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Virginia CTE Goes Green Sustainability Curriculum in Development Angela Whittaker MS Ed. Renewable Technology Instructor Cumberland.

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1 Virginia CTE Goes Green Sustainability Curriculum in Development Angela Whittaker MS Ed. Renewable Technology Instructor Cumberland County Public Schools

2 Overview Project Background - Why offer these courses? Sustainability and Renewable Technology Course Overview Status of Pilot Program in Cumberland How we did it…ideas for incorporating the course in your school Plan for subsequent courses

3 Thank You!!! Cumberland County Public Schools o Chip Jones and Dr. Amy Griffin Department of Education o Mr. George Willcox CTE Resource Center o Peggy Watson, Nathan Pope and Karen Westermann

4 Rising GREEN Tide Recovery Act Funding Green is the Gold Need for 21 st Century Workforce Training Cuts in School Funding Educational Challenges Career Path in Renewable Technologies Congressiona l Projects in District 5 State and Federal Focus on Energy Independence CTE Reform STEM and Rigor

5 Green Jobs are broader than the energy sector Material reuse, recycling, and landfill maintenance Water management strategies for grey and clean water Maintaining sustainable food production farms Producing sustainable building products Creating an effective transportation system to deliver people and products

6 Greening of Industry and Manufacturing Emerging Industry Requirements Emphasis on product life cycle, product interaction, manufacturing processes Waste disposal and reduction Environmental impact Focus on engineering economics/alternative justification Energy efficiency standards Knowledge, Skills, Abilities Required Sustainable manufacturing practices o Energy Use and Savings o Water / Storm Water o Reuse/recycling o Pollution

7 % Job Growth Projection by 2018 Angela Whittaker 3-31-2010 Trailblazers Employment Projections 2008 - 2018 Computer and Mathematical Occupations 35.52 Mathematical Science Occupations 56.06 Biomedical Engineers 87.89 Environmental Engineers 23.77 Industrial Engineers 39.37 Petroleum Engineers 30.65 Environmental Engineering Technicians 29.28 Life Scientists 24.86 Animal Scientists 48.1 Biochemists and Biophysicists 34.62 Biological Scientists, All Other 26.94 Epidemiologists 67.32 Environmental Scientists and Specialists, 34.59 Geoscientists, Except Hydro 24.79 Social Scientists and Related Workers 28.43 Anthropologists and Archeologists 35.83 Environmental Science/Protection Tech. 32.27

8 Required Skills Technical Proven organizational skills Basic knowledge of operations in an analytical environment Computer skills including the ability to use Microsoft Office Strong verbal and written communication skills Critical thinking Basic skills in safety/OSHA procedures Application of Sustainable practices and concepts Trailblazers CTE

9 Required Skills Behavioral Follows documented procedures carefully Commitment to upgrade skills as required Works neatly and methodically Commitment to core values Ability to prioritize tasks Professional demeanor Calm under pressure Sense of urgency Trailblazers CTE

10 Renewable Technologies What we mean byRenewable Technologies Renewable Energy o Solar Thermal, Photovoltaic, Geothermal, Biomass, Hydrogen Cells, Wind Green Building Design o Energy Efficiency, Retrofitting Methods, Passive Solar Design, New Energy Standards Sustainable Agriculture / Horticulture o Organic farming, Genetic Engineering, Irrigation management technologies, Local food distribution Sustainability applied to Industry and Work Processes

11 What is Sustainability? The Triple Bottom Line

12 Pilot Program Developed draft task competency list Alignment to the Standards of Learning Developing the supporting process/skills questions Currently aligning a pacing guide and curriculum notebook Collecting data to support course effectiveness Planning teacher training to support statewide classes Creating proposal for subsequent courses and analysis of a career pathway

13 Sustainability and Renewable Technology Course Content o Semester 1 - Global Issues and Sustainable Solutions o Semester 2 - Introduction to Renewable Technologies in Energy, Agriculture and Building Design Select Objectives: o Interpret sustainability as it applies to social, economic, and environmental issues. o Compare and contrast quality of life issues in developing and developed countries. o Debate the scientific research on climate change. o Implement a service-learning project to educate the public on sustainability and renewable technology. Course Overview

14 What is happening in this picture? Research on the energy use for specific cafeteria appliances Designing the compost bin for the community garden Calculating the KWH of lighting required for the school cafeteria in a given school day.

15 Science Engineering Math TECHNOLOGY Life Cycle Models

16 How did I get this course piloted in my school? Researched data on the need for this curriculum Determined need but discovered NO existing curriculum Designed the outline for the pathway Enrolled in the Renewably Technologies Diploma courses at NCSU Started researching community partners that could offer field study experience Scheduled a meeting with the CTE coordinator and director of instruction WAITED BUGGED my CTE director and director of instruction My School Division began to BUG George Wilcox Presented the course and pathway outlines to the DOE /CTE Formed the curriculum steering committees with the CTE Resource Center

17 Who is the right teacher? Requires and understanding of the Social, economic and environmental issues facing the future generations. DOE and Industry will be establishing specific guidance Suggestions o Look in your science, tech and engineering classes for the teachers who have the personal interest in the green movement. o Consider Master Naturalist o Look at the green committee in your school.

18 What can you do to begin the dialog? Contact George Willcox Begin dialog with your director of instruction Gather the data for your locale Identify grants that can support the materials cost Consider a regional Vo-Tech center as the location so funding is shared with multiple divisions Begin identifying potential instructors

19 Level OneLevel TwoLevel Three Sustainability and Renewable Technologies Required * Sustainable Horticulture 1 Sustainable Horticulture 2 Green Building 1Green Building 2 Renewable Energy 1Renewable Energy 2 Applications = School and Community Service Learning, Leadership = significant Field Study; Apprenticeships = Mentoring and Job Leaders to Level I and Workforce Experience Proposed Pathway Design

20 Questions Thank You

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