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3M Water Infrastructure

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1 3M Water Infrastructure

2 Electro & Communications
Six Market Leading Businesses Company Overview Sales: $25.4 billion Operating income: $5.9 billion 63% of sales outside the United States Sales in 200 countries 75,000 employees 55,000+ products 567 U.S. patents issued in 2009 Six Market Leading Businesses Electro & Communications Business Consumer and Office Business Display & Graphics Business Health Care Industrial & Transportation Safety, Security & Protection Services Business 3M serves customers through six market-focused businesses. All six produce innovative products, hold leading market positions and generate solid returns on investment. © 3M Confidential All Rights Reserved.

3 3M Safety Security & Protection Services
5 Leading Businesses 4 Emerging Business Opportunities Track & Trace Solutions EBO Occupational Health & Safety Mining & Mineral Extraction EBO Industrial Minerals Corrosion Protection Products Oil & Gas EBO Security Systems: Border and civil security products – passports, passport readers, secure materials OH&ES: Personal protective equipment B&CSD: Industrial hygiene, cleaning products IMD: Roofing granules, color quartz for swimming pools CPP: FBE, liquid epoxies, functional coatings Security Systems Building & Commercial Services Water Infrastructure EBO © 3M Confidential All Rights Reserved.

4 3M Water Infrastructure Global Organization
Canada Sales & Marketing London, Ontario Moncton, Canada Global Business Team Saint Paul, MN Strategic Planning Channel Development Government Relations US Sales & Marketing Global Technical Team Saint Paul, MN & Austin, TX, Northallerton, UK New Product Development Application Engineering Regulatory Liaison Regional BDM Support APAC LA EMEA Water EBO resources in 26 countries for localized business development © 3M Confidential All Rights Reserved.

5 3M Water Infrastructure
Source Water Treatment Storage & Pumps Distribution Own & Manage Maintenance Coatings Rehabilitation Measure & Monitor 3M Water Infrastructure Solutions Valve & Pump Coatings OEM Coatings © 3M Confidential All Rights Reserved.

6 OEM and Maintenance Products By Application
Pipe Valve Pump Tank Fittings 162 PWX 162 HB 165HB 134W 206N Fluid Bed 162 PWX EA5WB KSIR88 134W 206N Fluid Bed 162 PWX EA5WB KSIR88 134W 206N Fluid Bed 162 PWX 162 PWX EA5WB KSIR88 134W 206N Fluid Bed Note: Products highlighted in Blue are Fusion Bonded Epoxies(FBE) which are typically factory applied. Products highlighted in Green represent Liquid Epoxy and Urethanes which are typically applied in field. All Product & Application recommendations are dictated by the service conditions and/or approvals. © 3M Confidential All Rights Reserved.

7 Spray Lining Rehabilitation Process
© 3M Confidential All Rights Reserved.

8 3M’s Multiple Technology Platforms
Ab Abrasives Bi Biotech Pm Polymer Melt Processing Sm Specialty Materials Ac Acoustics Ce Ceramics Em Electronic Materials Nt Nano-technology Po Porous Materials & Membranes Su Surface Modification Ad Adhesives Dd Drug Delivery Fc Flexible Converting & Packaging Mi Microbial Detection & Control Nw Nonwoven Materials Pp Precision Processing Tt Track and Trace Am Advanced Materials Di Display Fe Flexible Electronics Fs Filtration, Separation, Purification Is Integrated Systems Design Me Metal Matrix Composites Mo Molding Op Opto-electronics Pr Process Design & Control Vp Vapor Processing An Analytical Do Dental & Orthodontic Materials Fi Films Im Imaging Lm Light Mgmt Mf Mechanical Fasteners Mr Micro-replication Pd Particle & Dispersion Processing Rp Radiation Processing We Accelerated Weathering As Application Software Ec Energy Components Fl Fluoro-materials In Inspection & Measure-ment Md Medical Data Mgmt Pe Predictive Engineering & Modeling Se Sensors Wo Wound Mgmt © 3M Confidential All Rights Reserved.

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