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The Paralympics Cathy Howells OAM BAppSc(Phty)APAM Author, The Amputee Coach

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1 The Paralympics Cathy Howells OAM BAppSc(Phty)APAM Author, The Amputee Coach

2 From 1948 to London 2012

3 Competition for Disabled Athletes: 1948 - disabled athletes compete on opening day of London Olympics. Rome 1960 – 1 st official Paralympic Games, open to not just war veterans. 1976 – athletes with different disabilities included, not just wheelchair athletes. 1988 Seoul – Paralympics is coined and Games held after Olympics.

4 What came out of London 2012?

5 Controversy: Transtibial competition Beaten by A giraffe in underpants?

6 Leg Length: What should it be? The Proportions of Man The Vitruvian Man, Leonardo da Vinci circa 1490

7 Weve been here before… 1992 Barcelona 1996 Atlanta

8 Unilateral vs Bilateral 100m J. Peacock 10.9 R.Brown 11.03 A. Fourie 11.08 O.Pistorius 11.14

9 Unilateral vs Bilateral > 100m 1.Oscar Pistorius 46.68 2.Blake Leeper 50.14 3.David Prince 50.61 WR 4. Alan Olivera 51.59

10 World Champs 2011 Christchurch T44 200m Men

11 BKA vs AKA using points GOLD: Kelly Cartwright, WR:4.38m, 1030 pts SILVER: Stephanie Reid, PR: 5.28m, 1023 pts

12 TKA vs AKA vs Knee Fusion??

13 World Champs 2011 Christchurch T42 100m Womens final

14 Unilateral vs Bilateral AKA <100m T42 100m 1.Popow,H. 12.40 2.Reardon,S. 12.43 3.Czyz,W. 12.52 7. Whitehead,R.12.99

15 Unilateral vs Bilateral AKA >100m Richard Whitehead T42 200m 1. Whitehead 24.38 2. Vance 25.55 3. Popow 25.90 4. Reardon 26.03

16 Is no legs an advantage?

17 Knee joints? Compulsory? Mechanical vs Anatomical Prototypes

18 Advances in Technology

19 4 bar hydraulic Prototype- modified hydraulic

20 Selecting the right technology

21 Progression of Transtibial Running Alignment

22 Amputee Physiotherapy Involvement Clean up the gait. Empower them. From Sickness to Wellness. Disbility to Ability. Education- whats available?

23 Amputee Physiotherapy involvement ROM Muscle Strength Control Core Muscle Activation Movement Patterns

24 Lessons from the Paralympians Walk well before you run or anything else…

25 Lessons from the Paralympians Appropriate prescription Initial upgrading to enable handling of sporting prosthesis.

26 Lessons from the Paralympians Use the power of your mind. Be conscious of muscles working and what it feels like. Treat your body like an athlete. Mental rehearsal

27 Create a new Powerhouse.

28 Core: Specific Functional

29 Physical upgrading:

30 Its difficult…thats the point! Strength Stability

31 Challenge them and you

32 Never give up.

33 We need to be their Champions…

34 Keep your eyes on the Prize. Sydney 2000 Gold Medallists Mens 4x100m and 4x400m. Both World Records. Neil Fuller, Steve Wilson, Tim Mathews, Heath Francis.

35 Not disabled athletes….ATHLETES with a disability

36 Walk Well, Be Fit, Enjoy Life! www.TheAmputee cathy@theamputeec cathy@theamputeec Facebook

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