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Thermal Mass Metering Technology AERIUS Gas Meter

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1 Thermal Mass Metering Technology AERIUS Gas Meter
International Congress and Exhibition on Smart Grids Istanbul 2013 Good afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen, since about 2 years Diehl Metering offers a domestic gas meter, the so called AERIUS, which is based on a new measuring principle, using mas flow microthermal sensor devices. New for gas meters but well known the medical or automotive industry, everybody in this room has a mass flow sensor in the motor of his car.

2 Agenda Diehl-Group & Corporate Division Diehl Metering
Diehl Gas Metering Thermal Mass Meter AERIUS: Principle & Technical Details AERIUS: Added Value The agenda of my presentation I will give a short overview of the Diehl group and its corporate divisions then in more detail presenting Diehl Metering and especially Diehl Gas Metering Then explaining the principles & technical details of the AERIUS, the microthermal mass meter and finally talking the added value of this new gas meter Diehl Metering

3 Diehl: Corporate Profile
Sales: ,9 Billion € * Employees: * Head office: Nürnberg Family-owned company since 1902 * Trends 2012 Corporate Divisions: family owned since 1902 about 3 billion euro turn over 14500 employees head office Nüremberg, about 200 km north of Munic organized in 5 corporate division Diehl Metering

4 Diehl Group: Corporate Divisions
Semi-finished products and forged parts of copper and copper alloys Controls for domestic appliances Systems for defence and homeland security Systems to equip cabins and avionics Water & Energy Metering as well as Smart Metering solutions Defence: e.g. smart missiles Aerospace: interior lighting for both the bid ones BOING and Airbus Diehl Metering

5 Corporate Division: Diehl Metering
11 companies in 9 counties Diehl Metering

6 Corporate Division Diehl Metering: Key Figures
Sales: Million Euro Employees: 2,000 6.5 Mio Measuring Units p. a. 4.1 Mio Radio Modules p. a. Diehl Metering

7 Corporate Division Diehl Metering: Locations
Wangen Milan Production and Sales Ansbach Velbert Saint-Louis Cieszyn Mátészalka Jinan Recife Vienna Production Plant Nuremberg Apolda Sales Company/Office 12 companies in 9 countries additional sales offices in 5 countries parent company is hydrometer in Ansbach about 40 km west of Nuremberg Hydrometer produces all kind of water meters since 150 years since about 30 years also heat meters Dubai Esbjerg Lyon Paris Madrid Manchester Diehl Metering

8 Corporate Division Diehl Metering
Product examples Water meters HYDRUS ultrasonic meter Heat meters SHARKY ultrasonic energy meter Gas meters AERIUS microthermal gas meter Electricity meters Echelon electricity meter Systems and software IZAR RDC (data concentrator) Smart Metering solutions Services and communications Diehl Metering

9 Diehl Smart Metering System
A short overview of the Diehl smart metering system for remote read out all kind of meters are supported our own meters but also meters of other suppliers the meters have either direct radio interfaces or can be equipped with adapters to provide the radio interfaces wired M-bus is also supported walk-by/drive-by solutions as well as fixed network solutions via concentrators can be provided finally at the top level workstation based software for data aggregation and presentation is available Diehl Metering

10 Center of Competence for Gas Measurement
Diehl Gas Metering Center of Competence for Gas Measurement Diehl Gas Metering GmbH Industriestraße 13 91522 Ansbach Tel.: Fax: Static Gas Meter - Pressure independence - Temperature conversion Integrated Communication - Radio - M-Bus Product Portfolio Gas Diehl gas metering is center of competence for gas measurement within Diehl metering located in Ansbach at the same location as the mother company Hydrometer and has therefore access to profound metering knowledge and know-how Diehl Metering

11 Modern Gas Test Lab Unique real gas and endurance test benches
all kind of gases -25 C° to +55 C° wide range of flow rates Approved as national authorized test lab for gas meters Unique real gas and endurance test benches all kind of gases -25 C° to +55 C° wide range of flow rates Approved as national authorized test lab for gas meters Diehl Metering

12 AERIUS Domestic gas meter based on the microthermal measurement principle For pressure independent and temperature converting standard volume measurements Diehl Metering

13 Cross Section AERIUS Gas inlet Gas outlet Distributing chamber
Cover plate Fire protection valve the picture shows the cross section of a 2-pipe Aerius Following parts are shown metal housing with the cover plate gas inlet and gas outlet Fire protection valve (closes the gas inlet in case of fire) gas is entering through the distribution chamber which is separated here from the gas leaving the meter gas flows through the cyclone filter to the feed and to the measuring unit the cyclone filter separates dirt and particles from the gas stream the measuring unit is shown in more detail in the next slide Measuring Unit Body Cyclone filter Feed Particle rest area Diehl Metering

