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governmen t constituti on State emblem flag anthe m.

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2 governmen t constituti on State emblem flag anthe m

3 State emblem The flag of Belarus is the official symbol of our country. It consists of two colors: green and red. Red color on the flag- it is the color of Belarusian regiments, witch free our country from fascists. Also there is a ornament on our flag. The white color is a color of a spiritual cleanliness. And there are symbols of agriculture-rhombsоn the ornament of our flag. In the center of the emblem sits a green outline of Belarus, superimposed over the rays of a golden sun. The sun is partially covered by a globe, with the landmass (part of Eurasia) in purple and waters in blue. Lining the left and right sides of the emblem are stalks of wheat, superimposed with flowers. Clovers adorn the left wheat stalks; flax flowers adorn the right. Wrapped around the wheat stalks is a red and green ribbon bearing the colors of the flag of Belarus; the ribbon meets at the base of the emblem, where the name Republic of Belarus (Рэспублiка Беларусь) is inscribed in gold in the Belarusian language. At the top of the emblem there is a five-pointed red star.

4 Belarus is situated in the center of Europe

5 The climate of Belarus

6 Prypyat Naroch West Dvina Picturesque places Nieman Sozh

7 Belovezhskaya Pushcha

8 It exports Industry of Belarus Electronic equipment tractors Products of light industry Potassium salt

9 Education of Belarus

10 Population of Belarus About 10 million people live in Belarus. The official languages of the country are the Belarusian and the Russian languages.

11 We love our country!

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