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Qatar Career Fair 2013 Focal Points Session October 2 nd, 2012.

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1 Qatar Career Fair 2013 Focal Points Session October 2 nd, 2012

2 QCF is an annual national event held under the gracious patronage of H.H. Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani, the Heir Apparent, and organized by:

3 Vision To reassure Qatari citizens by helping provide job stability and career development, so that their capabilities and skills can be utilized in a competent and efficient way in different work sectors in the country.

4 Mission To create awareness amongst Qatari youth about the education, employment, training and career development opportunities that are available in different sectors of the country, to help guide them through these, and to support work bodies in Qatar in achieving their human resource plans that will contribute to accomplishing the human development pillar of Qatar Vision 2030.

5 Exhibitors Report about Qatar Career Fair 2012 Results





10 Achieved Results of your Participation in Qatar Career Fair 2012 النتائج المتحققة من مشاركتكم في معرض قطر المهني 2012 Thank you for your cooperation with us in preparing the report of the results achieved by the exhibitors participation in Qatar Career Fair 2012 by filling the electronic form. In order to adopt the results of your participation in the report, you are kindly asked to do the following: Print the form attached with this letter. Write the name of the person authorized to sign. Sign and seal the letter. Send the form to the following address: Qatar Career Fair Centre Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development P.O. BOX: 5825 Or deliver it directly to the headquarters of the center Old Sidra School-Procurement Directorate-Second Floor (Attached) For inquiries, please contact Ms. / Amna Ahmed on: 44546816 شكراً على تعاونكم معنا في إعداد تقرير النتائج المتحققة من مشاركة الجهات في معرض قطر المهني 2012 من خلال تعبئتكم للإستمارة الإلكترونية المُعدّه لذلك، ولاعتماد نتائج مشاركتكم في التقرير، نرجو منكم عمل الآتي : طباعة الاستمارة المرفقة مع هذه الرسالة. كتابة اسم الشخص المخول بالتوقيع. اعتماد الرسالة بالتوقيع والختم. إرسال الاستمارة على بريد المركز : مركز معرض قطر المهني مؤسسة قطر للتربية والعلوم وتنمية المجتمع ص. ب : 5825 أو إيصالها مباشرة إلى مقر المركز في مدرسة السدرة سابقاً، دائرة المشتريات، الطابق الثاني.( مرفق ) للاستفسار يُرجى الاتصال بالآنسة / آمنه أحمد ،على هاتف رقم : 44546816

11 Qatar Career Fair 2013

12 Online Registration The Online Registration for Qatar Career Fair 2013 is open from Sunday, November 18 to Thursday, December 13, 2012 1 1. Follow the steps below to fill the registration form: A- Send an email for participation to 2 B- You will get a reply, within two working days, which includes a link that allows you to create a username and password along with the registration steps and requirements (see article 2)

13 Online Registration C- Prepare the registration requirements, open the link and start the registration process after receiving the username and password D- Once the registration is successfully achieved, we will send you a file on your e-mail, including the approved registration form with the Terms and Conditions. Please print the form, fill it, scan it and re-send it to Qatar Career Fairs email:

14 Online Registration 2 2. Before you begin, please prepare the following: A clear copy of the company registration ID (PDF); its size must be less than 5MB The entitys logo in high resolution editable digital form (Ai Illustrator format); its size must be less than 5MB

15 Online Registration For the Diamond, Pearl and Gold categories: A special profile of the entity in Arabic (in MS Word file format) as follows: Diamond: Do not exceed 250 words. Pearl Category: Do not exceed 150 words. Gold: Do not exceed 75 words. Register for participation as an exhibitor (if wishing to participate as an exhibitor only) or as a sponsoring exhibitor (if wishing to sponsor any of the activities). Sponsorship applications will not be received from non-exhibiting entities.

16 Online Registration 3 3. The entity will be notified of the availability, or lack of availability, of the selected package. (In the event that it is unavailable, it is possible to choose an alternative or to wait.) 4 4. The entity will be contacted within a week to submit the invoice and the participation contract with the table of information and company profile. 5 5. The cost of participation/sponsorship must be paid within ten working days of the date of receiving the invoice. 6 6. A copy of the contract (signed and stamped) must be delivered, accompanied by the payment notification, to the Registration Office.

17 Online Registration 7 7. The entity will be notified of the completion of the registration process. 8 8. In the event of the failure to follow the steps clarified above within the specified period, the participation application will be cancelled or obtainment of the selected package will not be guaranteed. 9 9. For more info, please visit

18 Online Registration








26 Exhibitors Representatives Each participating entity shall be responsible for the behaviour of its employees and representatives. At least two people must be allocated to be present within its stand during the Fairs working hours. Wearing appropriate clothing and adherence to overall etiquette is necessary at all times. It is mandatory for Exhibitors participating at QCF 2013 to attend the workshops for Exhibitors Representatives.

27 Registration Office

28 Thank You

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