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GAS RE-INJECTION Total experience Elisabeth PROUST.

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1 GAS RE-INJECTION Total experience Elisabeth PROUST

2 General – main principes Total has been re-injecting gas for years Re-injection is part of long term asset management: – Temporary storage before blow down – Pressure maintenance – EOR – Ready for emerging gas value chains No continuous flaring policy for new developments implemented in 2000 19951996199719981999200020012002200320042005 re-injectionflaring A steady decreasing flaring trend is observed since late 90s As from 2004, amount of re- injected gas is significantly higher than flared gas.

3 GIRASSOL First Development of Block 17 in Angola Gas re-injection: first step of global gas management Girassol was put on stream in 2001 under a scheme of secondary recovery by water injection Temporary gas re-injection (up to 8 Mm3/d) 1600 m 500 m 1400 m Block 17 DALIA 1000 m CRAVO ROSA JASMIM LIRIO PAZFLOR ANTURIO TULIPA ORQUIDEA VIOLETA GIRASSOL After 5-8 years of gas re-injection, the excess of gas cycling impacts adversely oil production

4 GIRASSOL Monitoring of Gas Re-injection through 4D Seismic 1 year after First Oil, a repeat 3DHR was acquired It allowed to : – Monitor gas bubble expansion – Describe some heterogeneities – Predict GOR future development – Detect WOC rise A second 4D was acquired 3 years after First Oil – Quantify and match gas and water sweep efficiency – Assess gain of external gas storage (versus waiting for Angola LNG) – Drill additional OP wells Red = 4D anomaly

5 Block 17 – Gas External Storage: second step of global gas management Angola UM Pole Girassol Dalia Block 18 LNG Plant 16 24" 24 Block 2 Block 15 Blocks 0 & 14 Gas injection in situ ALNG Plant start-up E8A11D - B17 Gas Import & Export -2 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 20032005200720092011201320152017201920212023202520272029 Gas Rate (MSm3/d) B17 Gas Import B17 Gas Export Stored Volume Block 2 fields Lombo-East & Tubarao identified as best candidates for external storage Multiple stakeholders (Block operators, Angola LNG) Investments of main pipes brought forward, new platform on Block 2 Screening of potential storage candidates Main criteria: seal, homogeneous depletion, well integrity, 0.4 tcf storable

6 Angola LNG mindset: Third step of global gas managementfrom a gas flaring concern to a gas valorization scheme Common Goal : ensure sustainable oil developments & address gas flaring concerns through a gas valorization scheme Strong Commitment & Alignment of all Stakeholders : partnership Sonangol - Oil companies Pooling of gas resources Legal & Commercial Framework suiting the project characteristics Strong partners to overcome commercial and technical challenges Phase I : LNG plant AG pipelines phase II 1-4 NAG fields phase III Gas Caps blowdown Arranging a stable gas supply of 1Bcfd

7 Gas injection for pressure maintenance Congo – NKossa injected gas ~ 80% of total gas fuel gas & valorisation operating flaring Gas injection @ 420 bars since first oil Cumulative gas injected: 30 Gm3 (10 years) 71 MTCO2eq FID: December 1992 First oil: June 1996 Liquid production increase: – Oil recovery (pressure maintenance) – C3/C4 recovery in gas before re-injection No continuous flaring The future: blowdown of the field Gas valorization stake for the host country

8 Hydrocarbon gas re-injection for EOR Total experience: many successfull EOR projects since 90s using fatal gas without commercial outlet, thus avoiding flaring, or even commercial sales gas ABK (UAE) 1991, Handil (Indonesia) 1995, Alwyn (UK) 1999, Jusepin (Venezuela) 2000, Amenam (Nigeria) 2003... HC Gas EOR implies: – Good geological model – Specific design of surface facilities to handle recycled gas – Specific material selection EOR must be taken into account in initial design (design provisions) => long term asset management Efficiency: If miscibility of gas & oil can be met in reservoir conditions (one phase): Excellent recovery factor (>50%) can be achieved Light oil (°API > 23, viscosity < 3 cp) Gas rich in intermediate components Reservoir high pressure and low temperature If miscibility cannot be met, good recovery factor may be achieved by simple sweeping and swelling of the oil, in addition to pressure maintenance. CO 2 EOR: a way to capture and store CO 2 ? (cf on-going studies on EKOFISK) Living Quarters AK Center Production Platform AKEast Gas Lift Platform KPP platform NKPP platform Living Quarters AK Center Production Platform AKEast Gas Lift Platform KPP platform NKPP platform

9 Emerging gas value chains: an alternative to re-injection It may soon be possible to bring value to once-flared gas… based on enablers, such as: A favourable context for an alternative to gas re-injection: sustained high price of natural gas deployment of emerging energy transport technologies or producing new products… suitable for associated gas stakeholders alignment contractual / fiscal frameworks financing Gas transportation: CNG, mini-LNG, gas hydrates Gas conversion to products: GTL, DME, MeOH,… Gas to power: generation and long distance transportation

10 Developing new resources: acid and very acid gases IOC are facing increasing technological challenges to access and develop new gas resources: High CO2 content (> 30% Asia), high H2S content (Middle-East and Russia) Specific management of H2S and CO2 takes a growing part in atmospheric emissions problematic – Total is a world leader in valorization of H2S - sulfur (Lacq since 1957) – Total is highly involved in H2S & CO2 re-injection issues Focus on long term integrity of storage reservoirs

11 Beyond gas flaring reduction… A concern of GHG emissions Fuel gas GHG emission will overcome flaring emissions as from 2010. 2 main drivers: Increase share of non conventional resources (arctic, heavy oils, tight gas, deep water) but also of mature fields lead to more energy consumption Flaring reduction investments since late 90s Total has launched programs of: energy efficiency optimization CO2 capture and storage

12 Beyond gas flaring reduction: Total E&P involved in CO2 Capture and Storage – The Lacq pilot A Full Demonstration project : 30 MW Oxy Boiler at Lacq plant Transportation and injection of CO 2 First CO 2 storage in an onshore depleted reservoir in Europe Start up end 2008 CO 2 or acid gas HC gas OilWater Oxycombustion for CO2 capture : Cost attractive and energy efficient solution for CO2 capture on steam boilers Reduce by 50% the direct and undirect emissions associated to EHO hot production Dedicated R&D program : CO2 and acid gas injection Storage and well integrity Long tem fate of CO2 Monitoring CO2 CAPTURE CO2 TRANSPORT AND INJECTION CO2 STORAGE CO2 CAPTURE CO2 TRANSPORT AND INJECTION CO2 STORAGE

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