14 By-pass Principle Measuring Unit sensor measuring channel
pressure dropper main channel in the measuring unit the by-pass principle is used the pressure dropper produces a pressure difference between the gas inlet here and the gas outlet here so that a fraction of the gas (few percent) is let through the measuring channel in which the sensor is located Diehl Metering

15 Microthermal measuring principle
the microthermal mass flow measuring principle is shown in this diagram here we have the silicon chip with the membrane the heater and 2 temperature sensors one in each direction of the gas flow the membrane is necessary to reduce heat capacity of the silicon The colors represent areas with the same temperature (schematically) If no gas flows through the measuring channel there is a uniform temperature distribution above the heater the temperature difference between the 2 sensors is zero in case of a gas flow the temperature distribution is shifted into the downstream direction and the result is a temperature difference between these two sensors Diehl Metering

16 Animation Measuring Principle
Here we see an animation of the measuring principle gas is fed through the measuring channel and passes the sensor In case of no gas flow there is a uniform temperature distribution which is shifted downwards when gas flows resulting in temperature difference Diehl Metering

17 Microthermal Mass Flow Measuring Principle
Q Sensor Heater Temperature max. 20 K Temperature Sensor 1 Temperature Sensor 2 ΔT max. 2 K Gas molecules act as «heat-carriers» The heat transport of the gas stream is measured, which is corresponding to the mass flow No volume measurement Mass flow is a measure for the number of molecules (per time interval) Molecules are carriers of the thermal energy of the gas Heating power: 2 mW Duration of measurement: 50 msec Measurement interval: 2 s Thermal energy = c . # molecules . calorific value Here some of the parameters of the measurement are shown heating power : roundabout 2 mW duration of measurement: 50 msec measurement interval: 2 sec to save battery power the heater and the electronics on the chip are not always on Ideal situation gas molecules are heated by heater higher gas flow means higher number of molecules per time unit higher number of molecules per time unit means higher ΔT AERIUS measures number of molecules molecules are the carrier of the thermal energy of the gas thermal energy = constant x # of molecules x calorific value thermal energy = standard volume x calorific value Result of measurement is Standard Volume Diehl Metering

18 Microthermal Mass Flow Sensor
Thermopile 1 Thermopile 2 Heating Element Sensor Absolute Temperature Sensor here you see the measuring channel with the carrier of the chip which is mounted here and the sensor chip itself with the heater the thermopiles and the related electronics with analog front end and A/D converter. The output is a digital signal on a SPI interface Electronics (A/D-Converter) Diehl Metering

19 AERIUS Measurement Results
4 - 25 C 20 10 30 40 50 55 3 2 1 Fehler / % 0,01 0,1 1 10 ISO H3 -25°C N2 -25°C CH4 -25°C ISO H2 -25°C -1 -2 The diagram shows some measurement results for different temperatures from +55 to – 25 °C and different gases N2 Nitrogen CH4 Methane ISO H2 H gas with composition acc. ISO Appendix C Example Gas 2 (90,7 % Methane) ISO H3 H gas with composition acc. ISO Appendix C Example Gas 3 (85,9 % Methane) -3 -4 40 l/h 600 l/h 6000 l/h Diehl Metering

20 Built-in Communication Interfaces
Wired M-Bus (EN 13757) Wireless M-Bus (EN 13757) Integrated radio interface 868 MHz 434 MHz OMS® protocol AES-key (individually possible) The AERIUS has the following built-in communication interfaces. Wired M-Bus Wireless M-Bus with OMS protocol and 2 different radio frequencies 868 MHz 434 MHz and different transmission intervals from 10 sec to 1 hour A combination of both wired and wireless M-Bus is also possible (only one activated) Diehl Metering

21 Domestic Gas Billing Diaphragm gas meter AERIUS T-correction
(example Germany DVGW G685) Bill kWh Diaphragm gas meter Assumptions: Temperature 15°C Air pressure 1016mbar Pressure in supply pipe 22mbar Calorific value kWh/m3 relative to K and mbar Multiplication with the count and the condition number T-correction / = p-correction 1016 – (0.12 * m.ü.M.) + 22 condition number = * p-correction AERIUS Display in relation to: Temperature 0 °C Air pressure mbar = 1 Diehl Metering

22 AERIUS: Added Value Transparent gas billing for end customers through standard volume indication Energy consumption: Standard volume output multiplied by calorific value Independent of Atmospheric Pressure Temperature Gas types Natural gases of type H and biogas (methane CH4) Air Fraud Detection Air detection Power Budget Battery life time up to 20 years Repetitious, long-term stable and high accuracy of measurements No moving parts Wear-free Small gas flows Overload resistant Fraud detection: discrimination between natural gases and air wear-free : verschleißfrei measurement of very low gas flows with high accuracy possible Anlaufgrenze: BGZ 5 l/h AERIUS 9 l/h US 12 l/h Advantage: BGZ needs 2 hours to fill completely, AERIUS hat flow at once Overload proof: no moving parts, Aerius can withstand high overloads without damage Diehl Metering

23 Diehl Metering

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