 und NO X ein. Mit der Verlagerung der Transporten auf die Schiene im kombinierten Verkehr oder Schiff konnte die Schadstoffemission weiter reduziert werden. Wir haben unsere erste Aufgabe für den Klimaschutz erfolgreich gemeistert! Dennoch ist es nur der erste von vielen Schritten hin zu einer umweltfreundlichen und sauberen Zukunft! Alle am Verkehrsgeschehen Beteiligten sollten deshalb auf den Einsatz fortschrittlicher und umweltfreundlicher Technik achten und somit einen Beitrag zum Erhalt unserer Umwelt leisten! Übrigens: Wir sind nach ISO 14001 seit 2004 zertifiziert! green logistics

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