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They were here... but now they aren´t in the world....

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1 They were here... but now they aren´t in the world....

2 We know about them maybe everything... but something not....

3 The seven wonders of the world

4 Although most people know that the list exists of the Seven World Wonders, only a few people can name them.

5 Only one of the wonders is still on this world. But all wonders are famous, mysterious and beautiful

6 The Great Pyramid of Giza The Hanging Gardens of Babylon The Statue of Zeus at Olympia The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus The Colossus of Rhodes The Lighthouse of Alexandria

7 The Great Pyramid of Giza

8 Man fears Time, yet Time fears the Pyramids

9 The Great pyramid is the first wonder, but the last wonder at the world, too. However, there are lots of pyramids in Egypt. Pyramids are wonders, which stay in the Giza! There are three big pyramids. This pyramids were built in the 4th dynasty by pharaohs. All of the pyramids have names: Pyramid of the Chufus Pyramid of the Rachef and Pyramid of the Menkaur

10 The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

11 Fruits and flowers... Waterfalls... Gardens hanging from the palace terraces... Exotic animals...

12 The legend says, that gardens were built by the queen Semiramis. There are no arguments about them! They were only in the minds of Greek poets and historians! Exkavations on the place, where palace with gardens stood, wasn´t convincing.

13 The Statue of Zeus at Olympia

14 In his right hand a figure of Victory is made of ivory and gold. In his left hand, his sceptre inlaid with all metals, and an eagle perched on the sceptre. The sandals of the God are made of gold, as is his robe. Pausanias the Greek (2nd century AD)

15 The statue was in the cathedral of Zeus. Maybe Zeus was destroyed in fire. The statue was 13 metres high. This wonder was built by Feidias. Unfortunatelly, we don´t know more about this unique statue. But we know more about the cathedral, where the statue stood.

16 The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus

17 It was not just a temple... It was the most beautiful structure on the Earth...

18 This build was the biggest of those days. There was the statue of Arthemis and artworks in the temple. Lots of people think, that temple was for ceremonies. But the temple was shopping centre, too. This is ruins of temple.

19 The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus

20 A gigantic monument such as no other person has...

21 Mausoleum was built by king Mausolus II.,to remind people his power. His tomb was really enormous like is power. Mausoleum was 46 metres high and from this building was the way decorated by stone lions. We don´t know right look. Everything was destroyed or used for different purpose.

22 The Colossus of Rhodos

23 The people of Dorian Rhodes set up this bronze statue reaching to Olympus when they had pacified the waves of war and crowned their city with the spoils taken from the enemy.

24 The island Rhodos was Islans of Helius – god of the sun. People from this island built this statue, because they saved themselves in war and statue was thanks for god. Colossus was 37 metres high. We know two looks. But right don´t know. When in insland was eatrhquake, statue was broke. After ruins were destroyed by Islam army.

25 The lighthouse of Alexandria

26 Everywhere is sea … and something next,too... Beautiful and mysterious lighthouse for sailors...

27 The lighthouse was 134 metres high. And ships can saw it for long way. In the top was statue of Poseidon. Monument was image Empire size! Light in the darks! : people sayed... This wonder is very practice. It ins´t only fantastic construction, it´s help, too. Help for everybody, who must find the land.

28 So this is all seven wonders of the world! Today we have some other wonders, too. But this wonders have biggest popularity and perhaps all people know them.

29 Now, we can have respect for this monuments.... And still find beautiful in them. Althougt they aren´t now. We can save the Great Pyramids! The last famous, beautiful and mysterious wonder......

30 Production : Kateřina Dekojová Company: Maňas and Co. In 2006

31 Copyrigh @ maňas

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