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Unit 4: Logistics1 Unit 4 Logistics Dr. Supakorn Kungpisdan.

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1 Unit 4: Logistics1 Unit 4 Logistics Dr. Supakorn Kungpisdan

2 Unit 4: Logistics2 Key Operational Activities Secondary activities include Quality Management, Plant Maintenance, Customer Service, and Warehouse Management

3 Unit 4: Logistics3 Enhancing Processes with mySAP Business Suite mySAP SCM, CRM, SRM do not replace mySAP ERP, but offers additional and optimized functionalities

4 Unit 4: Logistics4 Sales Order Management Pre-sales Check stock & confirm delivery date Issue goods delivery note Transportation planning Warehouse Management System Issue invoice Create sales order

5 Unit 4: Logistics5 Sales Order During the sales order creation, the system can carry out the following functions: Monitoring sales transaction Checking for availability Transferring requirements to material requirements planning (MRP) Scheduling delivery Calculating pricing and taxes Checking credit limits Creating printed or electronically transmitted documents

6 Unit 4: Logistics6 Sales Order (contd) The process may be completely automated or require some manual processing Resulting data includes shipping dates, confirmed quantities, prices, and discounts

7 Unit 4: Logistics7 Delivery and Goods Issue Deadline monitoring for reference documents due for shipment Creating and processing outbound deliveries Packing deliveries Information support for transportation planning Supporting foreign trade documents Printing and transmitting shipping documents Processing goods issue Deliveries currently in process Activities that are still to be carried out Identifying possible bottlenecks

8 Unit 4: Logistics8 Outbound Delivery Central object of the goods issue process Support picking, packing, transportation, and goods issue

9 Unit 4: Logistics9 Picking the Delivery Involve taking goods from a storage location and staging the goods in a picking area where the goods will be prepared for shipping Picking can be carried out: Automatically (during outbound delivery creation) Routinely (at certain times) Manually (via an employee request)

10 Unit 4: Logistics10 Goods Issue Posting The data required for goods issue posting is copied from the outbound delivery into the goods issue document Cannot be changed manually; have to change the outbound delivery Functions Warehouse stock of the material is reduced by the delivery quantity Value changes are posted to the balance sheet account in inventory accounting Requirements are reduced by the delivery quantity The serial number status is updated Goods issue posting is automatically recorded in the document flow Stock determination is executed for the vendors consignment stock A worklist for the proof of delivery is generated

11 Unit 4: Logistics11 Good Issue Posting (contd) Can post goods issues in the following ways: Automatically (during outbound delivery creation) Routinely (at certain times) Manually (via an employee request)

12 Unit 4: Logistics12 Billing Creation of invoices based on deliveries or services Issue of credit and debit memos ( / ) and pro forma invoices Canceling billing transactions Comprehensive pricing functions Issue rebates Transfer billing data to financial accounting

13 Unit 4: Logistics13 Billing (contd)

14 Unit 4: Logistics14 Document Flow The flow of data from one document into another reduces manual activity and makes problem resolution easier

15 Unit 4: Logistics15 Customer Relationship Management Making the customer the focus of a company and its business processes Create and build upon long-term relationships with customers

16 Unit 4: Logistics16 CRM Examples Know customer preferences e.g. previous enquiries, previous purchases Customer background e.g. birthday, workplace, hobbies Send newsletter or direct mails about a new launch Remind customer about the next dental check Place follow-up call to potential customers after the first call made Etc.

17 Unit 4: Logistics17 CRM (contd)

18 Unit 4: Logistics18 Traditional Direct Sales One salesperson has knowledge about his/her customers and contact info.

19 Unit 4: Logistics19 Direct Sales Using mySAP CRM One salesperson has knowledge about ALL customers and contact info

20 Unit 4: Logistics20 Integration

21 Unit 4: Logistics21 Production SAP combines information from a variety of business processes (inc planning, cost accounting, Human Capital Management, material mgt, warehouse mgt, plant mgt, and quality mgt) With mySAP ERP, businesses can share manufacturing information across the enterprise and supply network to coordinate production processes and promote cooperation SAP offers full integration between its project planning, material requirements planning (MRP), and shop floor control system modules

22 Unit 4: Logistics22 Production +material

23 Unit 4: Logistics23 Production Planning Based on forecast values and requirements from the Sales Information System and cost/profit analysis Requirement quantities and dates for finished products Master Production Scheduling- Ensure planning stability Detailed planning and schedule

24 Unit 4: Logistics24 Production Order Central data object in shop floor control and manufacturing execution Contain all data relevant to production objectives, material components, required resources, and costs A normal production order covers the demand for a single material or product

25 Unit 4: Logistics25 Order Confirmation and Goods Receipt Deliver feedback to sales order processing and shop floor planning Collect important data e.g. quantities produced, scrap, production times, and completion dates Confirmed labor can be transferred to mySAP ERP Human Capital Mgt

26 Unit 4: Logistics26 Settlement Clear the differences between the actual costs and the planned costs Integration between Production and Management Accounting in mySAP ERP

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