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Cable Jackson Introducing NATURAL GAS How Natural Gas Is Formed Cable Jackson.

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2 Cable Jackson Introducing NATURAL GAS

3 How Natural Gas Is Formed Cable Jackson

4 Natural gas is a fossil fuel and formed very similar to oil, it is often found in the same places. In fact sometimes when oil is found companys will try to catch and sell the natural gas. Natural Gas How it is formed Natural gas is created in many different ways and is a fossil fuel just like coal and oil that is usually plants and sometimes animals. One type that is commonly referred to is the thermogenic methane, which is made from decayed plants that have been under immense pressure below the earths crust. This then takes over millions of years to form into a gas.

5 Creation Of Natural Gas Natural gas is also formed in rock layers with many pores (holes) the natural gas is essentially formed the same way as coal but it takes much more pressure and time. This is because it has to form into a gas. Which means that the actual material is completely gone. Therefore natural gas goes through the same process of creation as coal, but takes more pressure and time as I said before. Natural gas contains a very high percentage of methane from 70% to 98% the rest of natural gas is hydrocarbons gases ranging from 0 to 20% such as butane, ethane, or propane theres also carbon dioxide, nitrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen Sulfide which all range from under zero to 5% content.

6 What Exactly Is Natural Gas Natural gas is a fossil fuel mainly made up of a molecule called CH4 which is a carbon molecule equipped with 4 hydrogen molecules Natural gas is considered 'dry' when it is almost pure methane CH4, having had most of the other commonly associated hydrocarbons removed. When other hydrocarbons are present, the natural gas is 'wet'.

7 Cable Jackson The Extraction

8 Natural Gas Land Rig Oh cool this looks familiar we saw it recently when we were looking at oil that is because natural gas essentially uses the same technology onshore and offshore. Even transporting

9 Natural gas is taken out similar to Oil but the primary safety concern is not a spill or a mistake inside the well under the ground but not having a gas leak when shipping to processing plants or storage. The onshore and offshore rigs require special equipment and technology. Extraction There are two main types of onshore drilling. Percussion, or 'cable tool' drilling, consists of raising and dropping a heavy metal bit into the ground, effectively punching a hole down through the earth. Cable tool drilling is usually used for shallow, low pressure formations. The second drilling method is known as rotary drilling, and consists of a sharp, rotating metal bit used to drill through the Earth's crust. This type of drilling is used primarily for deeper wells, and is the same as oil. Is literally the same as oil off shore there's the jack up rig the submersible rig the semi submersible rig it is all extremely similar except that it is natural gas.

10 Cable J. Production and Consumption

11 Natural gas is a vital component of the world's supply of energy. It is one of the cleanest, safest, and most useful of all energy sources. Despite its importance, however, there are many misconceptions about natural gas. For instance, the word 'gas' itself has a variety of different uses, and meanings. When we fuel our car, we put 'gas' in it. However, the gasoline that goes into your vehicle, while a fossil fuel itself, is very different from natural gas. The 'gas' in the common barbecue is actually propane, which, a gas found inside natural gas but not the same.

12 Exciting new Uses

13 The Production

14 Production Of Gas Here we have how natural gas compares to the other energy resources around the world. It is still trying to catch up. Understanding that, we should talk about consumption.

15 Natural gas is distributed to everyone everywhere in some ways. Many people use natural gas cars to help reduce co2 emissions and try to keep the earth on a low carbon diet. It burns very cleanly so it is often used for gas stoves but not barbeque grills. The popularity goes up every year and gas and oil get closer to other energy sources but are still trying to catch up. Consumption

16 » Check out the fact that its literally everywhere » Almost every citizen in every country has used or will use natural gas it is very available Who Everywhere


18 Climate Change and Natural Gas Map of natural gas production worldwide measured in cubic meters. The United States, although leading in the number of drivers worldwide, is seriously running behind on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles in production and consumption. We know its better for the environment and that it will reduce our dependence on foreign oil. So get off your couch and make the extra effort for your earth.

19 Climate Change and Natural Gas Natural gas is a clean essential source of energy and could reduce climate change. CNG cars are much better for the environment than gasoline powered cars. An electric stove is a waste and should be replaced by natural gas Natural gas is not perfect but is better for the environment then coal and oil

20 Climate Change and Natural Gas

21 Whats Your Message? PROS & CONS

22 JOBS: Thousands of new jobs in total could be created by natural gas drilling. INCOME: Most of these jobs have an annual income of $40,000 a year. ENERGY INDEPENDENCE: More domestic drilling means less dependence on oil from terror sponsoring countries Like Saudi Arabia, and Iran, and socialist dictatorships such as Hugo Chavez's Venezuela. More domestic drilling also means a boost for the American economy, and helps us make it one step closer to energy independence. Easily combustible, Easily transportable 40% less pollutant than other fossil fuels Doesnt take up space in your Homes It works 24-7 Natural gas is available everywhere

23 NATURAL HABITAT/ WILDLIFE: The presence of people and machines can in some cases cause great disturbances in the flow of nature. EXPLOSIONS/ FIRES: Because we are talking about natural gas, there is always the possibility of a fire or gas explosion. WATER CONTAMINATION: The chemicals used in the hydraulic fracture drilling process could leak in to the surrounding water. Expensive transportation Also very expensive rigs Natural gas gives off some pollution It is renewable source but takes millions of years to renew Cant create it in your back yard like solar energy You cant save the energy you released well cooking You must buy new tanks when you run out or run it directly through your piping very expensive


25 NEWS ARTICLE EVENT Sen. James Inhofe said that high gas price problems could be solved by using CNG vehicles. He presented this idea saying it was common sense on Aug. 12 2008 in Oklahoma. He concluded that citizens should not have to stress out about high gas prices and that they should resort to natural gas vehicles as it saves money and is better for the environment. I agree with him entirely and he proved to us look how were stuck now economically. The place that I found the article is here http:/ ticle.php?id=27985


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