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Design of Goods and Services

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1 Design of Goods and Services

2 Introduction What: Design of goods and services
Where: Answer “what should we produce” Why: Produce goods to achieve the mission

3 Product Strategy and Competitive Advantage
Differentiation Strategy Cost-Leader Strategy Response Strategy Product Decision: develop and implement a product strategy that meets the demands of the marketplace with a competitive advantage

4 Where New Product Opportunities Come From
Economic Change Sociological and Demographic Change Technological Change Political / Legal Change Other Changes

5 Product Life Cycle Profit Loss Introduction Growth Maturity Decline
Cost of Development & Manufacture Sales Revenue Sales, Cost & Profit . Profit Cash flow Loss Time Introduction Growth Maturity Decline

6 Life Cycle and Strategy
Strategies change as products move through their life cycle Introduction Growth Maturity Decline

7 Product By Value Analysis
Individual Dollar Contribution Total Annual Dollar Contribution Stampede Pancakes $3 $2.2M Whoop-up Bacon $2.50 $3.4M

8 Product Development Stages
Idea Generation Does Firm Have Ability to Carry Out? Customer Requirements Functional Specification Product Specification Design Review Test Market Introduction Evaluation

9 Quality Function Deployment
Identify customer wants Identify how product will satisfy wants Relate customer wants to product hows Identify relationships between hows Develop importance ratings Evaluate competing products

10 House of Quality Relationship Between Things We Can Do What We Can Do
The Customer Wants Cust Importance Competitors

11 Organizing for Product Development
Classic Approach Research and Development Engineering Manufacturing Departments hand product off

12 Organizing for Product Development
Product Development Team Approach Team moves product from requirements definition to production Concurrent Engineering

13 Manufacturability Value Engineering
Focuses on pre-production design improvement Reduces costs of production

14 Product Design Issues Robust Design Modular Design
Computer Aided Design Value Analysis Green Manufacturing

15 Time-Based Competition
Rapidly develop products and move them to market Acquire a Firm Joint Venture Alliance

16 Defining the Product Engineering Drawing Bill of Materials
Make-or-Buy Decision Assembly Drawing Assembly Chart Route Sheet Work Order Engineering Change Notice

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