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Student Digital Leaders Glyn Barritt, SSAT. Who are.. Student Digital Leaders? Students with a passion to help their school shape vision and strategy.

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1 Student Digital Leaders Glyn Barritt, SSAT

2 Who are.. Student Digital Leaders? Students with a passion to help their school shape vision and strategy around the use of technology >> exciting and expanding network, sharing practice Digital leadership roles ensure that the most appropriate and engaging technologies are embedded into classroom practice … everyone benefits

3 Just a tiny bit of history! Influenced by US GEN YES programme Driven by core group of schools in UK, supported by Toshiba Promoted at SSAT National Conference and Learning Without Frontiers Conference Extended outwards with help of social media – #dlchat on Twitter, every Thursday evening at 9pm See

4 Why SDLs make sense? Students make up about 92% of those in attendance at any school Most technology plans focus on roles of other 8% – teachers, administrators, technical support staff Unbalanced? Yes! When... – Students are increasingly savvy about the role technology plays in modern life!

5 So, what are the benefits? For the school … Ensures that the most effective technology is embedded in all areas of school life. Maximises the impact of the ICT budget … We used 10 student digital leaders in my school. I think they had the same impact as employing 4 extra ICT coordinators which would have cost the school around £200,000! School leader from pilot school

6 So, what are the benefits? For the students … Develops leadership and specialist skills …and other 21 st Century skills for future career/work Flexibility in the jobs market.. able to do any job that a young person from overseas can do. Important! Helps students bring fun into learning! Nick … I feel trusted as a person and Im developing new skills Tim … My role gives me responsibility and the ability for me to make a difference Vicky..I am able to have my say about what happens with ICT in school

7 So, what are the benefits? For the nation - #EFF6 at EWF – Co-construct curriculums to engage all students in learning they enjoy and which prepares them for life – Work alongside teachers to lessen effects of new demands on their workloads – Help narrow the gap between policy makers and those designing and delivering the curriculum – Redesigning Schooling – returning the future of education to the profession – Class of 2040 – designing strategies to deal with the unexpected!

8 Getting started … PLANNING What issues in school might SDLs help to address or overcome? Is this a whole school initiative or one that will be piloted by certain department(s)? In which areas would we want our students to adopt digital leadership roles?

9 PLANNING continued How will students apply for the roles? – What qualities should SDL demonstrate? – How will the students benefit from their role? What year groups might you approach first? – How long would a student serve as an SDL? – How would you ensure continuity? – Older students mentoring younger students? Who in school will oversee SDL activity and champion initiative widely?

10 We started with 10 student digital leaders from years 9 and 10. We didnt want it to interfere with the exams in year 11 but did want a level of maturity and skill level so year 9 and 10 seemed like the perfect fit. Spreading it across two year groups in the first instance helps with continuity

11 Still going with PLANNING! How will you engage students? – Specific targetting of G&T or underachievers perhaps? – Open invitations to apply? Will you allow students to suggest roles? Interviews? (Competition can add gravitas to roles) Incentives for students How will you advertise the campaign?

12 SDL roles … No hard and fast rules – every school operates SDLs with a different model Multipurpose roles? Or specific purpose? Important that SLT, teachers and technicians buy-in to the initiative – Embrace technical expertise students offer – Have realistic expectations too!


14 Leaders of technology Give students a sense of unity and mission Activities that focus on leadership aspects of roles – What do I need to know? – What skills do I need to be effective? – What qualities do I need to demonstrate and develop? Allow the SDLs to think of the types of learning technology support – Will this require training?

15 Initial training Listening and speaking Asking for help Communication skills Sharing and showcasing Using and applying Reviewing How to feedback

16 Bootcamp anyone? Initiative will flounder if SDLs not skilled at outset Lunch time or after-school club? Half or whole day bootcamp? Broad framework agenda structured by group of teachers but deliverable by any teacher with interest in educational technology

17 SDL First Steps.. Encourage SDLs to agree at least three collective targets for the newly formed group – Short, medium and long term targets – As much detail as possible >> action plans SDLs should draw up a communications strategy, decide meeting times Designate someone to take notes and to post these where school members can read them

18 Mozilla Open Badges Badges will recognise achievement for those roles Badgeathon Day with students and teachers and ongoing consultation Design process with DigitalMe and Mozilla National launch: April 2013 International launch: September 2013!

19 SSATS SLA Student Leadership Accreditation Encouraging students to lead through inquiry, inspiration, innovation and impact No definitive description of leadership – students can define this Longer term roles or single event Self and peer assessment Portfolio of evidence, supporting statements and milestone achievements on competency matrix

20 SSAT Student Leadership Developing (Bronze), Extending (Silver), Transforming (Gold) across 10 strands FREE for member schools

21 Aims of the SDL Network Link exemplary practice from passionate teachers who have achieved so much Help amplify key messages via Twitter, FB and other social media Share SDL achievement via the Makewaves platform In partnership with DigitalMe, extend Mozilla Open Badges accreditation scheme for SDLs Take SDL global!

22 Glyn Barritt @sdigileaders @ictregister @schoolredesign

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