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Updated February 2012 Freightliner Natural Gas Product Overview 2/10/2012.

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1 Updated February 2012 Freightliner Natural Gas Product Overview 2/10/2012

2 Daimler Trucks North America 2 Whats Driving Natural Gas? Improving operating economics vs. diesel Increasing diesel fuel costs driving quick NG payback Reduced after-treatment complexities Reduced GHG Emissions; 20% Average Noise reduction- Ten db reduction vs diesel Domestic Fuel/Energy Security Renewable Fuel

3 Daimler Trucks North America 3 Natural Gas Basics COMPRESSED NATURAL GAS Natural Gas that is compressed – typically to 3,600 psi – for dispensing and storage Gas is distributed through natural gas pipeline (the same infrastructure that delivers to homes and businesses currently) to the fuel location Gas is compressed at fuel location into CNG for dispensing into the truck Dispensing is similar to gasoline or diesel fuel The CNG is stored on the vehicle in one or more cylinders LIQUEFIED NATURAL GAS Natural Gas that is cryogenically cooled – to 260 o F – for dispensing and storage Gas is processed at LNG production and transported by special truck to the fuel location LNG is stored at fuel location in cryogenic tanks and dispensed directly into the truck Dispensing requires special safety equipment The LNG is stored on the vehicle in cryogenic tanks

4 Daimler Trucks North America 4 Natural Gas Basics COMPRESSED NATURAL GAS ADVANTAGES: Lowest price (compared to diesel & LNG) Lowest emissions Extensive infrastructure already exists Truck-Friendly technology CHALLENGES: Volume per energy content (requires more storage) Additional weight and OAL Range limits approximately 300 miles Performance of existing stations LIQUEFIED NATURAL GAS ADVANTAGES: Lower price than diesel Fastest Fill LNG is lower weight than CNG; allows greater storage and distance (current max of 400 miles) CHALLENGES: Infrastructure only exists in Southern California; SLC; and Connecticut, and Houston Venting; Performance Issues Higher production and distribution costs Truck cost for larger engine (15L) Shop Requirements

5 Daimler Trucks North America 5 Natural Gas Engine Technology Stoichiometric EGR engine (Example ISL G/ISX12 L) Uses high EGR rates in combustion process in place of excess air (Lean Burn). End result is an oxygen free exhaust allowing use of a simple 3 way catalyst Fuel Neutral- LNG and CNG Dual Fuel engine (Example Westport GX 15L) Uses diesel fuel as a pilot injection for Liquefied Natural Gas Due to the use of diesel fuel, exhaust requires emissions control devices (DPF, DOC, SCR) ONLY operates on LNG

6 Daimler Trucks North America How Safe is Natural Gas? Heavily regulated industry 20 year tank life TYPE III and IV Tanks, lightest weight Methane is lighter than air; will not pool under vehicle Drop/crash Testing Bonfire testing Dynamite testing Pistol/rifle testing – armor piercing bullets Google CNG Tank Testing – Numerous Web Sites and You Tube Videos SUMMARY: NATURAL GAS IS AS SAFE, OR SAFER, THAN DIESEL AND GASOLINE

7 Daimler Trucks North America Customer Purchase Process – Natural Gas Research the Business Case FUEL – FUEL – FUEL – FUEL – FUEL – FUEL Will products work? Weight/length differences? Funding availability Financing Warranties Insurance Driver reactions ONCE AGAIN: is Fuel readily available at competitive cost & flow? ~3.711 ~24.736 ~16.646

8 Daimler Trucks North America 8 – prices listed in Gasoline Gallon Equivalent. Add 13% to price to get Diesel Gallon Equivalent pricing NG Fuel Location & Price Resources

9 Daimler Trucks North America Dealer/Customer Shop Requirements NFPA 30A Requirements – Vague Methane Detection; Heater Relocation; Exhaust Fans; Explosion Proof Lighting LNG Requires All; Can Cost $50K per Bay CNG for normal repairs requires only explosion proof lighting Exception – Major Fuel System Repairs - Same Requirements as LNG Normal Safety Procedures – Close Tank Valves NGVA Agrees Local Fire Marshall has Final Say

