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Circle Clue Game Slowly, reveal clues. Try to guess correct answer using as few clues as possible. GOOD LUCK!!!

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1 Circle Clue Game Slowly, reveal clues. Try to guess correct answer using as few clues as possible. GOOD LUCK!!!

2 Birthrate Number live births Per 1000 population

3 Climate weather conditions Over a long period Of time

4 Biosphere 3 layers atmosphere lithosphere hydrosphere Where we live

5 Communism Government system Nearly all power & means of production Is held by the government In the name of all the people

6 delta When a river Enters the ocean Sediment is deposited In a fan-like landform

7 democracy Government system citizens hold Political power Such as the USA

8 Geography Study of distribution & interaction Physical & human features On earth

9 Command Economy Production of Goods & Services determined By a central government

10 dictatorship Government system Individual or group holds Complete power Such as North Korea

11 equator 0 degrees latitude

12 Five Themes location place region Human- environment interaction movement

13 Atmosphere gases layers Surrounds Earth breathe invisible

14 GDP Total value of All goods & services Produced within A country over a Specific period of time

15 monarchy King or queen Political power Government system

16 Culture knowledge attitudes behaviors Shared & passed on By members of a specific group

17 Prime Meridian 0 degrees longitude

18 Hydrologic Cycle circulation water atmosphere oceans earth

19 diffusion spread Of ideas inventions Patterns of behavior Such as Columbian Exchange

20 Infrastructure communications power transportation Water & sanitation education

21 hydrosphere water elements On earth

22 Infant Mortality Rate Number of deaths Per 1000 population Under age 1

23 landlocked surroundedNo direct outlet to sea

24 polytheistic Religious belief More than one god

25 latitudes Imaginary lines parallel To equator

26 erosion Weathered materials Moved by the action of Wind, water Ice, or gravity

27 longitudes Imaginary lines Around earth Over poles

28 innovation Existing technology Existing resources Creating something new To meet a need

29 lithosphere Solid rock Above & below The earth

30 Map projection Round earth distortion correction drawing

31 Per capita income money Earned by each person Average amount

32 Market economy Goods & services consumer demand Aka capitalism & free-enterprise production

33 El Nino warming waters West coast South America

34 Literacy rate population Can read percentage

35 monotheistic Religious belief One god

36 economy production & exchange Goods & services Among a group of people Such as: Market, Command, Traditional, Mixed

37 Non-renewable resource gold Natural gas oil coal Cannot be replaced

38 Mortality rate deaths Per 1000 Of population number

39 Population density People live Measureable area Average number

40 Pull factor jobs safety opportunity factor Attract people

41 Greenhouse Effect Layer of gases Released by burning Coal & petroleum Trapping solar energy Higher temperatures

42 Population pyramid Graphic deviceAge distribution

43 Rain forest deciduous Brazil Slash and burn deforestation Tropical zone

44 Primary economic activity timber oil minerals gathering Economic activity

45 Push factor migrate poverty war factor people

46 Silk Road From Asia to Europe Trade route

47 Rate of natural increase Mortality rate from birthrate Also known as Population growth rate subtracting

48 Relative location Forth Worth 35 miles West of Dallas Example …

49 Columbian Exchange North America Transfer and Trade Animals, Crops, and Disease Between Europe and the New World Caribbean

50 Subsistence Farming Self Sufficient Family of Workers Growing for yourself Do not grow cash crops Poor

51 Richter scale intensity earthquakes measures

52 Primary Source Letter Not a textbook Eyewitness to events The best source of historical information Diary

53 Renewable resource timber seafood Replaceable Through natural processes resource

54 Cultural hearth Nile River Indus River Yellow River Tigris & Euphrates

55 Ring of Fire rim Active volcanoes Pacific Ocean

56 Secondary Economic Activity Adding value automobiles furniture gasoline Economic activity

57 Bubonic Plague From Asia Middle Ages Rats Millions Die Trade

58 seismograph detects earthquakes device

59 Tectonic plates Heated magma Earths crust Pangaea Continental Drift Ride above

60 Cottage Industry Work at home Sell products Minimal resources Small Scale Production Family

61 Traditional economy barter economy No money trade Goods & services

62 tsunami Giant wave Caused by earthquakes

63 weather atmosphere Particular time conditions

64 urbanization cities Changes in lifestyle Dramatic rise

65 Global warming Weather change Glacier melt Polar bear Aka Climate Change Temperatures rise

66 balkanization hostile units Serbia Bosnia Break up

67 weathering chemical physical Change rock On or near earth surface processes

68 Islam Allah 5 Pillars Muhammad Origin in Middle East monotheistic

69 USSR Communist name Russia

70 desertification overgrazing farming Population increase Africa, Middle East expansion

71 Berlin Conference 1884 imperialism Ignore tribal areas Africa

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