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1 Presented by Mark Johnson November 23, 2009

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1 1 Presented by Mark Johnson November 23, 2009

2 2 Outline (by page) 3. Business Summary 4. Clean Alternative Fuels 5. EveryGas Partners 6. Co-Location Best Practices 7. EveryGas Concept Design (exterior) 8. EveryGas Concept Design (interior) 9. Hydrogen Gas Solution 10. Hydrogen Gas Best Practices 11. Alternative Fuel Corridors 12. NASA Fueling Infrastructure (Existing and Proposed) 13. Customer Problem & Solution 14. Target Market 15. Competitive Position 16. Sales and Marketing 17. Pilot Customers 18. Business Model 19. Financial Model 20. EveryGas Management Team 21. EveryGas Contacts

3 3 Business Summary The EveryGas Clean Alternative Fuel stations make it easy and convenient to use clean alternative gas with E10 & E85 ethanol, B20 BioDiesel, electric, hydrogen gas and compressed natural gas. Maintenance and conversion shop services will enable fleet and other vehicles to run on natural or hydrogen gas. EveryGas is developing contracts with fleet customers to drive the use of alternative fuels. Customers running alternative fuels can expect short term paybacks on their investment.

4 4 Clean Alternative Fuels

5 5 EveryGas Partners

6 6 Co-Location Best Practices Standard hydrogen pump setup co-located on a Shell partner site in Washington, D.C.

7 7 Alternative fuel pumps will be situated adjacent to standard gas & diesel setups on the EveryGas sites. Installation Workshops with training/education space will also be included. EveryGas Concept Design (exterior)

8 8 Front Check-in Desk 12 Bay Automotive Shop Inside Lobby 255 Seat Meeting Room The EveryGas site designs include space for reception, training/education, and installation services/workshops. EveryGas Concept Design (interior)

9 9 Hydrogen Gas Solution Produce max 12 kg/day expandable to 65-100 kg/day at 5,000 PSI, supports 15-20 cars/week @ 12 kg/day, 120 to 160 cars/week @ 100 kg/day Production by H2O electrolysis using solar or grid power (off peak preferred) Production costs vary by location and utility grid $8/kg baseline Modular skid design (24x16) compact structure Equipment selection based on 6 years operating experience at Arizona Public Service in Phoenix 12 kg/day station costs $1M range initial standard design engineered by Parsons/NETL Operating costs of $7.00/kg for 12kg/day station, $5.00/kg for 100 kg/day at $0.07 KWH The EveryGas site development plans include the ability to produce, store and deliver Hydrogen fuel using the available public utility water service.

10 10 Hydrogen Gas Best Practices An all-in-one site setup designed and engineered by Parsons. Produces Hydrogen gas from water electrolyzer. Stores, compresses and dispenses Typical All-In-One Hydrogen Gas facility located onsite in Charleston, WV.

11 11 Alternative Fuel Corridors EveryGas intends to create an Alternative Fuel Corridor across Florida starting with the NASA Kennedy Space Station site (plus Orlando & St. Petersburg)

12 12 NASA Fueling Infrastructure (Existing and Proposed)

13 13 Customer Problem & Solution Problem Auto manufacturers, petroleum distributors, AF distributors, station owners/distributors, and fleet owners are all sensitive to cost, fuel and vehicle performance, vehicle maintenance, reliability and safety. Customer cannot find clean alternative fuels or gases to power vehicles and cannot find conversion, enablement or additive systems and service to run vehicles on clean alternative gases. Solution EveryGas enables our fleet customers to commit to using alternative fuels. Our EveryGas solution is broad and includes conversion, maintenance, and fuel distribution. The customer is provided with a low cost, low risk solution for implementing alternative fuels. Importantly, our EveryGas solution allows our customers to support a wide range of vehicles.

14 14 Target Market Pioneers in this field, such as the Utah CNG Road, and the California H2 Highway, have established strings of single product fuel stations along a ribbon of road. EveryGas intends to develop multi-product stations in select regional corridors designed and dedicated to servicing specific fleet customers.

15 15 Competitive Position Competitive advantages: The company will enter into exclusive Power Purchase Agreements with fleets such as NASA, counties, cities, theme parks, and school districts to buy all of their gas from EveryGas stations with a total solution including distribution, installation, and maintenance services. Intellectual Property: There are design patent applications being processed. Sustainability: Our approach is to partner with our customers who provide land for the EveryGas stations and enter into long term exclusive operating agreements.

16 16 Sales and Marketing Direct sales to fleet managers of governments and commercial corporations. Alternative fuels are not practical without distribution channels. Distribution channels are not practical without customers. EveryGas breaks this vicious cycle by contracting with fleet operators to provide full solutions for the successful use of alternative fuels. Customers running alternative fuels can expect 2 year paybacks on their investment.

17 17 Pilot Customers NASA and pTEC, Pinellas Technical Educational Center, will provide letters of commitment and PPA power purchase agreements along with land for the EveryGas stations. NASA is our beachhead as we set up stations across FL. NASA Kennedy Space Center has 900 fleet vehicles. Pinellas County Government has 900 fleet vehicles. Our target customers operate fleets of one hundred vehicles or more, service the fleets from a single fuel distribution location, and have a desire to take advantage of alternative fuels. There are an estimated 150+ fleets in Florida purchasing +$750 million of fuel each year.

18 18 Business Model EveryGas stations profit from both fuel sales plus fuel enablement conversion and maintenance services (hydrogen gas, E10 & E85 ethanol, B20 BioDiesel, electric and compressed natural gas) Fuel and Services Revenue 1.Gas / Electric sales 2.Conversion service sales 3.Maintenance service sales

19 19 Financial Model EveryGas plans to raise $5,000,000 to develop an initial EveryGas Alternative Fuel gas station at the NASA Kennedy Space Station site in Florida. The funds raised would be used to plan, design, and develop the station, to create partner/channel relationships, to negotiate power purchase agreements with operating contracts to run the clean energy gas stations (includes technical and conversion services), and to market, promote, advertise and expand the business. An ROI example for a 10 station EveryGas corridor is provided below. Financial forecasts are available upon request. Equity investments are being offered to enable the rapid development of various EveryGas Green Alternative Fuel Corridors across the United States.

20 20 EveryGas Management Team Mark Johnson Founder & CEO: +35 professional officerships in alternative fuels and gases, Vice President of Oil-Dri, MBA Loyola University of Chicago, BA University of Notre Dame Jon Crockett Vice President, CFO/COO: 26 years financial and operational management experience with IBM, PGE, TXU, Cisco. MBA New York University. Jim Jonas Vice President CMO: 38 years in automotive service industry. Edwin Lopez Manager Stations: 25 years CNG natural gas systems implementation, installation with aftercare service responsibility. Armando Garcia Manager Conversions: 22 years CNG natural gas systems installation and customization. An experienced team has been built to run, operate and expand the EveryGas business. The management team referenced below each have over 20+ years professional experience in the energy industry (including installing, maintaining and working with alternative fuels and gases).

21 21 RoleNameEmailPhone CEOMark Johnson;; 239-287-6960 CFO/COOJon Crockett; 408-757-3115 EveryGas Contacts

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