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Developments in Process Gas Analysis Robert Wright, Thermo ONIX.

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1 Developments in Process Gas Analysis Robert Wright, Thermo ONIX

2 APACT 03 Page 2 of 25 Introduction – Developments in Gas Analysis Sampling from variable pressure – VOD process analysis Sampling using low flow – respiratory gas analysis with mammalian cell cultures Sampling from liquids – for dissolved toxic gases Integrating several techniques – to provide complete solution

3 APACT 03 Page 3 of 25 Sampling from Variable Pressure VOD process analysis sample pressure varies 1000 mbar – 0.3mbar

4 APACT 03 Page 4 of 25 VOD/RH Process Gas Analysis

5 APACT 03 Page 5 of 25 How a Mass Spectrometer Works Sample gas Inlet (filtering and pressure adjustment) Ion Source Mass Filter Detector MS Controller Vacuum Chamber

6 APACT 03 Page 6 of 25 VG Prima Process Mass Spectrometer

7 APACT 03 Page 7 of 25 VG Prima VOD/RH Inlet

8 APACT 03 Page 8 of 25 RH Process

9 APACT 03 Page 9 of 25 Hit Ratio

10 APACT 03 Page 10 of 25 Sampling using Low Flow Respiratory gas analysis with mammalian cell cultures or anaerobic microbial cultures

11 APACT 03 Page 11 of 25 Mammalian Cell Cultures & Anaerobic Microbial Cultures Low Sparge Flow In Low Sample Flow Out Animal cells are very shear- sensitive and cannot tolerate high impeller speeds or large gas bubbles in the growth media. Anaerobic processes may require very low flow or zero sparge gas.

12 APACT 03 Page 12 of 25 Capillary Inlet With Molecular Leak and Bypass

13 APACT 03 Page 13 of 25 Very Low Flow Modification

14 APACT 03 Page 14 of 25 Sampling from Liquids For environmental monitoring of organic chlorides in process water streams

15 APACT 03 Page 15 of 25 Membrane Inlet - 100x Enhancement of VOCs - for Low Detection

16 APACT 03 Page 16 of 25 Supported Capillary Membrane Probe Probe is designed to work in a process line monitoring trace organics About 2m of silicone rubber tube is in direct contact with process water Organics permeate through the silicone Carrier gas in Carrier gas out 5 (127mm) Hollow –Fiber Pervaporation Membrane Dow Chemical US Patent 5,317,932 Licensed to FIA Solutions

17 APACT 03 Page 17 of 25 Installation Arrangement Air flow 20 ml/min at 10 psi 4m of 1/8 stainless steel tube, trace heated to 60 O C Cooling water out Cooling water in VG RMS Rapid Multistream Sampler RMS Exhaust

18 APACT 03 Page 18 of 25 Typical Multi-Probe Installation Sample Water In Sample Water Out Carrier Gas In Carrier Gas Out

19 APACT 03 Page 19 of 25 EDC in Water

20 APACT 03 Page 20 of 25 Analysis of Impurities in Beverage Grade CO2 Measurements of the following:- Total Sulphur Total Hydrocarbons Total Aromatics Moisture

21 APACT 03 Page 21 of 25 On-line Analyser with PUVF, NDIR and FID detectors

22 APACT 03 Page 22 of 25 Multiple Detector Results

23 APACT 03 Page 23 of 25 Conclusions New applications in Process Analysis demand special adaptations of existing techniques Examples shown include:- Variable pressure VOD process Low sample flows in certain fermentations Sampling of organic pollutants in water Analysis of impurities in CO2

24 APACT 03 Page 24 of 25 Acknowledgements Graham Josland Stuart Mackenzie Mark Wilson

25 APACT 03 Page 25 of 25 Thank you for listening! Any Questions?

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