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Kingdom Divided. Rehoboam was one of Solomons Servants.

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1 Kingdom Divided

2 Rehoboam was one of Solomons Servants

3 One day Jeroboam was met by a prophet

4 The Prophet ripped his garment into 12 pieces

5 Why 12? The 12 Sons of Israel (Jacob) Leah 4.Judah 5.Issachar 6.Zebulun 1. Rueben 2. Simeon 3. Levi Bilhah 8. Naphatali 7.Dan Zilpah 9.Gad 10.Asher Rachel Joseph Benjamin

6 Jeroboam is given 10 tribes

7 God Said he would establish his throne IF......

8 Solomon must have found out for he tries to kill Jeroboam

9 Jeroboam runs to Egypt and Pharaoh welcomes him.

10 King Solomon is very old

11 He Dies

12 His Son Rehoboam becomes king. His mother is an Ammonite.

13 Jeroboam goes back to Israel

14 He was not a good king

15 Silly Rehoboam

16 The People said they did not want to follow the House of David

17 So they Left

18 Rehoboam sent Adoram to collect the taxes

19 But the people stoned him and killed him.

20 Rehoboam quickly went back to Jerusalem

21 The People Make Jeroboam King

22 God said dont fight this rebellion to Jeroboam.

23 So The Kingdom is divided

24 Jeroboam fortified the city of Shechem to live in

25 Jeroboam is worried the people might return to God

26 So he decides to build some Golden Cows to Worship

27 The people worship the cows

28 Meanwhile back in Jerusalem

29 He built alters in the High Places

30 Meanwhile back in Jerusalem King Rehoboam is busy with his 18 wives and 60 concubines

31 And His Many Children He had 28 sons and 60 daughters



34 Pharaoh Shishak goes to Jerusalem

35 Archaeology digs fro Egypt referring to battle with Shishak 971BC


37 Pharaoh takes all of the gold from Solomons temple


39 Why didnt he wipe out Rehoboam all together


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