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IP-SERVICE Founded in 1989. Renamed to IPS in 1999.

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2 IP-SERVICE Founded in 1989. Renamed to IPS in 1999.

3 Who we are: IPS is software developing company, specializing in automated management systems for Gas Stations and Points of Sale. We offer reliable, effective, flexible and scalable systems in about 10 countries of Eastern market. Where we are: Our Headquarters is located in Latvia. We have our affiliates in Sweden, Russia and Ukraine. Our representatives are located in Estonia, Lithuania, Byelorussia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Ukraine.

4 IPS Team We are proud of our team: Project managers, Software and Hardware developers, System integrators, as well as system designers, testers, doc writers and other professionals.

5 Two main business directions in IT: Own product development Consulting and outsourcing

6 Major business partners: Dresser Wayne, Gilbarco Autotank, Codab AB, Enea System AB, Enea Test, AB Assistera, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB, Roseman Engineering Ltd., Hansab SIA, Hectronic GmbH., Банкомсвязь АО

7 Consulting Consulting is provided for many world-wide known companies. Consulting for Dresser Wayne leaded to development of localized version of Gas Station automated management system MARKETER ISM-3000. Front Office System and Electronic Cash Register was adopted, certified and successfully integrated into Eastern Market – CIS and Baltic States.

8 Outsourcing projects show our competence to react to demands of our partners. Outsourcing for AB SONY ERICSSON resulted in new software development for mobile phones. Outsourcing

9 Our registered trademarks: POS MasterPOS Wizard BOS/HOS MasterSoft Wizard Own trademarks

10 Front Office System MasterPOS Wizard – Advanced Electronic Cash Register Back/Head Office System MasterSoft Wizard – Powerful commercial accounting and analysis software Own Products

11 Our products are especially focused on oil trade companies. More than 20 years of experience admitted many major oil companies to become our customers and partners. Own Products

12 Our customers

13 Our product installations Lukoil CNP – 250 POS at 130 Gas stations Lukoil SZNP – 220 POS at 100 Gas stations Lukoil YugNP – 14 POS at 7 Gas stations TNK-BP – 60 POS at 29 Gas stations Statoil– 25 POS at 12 Gas stations Private customers – 60 POS at 32 Gas stations Car Wash management – 25 POS at 12 Gas stations Russia Over 1500 workplaces

14 Our product installations Helios – 500 POS at 285 Gas stations KazMunayGaz – 22 POS at 12 Gas stations Aurika – 36 POS at 20 Gas stations IrtishTransOil – 20 POS at 11 Gas stations Agip – 2 POS at 1 Gas station Private customers – 70 POS at 40 Gas stations Kazakhstan Avias – 50 POS at 33 Gas stations UkrAVTO – 8 POS at 4 Gas stations Private customers – 70 POS at 40 Gas stations Ukraine

15 Latvia Lukoil Baltija R – 60 POS at 44 Gas stations Viada – 40 POS at 22 Gas stations Ingrid-A – 10 POS at 6 Gas stations Private customers – 50 POS at 30 Gas stations Lithuania Orlen – 45 POS at 28 Gas stations Gelvybe – 15 POS at 10 Gas stations Vakoil – 10 POS at 6 Gas stations Private customers – 25 POS at 15 Gas stations Our product installations

16 IPS Project management All projects are managed through corporative automatically guided PM system – Redmine. Main benefits are : Multiple projects support Flexible role based access control Flexible issue tracking system Spent/estimated time control Customer loyalty – project tracking and transparency

17 IPS Project management


19 IPS Source code management Main benefits are: Easy-to-handle software development Multi-branch simultaneous workflow Multi-user development Centralized remote repositories Powerful version control system.

20 Source code management

21 Representatives Our objective is simple: We create and develop a value product. Our representatives ensure sales and aftersales, service and maintenance, promotion and presentation, training and installation of complete range of our products.

22 Basic level - more than 40 specialists, Middle level - more than 60 specialists, High level - more than 30 specialists, 15 Company certificates. Certified specialists in CIS and Baltic States

23 Our vision and target: IPS is fast growing and developing company in Eastern Market. Companys profile ensures prompt in-depth analysis of target markets and guarantees professional approach and expertise to each of our present and future customers. Our experience and potential, flexibility, efficiency and skills, high sense of responsibility make us reliable and effective partner for any kind of projects for oil and trade companies in Eastern Market. We are opened to cooperation, provide high-level service and offer advanced products, making all efforts to meet each of our customer and partner demands.

24 Yours sincerely!

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