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Oil and Gas Drilling in America: The Most Drilled Nation?

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1 Oil and Gas Drilling in America: The Most Drilled Nation?

2 More oil and gas drilling occurs in America every year than in any other country According to Baker-Hughes, as of April 1, 2011, there were 1,776 rotary drilling rigs operating in U.S. lands and waters, more than in any other country in the world* *

3 EIA - U.S. #1 in world natural gas production

4 EIA - U.S. #3 in world oil production

5 According to EIA… Last year over 43,000 wells were drilled on American lands and waters Yet, we have only 3.8% of the worlds natural gas reserves, and less than 2% of proven oil reserves SOURCE: Energy Information Administration --,&syid=2005&eyid=2009&unit=BCFSOURCE: Energy Information Administration --,&syid=2005&eyid=2009&unit=BCF;;;


7 Industry is not drilling on nearly two-thirds of the BLM lands it has already leased Onshore acres leased for drilling versus the number producing on BLM lands (FY 2010) Source: Bureau of Land Management, "Oil &Gas Statistics"

8 In FY 2010 oil & gas companies received three times as many BLM drilling permits as they used Approved drilling permits versus new wells started on BLM lands (FY 2010) Source: BLM, "Oil &Gas Statistics"

9 As of March, 2011, over 7,000 federal drilling permits sat idle

10 Industry has shut down over 11,000 producing natural gas wells in Wyoming alone in recent years Over the past several years, coal-bed methane gas operators in the Powder River Basin have idled thousands of wells due to low natural gas pricing... the fate of some 11,800 idle coal-bed methane wells in the basin remains uncertain. WyoFile, March 22, 2011.

11 Oil and gas drilling must be done right: Unprotected wild landscapes and sensitive cultural sites should be off-limits to leasing and development. Crucial wildlife habitats should be protected from the adverse impacts of oil and gas activities. Drinking water and surface water quality should be protected, and the public disclosure of chemical compounds used in drilling required. Air quality should be protected from ozone-forming emissions, fugitive methane emissions, and other air pollutants that accompany natural gas development. The rights of surface owners to protect their lands and waters in split-estate situations should be protected. Sufficient agency staffing and resources for field monitoring, inspection, and enforcement.

12 Administration Reforms New Master Leasing Plans required to assure leasing occurs only in appropriate places and with appropriate safeguards More careful environmental reviews before oil and gas activities are permitted New Wild Lands Policy to assure most sensitive lands are identified and protected

13 Proposed Additional Onshore Reforms Asked Congress to raise rental fees for non-producing leases Asked Congress for new fees for Inspection & Enforcement Chemical disclosure proposal under consideration Royalty rate increase to be proposed Reclamation bonding increases being considered


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