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Procure-to-Pay Showcase Presented by: Cindi Stinebaugh, Purchasing Gayle Stetler, Accounts Payable & Travel.

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1 Procure-to-Pay Showcase Presented by: Cindi Stinebaugh, Purchasing Gayle Stetler, Accounts Payable & Travel

2 Agenda Purchase to Pay Overview Importance of an Accurate Purchase Order (PO) Form 26 (Request to Change Order) Confirmation/Goods Receipt Overview Current Process (3-Way Match) GR/IR Overview To Be Process (2-way Match) Update How an Invoice gets Blocked/Tolerance New Blocked Invoice Report New Blocked Invoice Process

3 Procure-to-Pay Overview SRM Shoppin g Cart Purchase Order Confirmation (Goods Receipt) InvoicePayment 12345 Step 1 –A Shopping Cart is created through SRM Step 2 – Once a Shopping Cart is fiscally approved and sourced it is converted into a Purchase Order (PO) and places the order with the selected Vendor Step 3 – When the vendor delivers the items ordered, a Confirmation is processed in SRM and posted in R3 as a Goods Receipt (GR) Step 4 - The Invoice is received from the vendor and posted in R3 Step 5 – Payment is made once the invoice is matched to the PO and the goods receipt.

4 Importance of an Accurate PO Price To expedite the processing of POs in Purchasing, indicate how pricing was determined (i.e. website - give the date, phone or email pricing – give contact name and phone number). List in internal note field. Quoted prices - List Quote number on the Purchase Order in vendor text and attach quote to shopping cart– the vendor should invoice at the quoted price. This helps avoid the blocked invoice list and the business office of preparing a F26.

5 Importance of an Accurate PO The end user may have already checked the price, we just need to close the circle and list it on the PO. If pricing is current and details listed on PO, Purchasing does not need to recheck pricing, expediting the PO to the vendor. If there is no price information listed, Purchasing is required to verify pricing. This may delay the PO in being released to the vendor. If a vendor list vendor is used, Purchasing will not see the PO. If prices were not checked, a F26 may be required. This may be to either change the PO or release a blocked invoice.

6 Importance of an Accurate PO- cont Quantity Accurate quantities help avoid blocked invoices, out of balance situations in the GR/IR account and preparing a F26. Changes to a PO (i.e. qty, price descriptions, account assignment) in SRM can only be made prior to any confirmations or invoices posting. No changes may be made when an asset is assigned to PO. Best practice – do not call vendor to add additional items or quantities to a PO.

7 Goods Receipt (GR)/Confirmation Overview (when required) Important to Confirm the actual line items that are received. Confirm in a timely manner, invoices posted without a Confirmation/GR will block the invoice for payment and create an out of balance situation in the GR/IR account.

8 Goods Receipt (GR)/Confirmation Overview - (when required) Confirm the actual number of items received, if you only receive 5 of the 10 you ordered only confirm 5. All of these situations create an incorrect account balance on the departmental account.

9 Current Process (3-Way Match) 3 Requirements: PO Confirmation Invoice

10 GR/IR (Goods Receipt/Invoice Receipt) GR/IR Account is only out of balance when the quantities between goods receipt and invoice receipt DO NOT MATCH on a line item basis. GR/IR (Acc. A/P) Expense Acct Goods Receipt = DRCR GR/IR (Acc. A/P) Invoice Receipt = DR Vendor Payable CR

11 Three scenarios affect GR/IR Goods receipt without invoice receipt Invoice receipt without goods receipt Goods receipt AND invoice receipt, difference in quantity NOTE: New report ZFI_GR_IR_CLEARING is searchable so you can see what is in GR/IR for your area.

12 Scenario 1 - Goods Receipt without invoice

13 Scenario 2 - Invoice without goods receipt

14 Scenario 3 - Goods receipt AND invoice receipt, difference in quantity Ordered 15 at $34.43 each Received 11 at $34.43 each Invoiced 7 at $34.43 each Did you really receive 11? Why only invoiced for 7? Are we going to get anymore?

15 Scenario 3 - Goods receipt AND invoice receipt, difference in quantity – cont If the receiver confirmed (in SRM) a quantity more than what was physically received, have the receiver do a return delivery n_an_item_in_SRM_or_delete_a_confirmation.doc. If the receiver knows there will NOT be additional items physically received the receiver may check the last delivery box. This will relieve the commitment and will not allow additional confirmations. Do NOT check the last delivery box if you expect to receive additional items. n_an_item_in_SRM_or_delete_a_confirmation.doc

16 To Be Process (2-Way Match) 2 Requirements: PO Invoice

17 Blocked Invoices Invoices will be blocked for payment for one (or more) of three reasons on a line item basis: Price is out of tolerance Quantity is out of tolerance Goods are not confirmed Review the PO History with tcode ME23N for details

18 Tolerance Tolerance for price has been set for 15% above the line item price, up to $100. Tolerance for quantity has been set for 0%, meaning that quantity must match exactly on a line item basis or payment will be blocked. Find Out of Tolerance guidelines here: anceguidelines.doc anceguidelines.doc

19 Blocked Invoices – Price out of tolerance Ordered 3 at $18 each for a total of $54 Invoiced for 3 at $46 each for a total of $138 Line 1 This invoice is greater than 15% more than this line item, therefore, out of tolerance and payment is blocked.

20 Blocked Invoices – Quantity out of tolerance Ordered 12 at $6.50 each Received 12 at $6.50 each This invoice is out of tolerance for quantity, but not price – payment blocked Invoiced for 15 at $6.50 each

21 Blocked Invoices – Not Received Ordered 2 at $1,415.99 Invoiced 2 at $1,415.99 No Goods Receipt!! Payment blocked

22 Blocked Invoice Process Report created for departments to identify their own blocked invoices ZFI_Blocked_Invoice Searchable by many data elements Fund Center Vendor View PO using tcode ME23N to determine blocking reason (Drill down from report) New process outlined at B@P Form 26 replaces email to to release OT

23 F26 Process Updates Additional process for the F26 – authorize the release of a blocked payment Headings renamed include Relieve Partial Remaining Commitment, and Authorize Release of Blocked Payment Explanation needs to be very specific Give part number or describe item Indicate line item(s) Give dollar amounts and quantities Indicate if the vendor needs a copy of the change Answer the question, why is the F26 needed? Example, e.XLS e.XLS

24 Example of Blocked Invoice F26

25 Why is this important? Account balances are not accurate, if there are blocked invoices, or situations where the GR/IR is out of balance. Avoid blocked invoices Avoid preparing F26s Promotes work time efficiency Unpaid vendors might delay delivery of other open POs GR/IR issues could remain unresolved


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