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Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources

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1 Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources
An interactive Tutorial Click here to Begin

2 Welcome In this tutorial, you will be asked to do two things.
First, you will work your way through the Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources lesson. Second, you will need to take the short assessment, and complete it successfully by answering all the items correctly. If you do not answer all the items correctly, you will have to redo the tutorial until at least 4 of the items are answered correctly. Click Quit at any time to exit the Tutorial. Let’s get started! Begin Welcome

3 Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources:
A Lesson Next

4 Natural Resources Next Let’s look at them more closely…
Things and Materials that humans can obtain naturally from the Earth are known as Natural Resources. There are two types of these: Renewable Resources Nonrenewable Resources Let’s look at them more closely… Natural Resources Next

5 Renewable Resources Next
Renewable Resources are resources that either never run out like wind and solar energies, or are able to be replaced like corn for fuel and trees for building materials. Renewable Resources Next

6 Renewable Resources Next
Other things such as animals, water and the Earth’s heat are renewable as well. Renewable Resources Next

7 Renewable Resources Next
Are all Renewable resources the same? No they are not. Resources such as wind, solar, water, and heat from the earth (Geothermal) are abundant but must be harnessed and transformed to a usable form like electric current. Resources such as plants, trees, and animals can be replaced as new offspring are produced, however if use out paces the number of new offspring then the resource could be used up and nonrenewable. Renewable Resources Next

8 Nonrenewable Resources
Nonrenewable Resources are resources that once they are used can not be readily replenished like Fossil fuels (Oil, Coal, and Natural gas) and Minerals used in making metals. Nonrenewable Resources Next

9 Nonrenewable Resources
Are Nonrenewable resources gone forever when they are used up? No, however it may take millions of years for thing link oil, coal, and natural gas to be remade by natural processes in the Earth. If they used up by one generation of humans it would be thousands of generations before they would be available again, if at all. They are, in effect, nonrenewable to the people that currently use them. Many products made from Nonrenewable Resources like metals and plastics can be recycled giving them a longer life of use. However, there is a finite number of times that these resources can be recycled before they can not be reused again. Nonrenewable Resources Next

10 Similarities and Differences
Both are natural resources Both can be used as Fuels or Building Materials Both can be used up forever if not managed correctly Both can benefit in longer use from recycling Differences: The time it takes for renewable resources to be replenished is relatively short (within a human lifespan). Nonrenewable resources can not readily be replenished, and the only way to make them last longer is through recycling Similarities and Differences Next

11 Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources:
A Quiz: Click on the link on the question page to chose your answer. If you are correct the next question will appear. If not, you will have to go through the lesson again. Next

12 Question 1 Is this a Picture of a Renewable or Non Renewable Resource?

13 Question 2 Can both Renewable and Non Renewable resources be recycled?
Yes No Question 2

14 Question 3 True or False:
A Renewable Resource can take many, many generations to replenish itself. True False Question 3

15 Question 4 True or False: Solar Energy is a Renewable resource? True

16 Question 5 Fill in the blank: Wind is a _______________ resource.
Renewable Non Renewable Question 5

17 Sorry, your answer is incorrect
Sorry, your answer is incorrect. You need to review the lesson some more, and try again. Click Here to return to the Lesson. You are Incorrect.

18 You Got all 5 Correct! Congratulations!
You have answered all 5 questions correctly. You know your resources. Click Here to return to the Title slide. You Got all 5 Correct!

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