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Functions of the Family

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1 Functions of the Family
Physical care and maintenance Addition of new family members Socialization of children Production, consumption, and distribution of goods and services Affection and love Social control of family members

2 Family Functions - Textbook
Description of Function How it Impacts Society Who else can provide this function? Use your textbook (p. 8-10) to complete the following organizer.

3 Physical Care and Maintenance
Families provide and care for their families by: Bathing and feeding children Taking older relatives to appointments The population stays healthy Can contribute to society Daycares, nursing/retirement homes, medical care/hospitals

4 Addition of New Members
Families can increase the number of children they have by: Having babies, seeking adoption, fertility clinics Increase or maintenance of population; can help economy as kids require many goods & services Some religions discourage birth control; fertility clinics; adoption agencies; Gov’t incentives

5 Socialization of Children
Teaching children how to learn, think, and act. This can be accomplished through: Taking them to school and cultural activities, helping with homework Learn skills, values, and attitudes consistent with employability and citizenship expectations Educated, find careers, have their own families, earn money Schools teach children literacy and numeracy, as well as socialization skills, values, and attitudes Rehabilitation centers (in jails) will attempt to re- socialize those in society

6 Production, Consumption and Distribution of Goods and Services
Parents earn money through work/careers, they perform household chores, pay for bills, buy food and clothing, they provide shelter, and pay for activities. Families contribute to society (economically) Families provide goods and services (through skills and employment) Families require goods and services (and will pay for them) Businesses provide products/services to individuals Government may provide assistance to meet the consumer needs of the family (welfare, health care) Assistance agencies provide services for people in need (food banks, help for the homeless).

7 Affection and Love Families comfort children when crying, support them in making decisions, demonstrate affection through actions and words Individuals will develop strong relationships and raise their own families with care School psychologists and social workers Religious institutions provide activities and support for its members

8 Social Control of Family Members
Families are responsible for controlling the behaviour of their members to maintain order within the family and within society. Individuals will obey the laws of the society and the country since they know right from wrong Schools discipline when rules are not followed Governments set appropriate laws for society Police monitor behaviours according to the laws Jails institutionalize individuals who do not follow the laws

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