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CS 410 Orange Team Feasibility Presentation October 25, 2010 10/15/2010CS 410 Orange Team1.

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1 CS 410 Orange Team Feasibility Presentation October 25, 2010 10/15/2010CS 410 Orange Team1

2 10/15/2010CS 410 Orange Team2 John Knox Project Manager Ryan School Public Relations Database Specialist Yousef Aloumi Forum Administrator Assistant Webmaster Ben Cawrse Webmaster Alvin Fagan Software Engineer Marrissa Webster Documentation Specialist Rebecca Cooper Assistant PM Domain Expert Dr. Stephan Olariu Consultant Dr. Michele Weigel Consultant

3 Introduction and Personnel Problem and Characteristics Supporting Charts, Graphs and Statistics G.A.S. Customer Finances Competition Risk Analysis Team Collaboration Appendices References 10/15/2010CS 410 Orange Team3

4 Traveling in unfamiliar places is troublesome and inefficient Characteristics of Problem Amount of $ spent traveling Time on the road due to traffic No idea where anything is Distracted driving due to non-real time apps 10/15/2010CS 410 Orange Team4

5 10/15/2010CS 410 Orange Team5

6 10/15/2010CS 410 Orange Team6 10 % 23% 44% Source: U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics

7 In 2008, the average U.S. household spends about $1,415 on transportation, lodging, food and drinks, and points of interest while on vacation and pleasure trips U.S. travel Associations forecasts that there will be 450.9 million business trips in the U.S. and up to 480 million in 2012 Sources: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and U.S. Travel Association 10/15/2010CS 410 Orange Team7

8 In 2009, National Business Travel Association states, in regards to travel management, among the top ten cost cutting measures, number 1 is reducing non-essential travel and number 10 is reducing prices of hotel bookings Source: National Business Travel Association 10/15/2010CS 410 Orange Team8

9 In 2007, wasted time totaled 4.2 billion hours Total amount of wasted fuel topped 2.8 billion gallons Overall cost based on wasted fuel and lost productivity reached $87.2 billion SOURCE NEEDED!!! 10/15/2010CS 410 Orange Team9

10 4 out of every 5 accidents are attributed to distracted drivers In 2008 almost 6,000 people were killed and 500,000 were injured in crashes related to driver distraction SOURCE NEEEDED!!! 10/15/2010CS 410 Orange Team10

11 10/15/2010CS 410 Orange Team11 Source: U.S. Travel Association

12 G.A.S. 10/15/2010CS 410 Orange Team12

13 Alleviate frustration of traveler due to traffic, lack of knowledge of area, and expensive gas prices, hotels, and points of interest. Provide user profile based real time updates of traffic updates, weather and road conditions, and specific points of interest within the current vicinity 10/15/2010CS 410 Orange Team13

14 Geographical Auto-Delivery System An application that automatically pushes information about traffic and weather conditions. The application will also inform the user when he/she is near a point of interest indicated in the user profile. 10/15/2010CS 410 Orange Team14

15 Primary Customer: Businesses Popular food chains Sit down family restaurants Well known hotel chains Attractions or Points of Interest Secondary Customer: Travelers Less expensive gas prices Family dinner or quick bite to eat Fun stuff to do Avoid traffic and bad weather/road conditions 10/15/2010CS 410 Orange Team15

16 10/15/2010CS 410 Orange Team16 Start Trip Stop For Dinner Anger, Broke Expensive Gas Prices Traffic Frustration, Behind/Late Stop For Gas No idea where food is Road RageTerrible Trip

17 Utilize existing app technology Automatically inform traveler of road conditions, traffic reports, and weather Use a server to push real time updates Configure GPS coordinates to user profile Define constraints of user profile Develop scenario based algorithm Cross application development for all smart phones, ensure reliability and capability Market the product 10/15/2010CS 410 Orange Team17

18 10/15/2010CS 410 Orange Team18 Start Trip Stop For Dinner Avoid Traffic Expensive Gas Prices Traffic Stop For Gas No idea where food is G.A.S. Cheap Gas G.A.S. Favorite Restaurant

19 Cell Phone ServerDatabaseSource 10/15/2010CS 410 Orange Team19

20 Current Process 10/15/2010CS 410 Orange Team20 Avoid Traffic Get Gas Find Good Food Get Directions to Destination GO

21 Real-time updates Traffic Weather GPS directions Automatically delivered information Points of Interests 10/15/2010CS 410 Orange Team21

22 A stress free car ride Completely prevent distracted driving Find businesses not located in the database Automatically make a user profile Tell you if the point of interest you are driving to is worth the trip 10/15/2010CS 410 Orange Team22

23 Quicker travel to locations Avoid traffic, bad road and weather conditions Find places to eat easier including quick bite to eat fast food chains and family sit down restaurants Explore and enjoy popular attractions and points of interest within an unknown area Less money spent on travel overall 10/15/2010CS 410 Orange Team23

