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Diamond RF Status Morten Jensen ESLS RF2004. Latest constructional Status Photo. by Angelos Gonias, DLS, Aug. 30 th 2004.

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1 Diamond RF Status Morten Jensen ESLS RF2004

2 Latest constructional Status Photo. by Angelos Gonias, DLS, Aug. 30 th 2004

3 Contractual completion Dec. 12 th Buildings Status: Office Block

4 Concrete works and painting complete, A/c ductwork and survey monuments in place DLS has taken over control of these areas. Linac tunnel Booster tunnel Buildings Status: Synchrotron

5 Concrete work complete (apart from access zone to inner area) Painting of walls, floors and soffits in progress A/c ductwork and survey monuments being installed Storage ring tunnel Buildings Status: Synchrotron

6 Concrete slab complete (apart from access zone to inner area) 3 cranes installed and operational Experimental Hall Buildings Status: Synchrotron

7 General RF Plant Cryogenics RF amplifiers Rack mounted equipment Platform Waveguide Cavity location LLRF

8 Reminder of Key RF Requirement Operating Frequency500 MHz Number of Cavities2 (3 eventually) Superconducting Technology IOT based amplifiers300 kW each WR 1800 waveguide 450 W Liquid Helium Refrigeration plant No IDsDay 1 IDs22 IDs Energy (GeV)333 Energy lost in dipoles (MeV/turn) 1.0 Total losses (MeV/turn) Beam Current (mA)300500300500300500 Beam Power (kW)315525375625534890

9 Amplifier Update – 3 off amplifiers from Thales Air and water cooling calibrated Low power calibrated Combiner set up and low power balanced IOT switch-on next week Problems encountered ThalesSwitches in switching modules changed Poor match on reject loads Delayed delivery Typical calibration and wiring etc DLSDelay on drive amplifiers Delay to hand over of area Serious delay to water cooling supply

10 Amplifier Update Cont. IOTs Hybrid combiners Switchless combiner Reject load

11 Coax load return loss (40% glycol)28 dB or better Combiner (IOT inputs) return loss 33 to 39 dB Isolation between IOTs30 dB Amplifier Update Cont. Hot off the Press!!

12 Amplifier Update Cont. 300 kW Circulator 300 kW load

13 Amplifier Update Cont. Delivery by end of Dec 2004 Installation to start in January 05 Testing with water End of Feb 05 PSU Secondary water circuit

14 Cavity Update – 3 off cavities from ACCEL Cavity straight – based on Cornell type cavities Taper 5:1 or better Increased thickness of waveguide and stiffer grade of Niobium Multi-channel transfer lines for helium supply Space limited, hence mechanical modifications to inter cavity pieces and boot-box

15 ACCEL Update Rust on cavity cells

16 ACCEL Update cont. DLS Cavity components

17 ACCEL Update cont. Vertical test of CLS modules at Cornell

18 Drive Amplifiers – 9 off from Wessex Electronics 500 W IOT Drive Amplifier and Control Unit Designed to deliver 500 W at 500 MHz CW Control Unit φ & G control allow balancing of all four drive amps Control unit provides remote control of φ & G settings and system monitoring

19 Performance Data Wessex Electronics manufacture test results:- Nominal Gain57 dB (ie 0dBm for 500 W O/P) SS Gain Flatness0.3 dB (over 4 MHz bandwidth) LS Gain Flatness0.15 dB (over 4 MHz bandwidth) Max output power @ 500 MHz509 - 540 W Harmonic Content-50.8 dBc Spurious @ 0 dBm input-75.6 dBc First completed unit is with Thales for IOT testing. No testing at DLS yet! Drive Amplifiers cont

20 Waveguide Order placed with Microwave Marketing (MEGA) for two waveguide runs Each run includes 3-stub tuner Short circuit switch Two flexible sections Arc detector Reflectometer (dual coupler) Camera port Delivery by end of December 2004

21 Master Oscillator Phase noise specification is being derived from allowable bunch jitter & SNR required for cavity regulation Possible sources are: MA2040, SML01, PTS620 LLRF - Phase, Gain and frequency control Main parameters: Amplitude regulation 0.5%, resolution 0.05% step Phase stability 0.2°, resolution 0.5° step Dynamic range 26 dB Variable control of bandwidth +/- 180° static phase control

22 Matlab model of cavity and RF plant is being developed to: understand cavity drive requirements optimise LLRF control loop dynamics obtain transfer function from MO to cavity LLRF 5 Tender Returns received and under evaluation Wide variety of implementations including: IQ mod/demod, analog conditioning, VME control Amp/Φ detection, possible IF, digital control (powerPC), IQ remod Amp/Φ detect, VME DSP control Cartesian loop (amps & IOT) + cavity loop: Amp/Φ detect, DSP

23 Cryogenic Plant – Turn key contract with Air Liquide Refrigeration(Helial 2000) 450 W Sufficient for two (and possibly 3) cavity operation Design for cryostat pressure of 1.2 bar A Single compressor with variable frequency driver 2000 L liquid helium dewar 3 off 8 m buffer tanks (liquid equivalent ~ 2000 L) Multi-channel transfer line to ACCEL Valvebox Atmospheric heat exchanger for warm-up and cool-down Permanent gas analysis cabinet Additional entries on Dewar for superconducting Wiggler System being designed for possible upgrade for further coldbox

24 Cryogenic Plant Helial 2000 coldbox Buffer Tanks SRRC 1 (similar to Diamond installation)

25 Detailed RF Results and performance ESLS RF 2005!

26 Summary Building – related to RF Access to RF Hall on 29 th October Chilled raw water supply late (August 2005?) Install temporary chiller with associated pipe work Platform to be installed by end of Dec (Nov?) RF Plant AL to make first delivery of compressors by end of Dec Thales to deliver by end of Dec Full complement of drive amplifiers by end of Dec Remaining cryo plant March/April 2005 Cavity 1 delivery April 2005 Key timescales Thales Installation to start January 2005 Amplifiers commissioned by 25 th April – 12 July 2005 LN2 commissioned by 25 th March (from Dewars) Cryo plant installation to start 13 th April 2005, commissioned by 13 th June First cavity fully tested 1 st August, 2 nd by 20 August

27 Thanks to Alun Watkins Matt Maddock Adam Rankin Simon Rains

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