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The Health of Your Facilities MARE 2011 Copyright (c) 2011 ThomKatt Creations1.

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1 The Health of Your Facilities MARE 2011 Copyright (c) 2011 ThomKatt Creations1

2 Green is a change of mindset, attitude and responsibility directly affecting the health of individuals and business while reducing the negative impact on the environment Copyright (c) 2011 ThomKatt Creations 2 Dave Thompson 2010

3 Not janitor Not custodian Not, not, not… Who is more responsible than these people? Copyright (c) 2011 ThomKatt Creations 3

4 Copyright (c) 2011 ThomKatt Creations 4 MRSA / Swine Flu - H1N1 Influenza Type A What do these have to do with the mop, broom and a rag?

5 Its time to start using procedures that affect our health, not what is easy. Disinfectants dont work – we dont use them correctly. Removal does every time. 2009 Missouri Green Cleaning Guidelines is your roadmap to healthier facilities. Copyright (c) 2011 ThomKatt Creations 5

6 Sponsors American School & University Magazine Green Cleaning Network Health Schools Campaign Impact- 12 Educational Institutions Affecting health of over 180,000 students FTE custodians 1171 From 194 to 38,000 students per location Copyright (c) 2011 ThomKatt Creations 6

7 School Board knew about Green, but not this. Documentation that they are saving money. ATP documentation shows healthier surfaces. National recognition for doing the right thing. Copyright (c) 2011 ThomKatt Creations 7

8 We Believe Going Green starts with Indoor Air Quality GCIC Technician Course MOD 102 Copyright (c) 2011 ThomKatt Creations 8

9 High VOC Cleaning Products Unsanitary processes Mold and Mildew Fumes from Construction Materials Outgassing of Furniture, Paint, and Carpet Bacteria and Germs Untreated water or pools Ventilation problems CO and CO2 gases in the facility 80% of all dirt comes through the front door. Use entrance matting. Copyright (c) 2011 ThomKatt Creations 9 GCIC Technician Course MOD 102

10 Copyright (c) 2011 ThomKatt Creations 10 NASA research suggest indoor house and office plants (four of the top 10 plants were Dracaenas) may reduce substantially the amount of exposure to common VOCs you experience in your daily routine. Replace white boards,that off-gas VOCs, with Glass and reduce the need for chemicals.

11 The foundation of Green issues comes from harm being done to the earth and to the living things on the earth. Green, we contend, is about the health impact of various actions we take in our area of influence. We believe that litigation will be the second wave of forces brought upon businesses because they have neglected to protect the health and welfare of workers and the people in their community. We already see an increase in students pursuing Environmental Law in law schools. This will certainly lead to more lawsuits for business. Acute (immediate) and chronic (long term) illnesses are being linked to workplace exposure to VOCs and other contaminants. Caustic and toxic chemicals like : Hydrochloric acid, Hexane, Phenol, Toulene, and Xylene are just a few of the hundreds of EPA registered ingredients commonly found in cleaning products. GCIC Technician Course MOD 102

12 Copyright (c) 2011 ThomKatt Creations 12 Environmental lawsuits are not just about Sick Building Syndrome or Building Related Illness. They come from various sources in the workplace, problems that may impact the health of the workers. There are more hazards than we realize today. Think of how we recently found that cigarettes, lead, and asbestos are health hazards. How many other health hazards are yet to be discovered because we did not use the right processes? GCIC Technician Course MOD 102

13 Copyright (c) 2011 ThomKatt Creations 13 Due to the immense popularity of Greenwashing of products, consumers cannot trust labels. The Federal Trade Commission is creating the Green Guide (2011) to prevent false Green claims. Claims must be based in Proof Claims must be independently verified FTC will prosecute Greenwashing EPA Registration does not mean a product is safe or Green. It is only a filing requirement. Therefore, Green product claims are not regulated at this time. GCIC Technician Course MOD 102

14 Potential health risks come from: 1.Employees with 2.Asthma 3.Allergies 4.Chemical Sensitivities Legal Concerns 1.Sick Building Syndrome 2.Building Related Illness 3.Unexpected Exposures 4.Tort Law The Cleaning Services is part of the RISK MANAGEMENT of any company. GCIC Technician Course MOD 102

15 2 Days Hands On Training Cleaning for Health Wood floor waterbased coating Removal vs. Kill ATP Testing GCIC Certification Available Copyright (c) 2011 ThomKatt Creations 15

16 Copyright (c) 2011 ThomKatt Creations 16 One day Six Hour Course Two tests One Certified Technician ThomKatt Creations, LLC

17 Certification Expectations Green Cleaning Basics What Does Biodegradable Mean? Does Green Clean Work? The Custodial Duty The Rise of Green Clean Mandates Green Clean Procedures Sheer Statistics The Green Janitor option Federal Acquisition Regulations Liability Protection Understanding the Impact of Cleaning Products Traditional versus Green Products Sick Building Syndrome & Building Related Illness How to Evaluate Green Clean Products A List of Environmental Issues How to Evaluate Products Claims of Negligence for Building Compliance The Question of Economics The Holy Grail Ten Practical Tips on Green Cleaning Copyright (c) 2011 ThomKatt Creations 17

18 Copyright (c) 2011 ThomKatt Creations 18 ThomKatt Creations, LLC An Agency for GBL Commit to Start on the Path Self Evaluate Current Accomplishments Schedule an Audit Earn Certification Save Money Market Your Social Responsibility

19 Your Certified Green Path to Healthier People and Facilities Copyright (c) 2011 ThomKatt Creations 19

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