24 Substantial increase in visitors to attractions and points of interest in lesser known areas Increased profit for small gas station owners and large chains alike due to competitive gas price market Fast food chain and family restaurant profit increase due to more travelers knowing locations of favorite places to eat Popular hotel chains increase profit by business trip travelers going to a hotel that they like more regularly rather than the one closest to the desired destination or to the interstate 10/15/2010CS 410 Orange Team24

25 Bilal Syed, RaceCoast gas station owner stated wiling to pay $50 per month for service Popular services which provide traffic updates, gas prices, weather reports, and news info MSN Direct : $29.95 Monthly XM Nav Traffic : $9.94 to $16.94 Monthly FM Traffic : $49.99 Monthly 10/15/2010CS 410 Orange Team25

26 Smart Phone (iPhone, Blackberry, Android) Server Database RAM/CPU (Processing Power) Bandwidth 10/15/2010CS 410 Orange Team26

27 Apache PHP MySQL JavaME (Phone) (GPS) GUI (Interface for the phone) App Interaction 10/15/2010CS 410 Orange Team27

28 Database : $100,000 Website for businesses : $5,000 Mobile Application : $20,000 Total Cost of Development $125,000 10/15/2010CS 410 Orange Team28

29 Customer Service : payroll of 5 people x $3000 a month = $15,000 a month Database/Server maintenance : 3 x $5000 a month = $15,000 a month Web Host : $1000 a month Total Monthly Costs $31,000 10/15/2010CS 410 Orange Team29

30 ComponentEstimate Database$100,000 Website for businesses$5,000 Mobile Application$20,000 Total$125,000 10/15/2010CS 410 Orange Team30 ComponentBreakdownEstimate Customer Service5 x $3,000$15,000 / month Database/Server3 x $5,000$15,000 / month Webhost$1,000 / month Total$31,000 / month

31 $50 a month per business 61 are needed to cover monthly costs $4.99 for each phone application 15,000 will cover cost of development 10/15/2010CS 410 Orange Team31

32 10/15/2010CS 410 Orange Team32 WebsitesGASGas BuddyMapquestMSN AutosAAA Autonomousx Real-TimeX Gas PricesXXXXX MapX XXX TrafficX X X Points of InterestX X X Phone ApplicationX

33 10/15/2010CS 410 Orange Team33 AnDroid AppsGASWhereTripItWeatherBugWaze Real-TimeXX Gas PricesXX RestaurantsXXX TrafficXX X HotelsXXX Points of InterestXX WeatherXXXX iPhone AppsGASAroundMeCheap GasYelpUrbanSpoonGoogle Earth Real-TimeX Gas PricesXXX RestaurantsXX XxX TrafficX Points of InterestXX X HotelsXX

34 These are the types of risks we may encounter during development. User Legal Financial Technical Schedule 10/15/2010CS 410 Orange Team34

35 Privacy/Security Business Fraud 10/15/2010CS 410 Orange Team35

36 Data mining/scraping Distracted Driving 10/15/2010CS 410 Orange Team36

37 Business Participation Need Businesses as investors 10/15/2010CS 410 Orange Team37

38 Server Load If the server is overloaded with requests Existing Phone Applications Applications add auto-delivery function 10/15/2010CS 410 Orange Team38

39 Developmental Delay 10/15/2010CS 410 Orange Team39

40 10/15/2010CS 410 Orange Team40 Risk Matrix Probability Impact HighModerateLowUnlikely Catastrophic L1, F1T2 Manageable L2 U2, T1 Minimal U1, S1 Not likely Risk Matrix Legend User U1Privacy/Security U2Business Fraud Legal L1Data Mining/Scraping L2Distracted Driving Financial F1Business Participation Technical T1Server Load T2Existing Phone Applications Schedule S1Developmental Delay

41 10/15/2010CS 410 Orange Team41 Risk Matrix Legend User U1Privacy/Security U2Business Fraud Legal L1Data Mining/Scraping L2Distracted Driving Financial F1Business Participation Technical T1Server Load T2Existing Phone Applications Schedule S1Developmental Delay

42 Meetings Full team once a week, Friday 4:300 CPI Room Individual member meetings Other groups guidance (web site design) Consultant Meetings and Boss Oversight Tools Utilized Team Wiki ( Team Forum ( Communication via E-mail, Text-Messaging, and Facebook 10/15/2010CS 410 Orange Team42

43 10/15/2010CS 410 Orange Team43

44 10/15/2010CS 410 Orange Team44

45 A: Dr. Michele Weigel Interview B: Dr. Stephan Olariu Interview C: Group Survey D: Group Survey Statistics F: Asif Khan, Valero Gas Station Manager Interview G: Bilal Syed, RaceCoast LOC Gas Station Chain Owner Interview H: Charts, Graphs, and Statistics 10/15/2010CS 410 Orange Team45

46 ge/2009/09/ForecastSummary.pdf 20Library/NBTA2009Forecast.pdf 10/15/2010CS 410 Orange Team46

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