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Moscow Region, Domodedovo, 2013. About the Company Art-logistic LLC is a structural subdivision of the Stroyprogress Group of Companies - one of the leading.

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1 Moscow Region, Domodedovo, 2013

2 About the Company Art-logistic LLC is a structural subdivision of the Stroyprogress Group of Companies - one of the leading enterprises of an all-Russia level on the national construction market Company owns one of the biggest Class A specialized warehouse facility in the south of Moscow with storage temperature regimes: -18-24°С; +2+4°С; +6+8°С Warehouse facility Art-logistic LLC meets the highest international requirements for food products storage and distribution facilities

3 Warehouse facility Art-logistic LLC warehouse facility has an advantageous geographical location - village of Yam, Domodedovo district, Moscow region, the М-4 Moscow - Don highways 32nd km (12 km from Moscow Ring Road), that provides a very high transports accessibility There are two separate facilities at the warehouse facility with different storage temperature ranges: refrigerator warehouse (+2+4°С), (+6+8°С) and freezing warehouse (-18-24°С) Specifications of the facility meets Class A warehouse facilities requirements Facility includes office areas of more than 2 000 m² total surface divided into separate areas varying from 20 to 150 m² for rent and having a comfortable canteen for the clients and employees open 24/7

4 Facility parameters Overall territory of the Facility – 3,98 Hectares Building area - 22 000 m² Total floor space of the refrigerator warehouse – 7 634,3 m² Total floor space of the freezing warehouse – 10 512,4 m² Active height of the ceiling – 14 meters, 7 racks for high altitude storage One -time storage capacity: 34 993 pallet spots: - freezing warehouse (-18-24°С) – 23 415 pallet spots; - refrigerator warehouse (+2+4°С and +6+8°С) – 11 578 pallet spots

5 Facility parameters Facility working hours – 24/7 24/7 security service Video surveillance system, including a video capturing ambit Centralized system of access control Digital voice telephone High-speed Internet access Auxiliary systems: - power supply (mini CHP – (CATERPILLAR), - stand-by generator, total heating power- 4 586 /3 900 kW); - water supply (WIF); - winter heating system (boiler house with capacity over 5 000 Gcal/hour)

6 Facility parameters Total quantity of loading and unloading dockage facilities equipped with docking levelers and dock shelters – 37 Capacity of the Facility allows to serve more than 30 transport means simultaneously and handle more than 5 000 tons of freight 24/7 Power supply system from auxiliary gas mini CHP with a stand-by generator - CATERPILLAR Warehousing equipment, machinery from leading manufacturers: - Hormann loading and unloading dockage facilities and gates - Linde MH lifting and transporting equipment - Thermocool climate control equipment Self-leveling floor, anti dust coating Supply-extract ventilation system Parking for city and heavy truck transport

7 Refrigerator warehouse

8 Freezing warehouse

9 Our advantages location consignment storage transportation service transparency high speed of operations and precision in order selection responsibility reliability office facilities customer-oriented approach

10 Storage services Art-logistic LLC warehouse logistics facility provides full service for consignment storage, cargo handling and transportation. Art-logistic LLC Company offers the following warehouse services to its customers: Consignment storage of goods in the warehouse Bin location warehousing Storage of goods according to the requested temperature ranges, conditions of goods neighborhood, additional freezing of products Storage of goods in zones according to their price (zone of valuable goods), type of goods, quality of goods (liquidation zone and zone of defect products) Reservation of storage capacities from 200 tons Financial liability for goods received for storage

11 Consignment storage Art-logistic LLC warehouse facility is focused on a full service provision on consignment storage of goods which requiring low and average temperatures storage conditions. ADVANTAGES OF CONSIGNMENT STORAGE Cost reduction due to nonexistence of the Clients own logistics service cost, rent of warehouse facilities, purchase of warehouse equipment and machinery, recruiting of personnel and goods transportation or complete outsourcing of non-core competencies (logistics functions) Increase of speed and quality of orders handling Increase of sales and distribution indicators Guarantee of goods safety, adherence to storage and goods safety specifications Complete transparence for the Customer and accountability on the state of commodities and material (quantity, flow, service life) Possibility to change strategically the required storage volumes according to the current needs of Your business Individual attention to our Clients within in our Company, allows us to offer reasonable prices for each Client.

12 Storage services Cargo handling Cargo acceptance on pallets, in bulk Loading and unloading operations (power-driven, manual) Picking, assortment (on pallets, in boxes, by units) Pre-sale preparation of goods (labeling, application of stickers, packing, repacking, enclosure of documentation, promotional and informational materials) Handling of goods according to Clients special requirements (unpacking, checking, assembly, repacking) Palletizing and individual weighting of goods Computerized recordkeeping of cargo movement and stock balance monitoring Batch recordkeeping Processing of faulty goods, recycling Cross-docking Issuance of accompanying documentation for acceptance and shipping of goods Provision of necessary reports on commodity flow We provide our clients with the possibility to arrange their own distribution center (DC) at our Facility with stock balance monitoring and ordering from the clients remote center.

13 Consignment storage Warehouse logistics Loading and unloading operations Acceptance of goods by quantity and quality Storage of goods according to requested conditions and temperature ranges Monitoring of storage conditions Selection and picking of orders according to client specification (on pallets, in boxes, by units) Merging/unmerging of orders 24/7 cargo handling Recordkeeping and document flow Computerized recordkeeping of commodity flow Provision of necessary reports on commodity flow and stock balance Issuance of shipping and other documentation

14 Additional services Handling of goods according to Clients special requirements (labeling, repacking) Packing with pressure-sensitive film Control weighting (by units, boxes, pallets) Cross-docking Additional freezing of products Issuance of shipping documentation Provision of phytosanitary and veterinary checks and clearance of products Provision of pallets, boxes Enclosure of promotional and informational materials Acceptance of returns from consignees Handling of faulty products Recycling Provision of regular reports on commodity flow and stock balance Stock taking (complete and selective) Third-party liability insurance(commodities and material) Dedicated manager

15 Transportation service Acceptance and delivery of customer products to the Companys warehouse Regular supply to distribution centers and sales outlets of the Moscow and federal retail chains Delivery in Moscow and Moscow region within 24 hours after acceptance of the order, 6 days a week Transfer of goods to sales outlet, receipt of returns Freight forwarding Cargo insurance

16 Offices rental Rent of offices: from 20 to 150 m²; 2-nd to 4-th floors; supply-extract ventilation system; surface parking under security surveillance; fiber-optic communication line from leading providers, provision of telecommunication services - Internet, telephone, local network; access control

17 IT technology As for IT technology Art-logistic LLC follows high international standards. For that purpose we use software at the cutting edge in our work and develop such a software for easy integration of our new partners. Art-logistic LLC software allows us to monitor all business processes on-line. Due to implementation of the best methodologies for merchandise management and trade, our Clients can follow sales volume and stock balance. Art-logistic LLC devotes much attention to the data security Policy of confidentiality of transmitted information is applied at each work place Implementation of modern technologies ascertains fault-tolerance of equipment IT technology allows the Art-logistic LLC Company to be transparent for its partners and develop open relations with them.

18 THANK YOU FOR ATTENTION! Art-Logistic LLC +7 (495) 585-5566 City of Domodedovo, region of Moscow 2013

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