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Peter Bury Radio Spectrum Policy Group Brussels 11 February 2010 London 2012 Olympic Games.

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1 Peter Bury Radio Spectrum Policy Group Brussels 11 February 2010 London 2012 Olympic Games

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3 Scale of the London 2012 Games Olympic 27 Jul 2012 – 12 Aug 2012 Paralympic 29 Aug 2012- 9 Sep 2012 Sports2620 Disciplines3921 Events300471 Days of competition1711 Competition venues3421 Tickets7.6m1.5m Athletes10,5004,200 NOC/NPC team officials 7,5002,300 IF/IPSF officials3,0001,200 Media and broadcasters 21,0006,500 Volunteers70,00040,000

4 Ofcoms task 3 Acquire spectrum Sourced from public sector loans (MOD, CAA etc) and Digital Switchover MOU with public sector Turn the spectrum into licensable assignments Initial licensing plan mid-2010 based on detailed access/sharing studies Key dependency on venue and event plan NB The quality of the licensing plan is key to success at Games time. Get the assignments into the hands of the users IS development for applications portal and licensing system Arrangements for testing and tagging user equipment Manage any interference Investment in new equipment, recruitment and training Deploy people in venues to deal with interference or make new assignments Deliver the post-Games legacy Planning for Glasgow 2014 Transfer skills and learnings to future Olympic cities Manage business-as-usual Testing and monitoring

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7 Olympic Park Central Zone River Zone TOC Silver North Park South Park North Zone South Zone Mobile Central 6 Field Operations – Overall Approach to Command and Control Small core senior team Based at Ofcom Monitoring Station Overall view - Olympics & BAU Connection to internal & external information and decision making Olympic Park River Zone Central Zone Gold Control Weymouth LOCOG BAU Teams Other UK Venues Ofcom Senior Management BAU Focus Crisis Management Political & Media Relations Gold Baldock LOCOG TOC Weymouth Overall Olympics Interference Mgt 24 hour operation Interface with LOCOG Based at key venues Direct access to spectrum users On the ground interference management Senior Field Engineers each lead team of four Silver Bronze

8 How the teams will work Teams –Coverage for 16 hours per day, 7 days a week at most venues –Four teams for most venues / zones working 2 x 8 hour shifts, 4 days on / 4 days off –One Ofcom colleague per team – not necessarily the Team Leader –Equipment supplied by Ofcom Contracts –NRAs will loan Engineers to Ofcom under a secondment agreement –Engineers continue to be paid by their home organisation –Ofcom will pay NRAs an agreed rate per day to include travel costs –Accommodation will be found and paid by Ofcom Approximate Timing – c. 10-13 weeks in total –June to December 2010 – 2 weeks for training and test events (2/3 visits). –January to December 2011 – 3 weeks for training and test events (3/4 visits) –June to July 2012 – 2 weeks Induction and team building –July to September 2012 – c. 3 – 6 weeks The Olympic Games run from 27 July to 12 August 2012 and the Paralympic Games run from 29 August to 12 September 2012 7

9 Next Steps Make contact with European Regulators and establish initial interest levels –RA1 meeting Kristiansand December 2009 –Letter from Ofcom COO to heads of NRAs January 2010 –Presentation to RSPG February 2010 NRAs consider if their organisations would like to participate – to March 2010 Selection of Engineers – May / June 2010 Put secondment agreements in place with NRAs – June 2010 UK visits for training and test events – from June 2010 8

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