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2 What is GASFUSE™? Gasfuse is the only product of its kind on the market today which completely shuts off the flow of gas in the event of a major leak

3 GASFUSE™ Vs Flow Restrictors
The video shows a backyard barbecue/braai in operation. The hose is deliberately cut, to simulate a sudden rupture such as the hose coming apart, or burning through due to a grease fire. LPG is heavier than air, and forms explosive pools at ground level. Gas will build up and ignite suddenly. Only Gasfuse stops the gas completely in case of a hose rupture. Flow Restrictors Leave The Fire Burning

4 WHY USE GASFUSE™? GASFUSE™ used as a safety shut off device by completely cutting off gas during major leaks and thus preventing a fire from occurring, Manually detects even small leaks in the gas flow, Indicator which shows you when you’re low on gas and need to refill.

5 How to connect GASFUSE™
Gasfuse screws directly into an LPG cylinder. The hose and regulator from your appliance then screws into Gasfuse. You should ensure both connections are tight.

6 How does GASFUSE™ work Like an electrical fuse, Gasfuse works in the background. If there is no problem, you won't even notice it's there. If it's called to action, it will work in an instant. When there's no problem Gasfuse works in the background, letting normal amounts of gas through the lines and to your appliance. When there is a problem A typical scene is an unattended barbecue/braai that catches fire. The fire spreads to the hose, which melts and ruptures. You now have a fire that is being fed with large quantities of gas straight from the cylinder. Gasfuse shuts off without you even being there (As soon as Gasfuse detects abnormal gas flow, it shuts off immediately)

7 How GASFUSE™ works for Major Leaks
If there is a major hose rupture, for example from a fire at the appliance or the hose detaching, you don't need to do anything - Gasfuse will simply shut off whether you're there or not. When the problem is fixed, just pump the gauge 3-4 times, and the gas will start flowing again. If the problem hasn't been fixed properly and the hose ruptures again, Gasfuse will shutoff once more

8 How to use GASFUSE™ for Leak Detection
You can determine if there are any leaks in any gas connection that has a Gasfuse attached. Turn the appliance off, and the LPG cylinder on. Pump the gauge 3-4 times to let the gas flow, then turn the LPG cylinder off. Now watch the gauge for a few minutes - if there is any leak, the needle on the gauge will move.

9 How to use GASFUSE™ As a Low Gas Indicator
Gasfuse tells you when you need to change cylinders or get a refill. Turn your appliance on and run it for a few minutes. The gauge is clearly marked and colour coded. When the needle falls into the red zone marked refill, you know you'll be needing more gas soon.

10 The Flow Of Gas Through Gasfuse™
Gas enters the Gasfuse directly from the cylinder Gas is channelled into a chamber, where it passes the shutoff element. Gas is then channelled up out of the chamber and past the gauge pin. Gas then exits into the regulator and then into the gas appliance. The various uses of Gasfuse all follow from this sequence. Importantly, the gauge pin is directly attached to the gauge, and acts as a pressure detector, which causes the gauge to show changes in gas pressure via movement in the needle.

11 How Gasfuse™ Stops Major Leaks
The shutoff mechanism works on the Bernouilli effect. A sudden increase in gas flow (for example from the hose rupturing) changes the pressure around the shut off element, lifting it up and causing it to plug the exit to the chamber and stop the flow of gas completely. The shutoff element will stay in this position until you push down on the gauge. The gauge pin then pushes the shutoff element back down into the chamber, so resetting the Gasfuse ready for normal operation.

12 GASFUSE™ The only product on the market today which completely shuts off the flow of gas in the event of a major leak

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