10 Daimler Trucks North America 10 Government Incentives Federal The NATURAL GAS ACT of 2011 (HR1380) Fuel Use – 50 Cent/Gal Tax Credit Extension Vehicle Purchase - $32K to $64K Tax Credit Fueling infrastructure – Up to $100K Tax Credit Currently in the HOUSE - Stalled SENATE Introduced Similar Bill, S.1863, November 15 Drops Fuel Use Tax Credit Provisions for Funding – Better Chance of Approval

11 Daimler Trucks North America





16 Superior maneuverability Excellent visibility – 2500 sq in windshield Unparalleled HVAC system Ease of entry/exit Lightweight aluminum cab Telescoping steering column Body builder friendliness / SmartPlex Electrical System Wide selection of options to fit your vocation Standard Product Advantages Why Freightliner? Its About Superior Products 16

17 Daimler Trucks North America Natural Gas Base Specs Freightliner Specifications Model: M2 112/114 SD Bumper to Back-of-Cab: 112 / 114 Wheelbase: ANY Engine: Cummins Westport ISL G Horsepower: 320 HP Torque: 1,000 lb/ft @ 1,300 RPM Transmission: Allison 3000 or 3500; HS or RDS Automatic Fuel Tanks: 119 (64 DGE) & 150 (84 DGE) Gallon LNG 60 and 75 DGE CNG 17

18 Daimler Trucks North America 18 Cummins Westport ISL G 8.9 liters, 300-320 hp/ 860-1000 lb ft torque Cleanest technology available: EPA10 and CARB emission standard compliant Dedicated natural gas engine – NOT dual fuel Spark Ignited B-50: 500,000 miles Factory Produced – Cummins Rocky Mount Plant Maintenance Free Aftertreatment System Three-way passive catalyst No regeneration or ash cleaning Base Warranty: 2 Year/250,000

19 Daimler Trucks North America 19 CNG Fuel Tanks 75 DGE CNG: 230-063 ~24.7 ~3.7 ~16.7 Factory Installed 60 and 75 Gallon CNG Tanks 60 DGE CNG: 230-064

20 Daimler Trucks North America LNG Fuel Tanks 150 gallon/84 DGE: 204-092 119 gallon/64 DGE: 204-061 ~39.405 ~28.110

21 Daimler Trucks North America Methane Detection Sensors mounted in cab, engine compartment Visually and audibly warns driver of fuel leaks Trace amount (no concern) Significant amount (potential explosion concern) NG will ignite when there is a 5%-15% mixture in the air Methane Detection installed on LNG and CNG vehicles Future – potential option to omit with CNG configurations when specing SmartPlex Electrical System In overhead console

22 Daimler Trucks North America

23 23 Freightliner Experience: Factory Installation All Freightliner natural gas trucks & tractors manufactured on the production line at Mt Holly, NC plant ISL G and fuel tanks installed on the production line Orders placed through same tool and process as diesel vehicles All Natural Gas components factory installed and warranted!

24 Daimler Trucks North America 24 Work Has a New Way to Work Introducing the Freightliner 114SD SBA with CNG

25 Daimler Trucks North America 25 114SD Set-Back Axle (SBA) – Model Profile Technical SpecificationsGeneral information SOP 12/2011 - SBA GVW Segment Class 7&8 GVW Up to 80k Assembly location Mount Holly BBC 114.5 Engines (EPA 2010) ISL-G Front Axle: 12k-23k Rear Axle: 21k-58k, single, tandem Axles Day Cab, Extended Cab, Crew Cab Cab Sizes Key Attributes Target Applications: Govt, Construction applications Axle positions: SBA configuration w/standard 48 setting for maximum maneuverability. Offering of single and double channel frame rails that feature tensile strength up to 120k PSI & RBM rating up to 4.4 million inch-pounds per rail. Single 12 frame rail @ 3.2M RBM available Oct 2011. Aggressive product styling. Three batteries mounted under cab provides a clean back of cab for ease of body installation Integral maintenance-free pre-cleaner provides two-stage filtration solution New air filter power core holds 20% more dust and reduces maintenance intervals Vocational cab design SmartPlex Electrical System

26 Daimler Trucks North America

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