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Open les classeurs, its time for some direction on giving directions.

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1 Open les classeurs, its time for some direction on giving directions

2 Turn left at the stop light. When you pass the church, you will turn right. First, you must pass the post office, then continue on two more streets. Cross the bridge and look to your left, follow that street and its just around the corner.

3 To tell someone to do something, use the imperative form of the verb. There are TROIS forms of imparative verbs in French. They are the tu, nous et vous forms. This is the command form of the verb… « Write » « Do » « Listen! » This means that you ALREADY know the conjugations of the verbs!

4 « ER » es ons ez tu nous vous Tu passes le bureau de poste et après lécole. Nous mangeons notre dîner. Vous continuez et allez vers léglise.. These conjugations work for REGULAR verbs ONLY!

5 The first form is the tu form. Used to address ONE person (informally). -- Tell ONE person to do something For -er verbs ONLY, find the tu conjugation, then DROP the final s. -- EXEMPLE: tu passes passe tu traverses traverse -- Passe les légumes!(Pass the vegetables!) -- Traverse le pont!(Cross the bridge!)

6 With the imperative… NEVER use a stated subject -- Tu manges les sandwiches HOWEVER, a subject might be stated (if not previously referred to) so that the audience knows who the command is directed toward. -- Nicolas, mange les sandwiches! This is called a « directrice » because it directs your attention! directrice Verbe à limpératif

7 Use the nous command… to tell a group INCLUDING yourself to do something. EXEMPLE: Allons au cinéma!(Lets go to the movies!) Écoutons la radio.(Lets listen to the radio)

8 To form the nous command… ALL verbs use the present tense nous conjugation WITHOUT the subject. Manger – mangeons! (lets eat) écouter--écoutons! (lets listen) Prendre --prenons! (lets take/ have) Boire--buvons! (lets drink) Aller--Allons! (lets go!)

9 The vous command is the most used. Use the vous form to give instructions to… 1.) a group of people NOT including yourself 2.) a single person you wish to be formal with 3.) when ever it is a general statement, and you are not certain who the listeners all are. EXEMPLE: Fermez la porte! (Shut the door) Finissez les devoirs! (Finish the homework!)

10 ALL types of verbs take the present tense vous conjugation use it without the subject to express the command form. Écoutez Mme!(Listen to Mme!) Allez au tableau!(Go to the board!) Prenez la pizza!(Take the pizza!) Buvez votre lait! (Drink your milk!) Traversez la rue. (Cross the road) This is the form that I use in class when I speak to YOU as a group!

11 (tu) Regarde! (nous) Regardons! (vous) Regardez! « er » régulier: « REGARDER »

12 Fais Faisons Faites irrégulier: « FAIRE »

13 Va Allons Allez irrégulier: « ALLER »

14 To make a command negative, vous… Put « Ne… pas » around the conjugated verb Ne mange pas le chocolat avant le dîner! Nallons pas à la boulangerie sans moi! Ntravesez pas la rue sans regarder des deux côtés! A negative command means, «dont »… Use the negative command to… Tell someone NOT to do something Suggest that a group NOT do something

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