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Effects of Oil and Gas Exploration On a Small Community Challengesvs.Benefits.

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1 Effects of Oil and Gas Exploration On a Small Community Challengesvs.Benefits

2 Challenges Traffic Volume Size and Weight Parking Availability Hours of Operation Non-resident operators unfamiliar with road & weather conditions

3 Influx of Non-Resident Workers Unfamiliar with local laws and codes Further displacement of local unemployed ranks Inability to determine residency for tax purposes Available housing Drives up rental rates Drives up real estate Overcrowding of rental units

4 Safety Issues Added burden to safety forces Increased emergency calls Vehicular accidents Well site accidents Spills Increased traffic violations Speeding Traffic control devices Parking

5 Benefits Increased tax revenue Income tax Corporate Personal Sales tax Bed tax (hotels)

6 Economic Growth Restaurants Increased patronage Expanded hours of operation Hotels Higher occupancy rates Expansion Retail Increased sales Expanded hours

7 New Development Ancillary businesses Special clothing Welding service & supplies Pipeline Equipment Rentals Restaurants Retail Hotel(s)

8 Conclusion Become an ally not an adversary Work with the industry not against it The long term benefits outweigh the short term challenges Challenges Accept their inevitability Plan ahead & prepare solutions Benefits Avoid boom & bust Use foresight to protect against short term gain vs. sustainability

9 Frank Leghart Mayor, Village of Carrollton, Ohio 80 Second Street SW Carrollton, OH 44615 330-627-7538

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