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WWW.USAArcheryJOAD.COM What is JOAD? J unior O lympic A rchery D evelopment JOAD is the youth program of USA Archery.

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1 WWW.USAArcheryJOAD.COM What is JOAD? J unior O lympic A rchery D evelopment JOAD is the youth program of USA Archery

2 WWW.USAArcheryJOAD.COM What does JOAD Offer? Youth member clubs Year around programs Personal development including: –Goal Setting –Dedication –Discipline and Focus –Fair Play –Training and Nutrition Championship and International Competition opportunities

3 WWW.USAArcheryJOAD.COM Who joins JOAD? All levels of experience are welcome. –Beginners, Intermediates and Advanced JOAD typically supports boys and girls ages 8 to 18. Recurve and Compound bows There are four Divisions: –Bowman ( 8 – 12 yrs) –Cub(13 – 14 yrs) –Cadet(15 – 16 yrs) –Junior(17 – 18 yrs)

4 WWW.USAArcheryJOAD.COM Who runs JOAD? JOAD Club Leaders are the foundation of the JOAD program. Club Leaders are typically certified archery instructors or coaches. Clubs may be affiliated with Private or Public organizations. JOAD Clubs operate under a structured outlined in the JOAD Handbook. –Handbook (pdf format) is available online at

5 WWW.USAArcheryJOAD.COM What is Taught? Most JOAD club certified instructors and coaches teach archery techniques in conjunction with established USA Archery and NFAA guidelines. The technique is in keeping with BEST form. (Biomechanical Efficient Shooting Technique)

6 WWW.USAArcheryJOAD.COM Achievement Program JOADs quickly begin to take part in the STARS pin program after basic instruction. JOAD STARS pins are offered in four categories: –Indoor –Outdoor –Compound bow –Recurve bow High performing youths achieve Bronze, Silver or Gold JOAD Olympian awards

7 WWW.USAArcheryJOAD.COM Tournaments USA Archery sanctions local, state and regional tournaments. USA Archery conducts a variety of National Championships including: –Indoor –Outdoor –Field Youth World USA Teams are selected in trials tournaments. Youth may attend Open International tournaments.

8 WWW.USAArcheryJOAD.COM High Performance Program Junior USA Archery Team (USAT) –Selected by a series of qualifying tournaments and achievement criteria. Junior Dream Team –Training program with periodic trips to the Olympic Training Center for high performance coaching. Resident Athlete Program –Full time residence and training at the USOC OTC focused on Olympic caliber skills development.

9 WWW.USAArcheryJOAD.COM USA Archery Membership Youth are welcome to take part in JOAD without becoming USA Archery members. Membership is required once significant progress is made in the STARS pin program. Required for JOAD Olympian awards and for national and international competition. Required for Junior USAT points.

10 WWW.USAArcheryJOAD.COM Club Liability Insurance JOAD Clubs membership includes $1,000,000 of liability insurance coverage. Individual instructor / coaches are encouraged to consider joining NADA and receive personal liability insurance.

11 WWW.USAArcheryJOAD.COM What is after JOAD? USA Collegiate Archery Program (CAP) –Conducts indoor and outdoor championships including the US Intercollegiate Archery Championship (USIAC) –Club or Varsity Programs –All American and All Academic Teams Graduation to the Adult Ranks.

12 WWW.USAArcheryJOAD.COM How to Start a JOAD Club? JOAD Club information and listings can be found on Become a USA Archery member Contact NADA for instructor / coaching materials Utilizing school and ASAP space and equipment is a great way to start a JOAD Club.

13 WWW.USAArcheryJOAD.COM Contact Information USA Archery 1 Olympic Plaza Colorado Springs, CO 80909 719-866-4576 (phone) 719-632-4733 (fax) Email: VISIT the Website:

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