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"Ufocontact from Itibi-Ra"

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1 "Ufocontact from Itibi-Ra"
picture of the real Mirim River in Peru/Brasil where this human-looking ETs had a "unknown"plant-development base in the deep jungle, in the late 60ths. "Ufocontact from Itibi-Ra" ”cancer planet mission”

2 The German-borne mill-machine seller Ludwig Pallman
travelled in India by train in 1964 THERE HE MET A VERY STRANGE MAN AND WOMAN

3 In his compartment, opposite to him, sat a some strange,
but weldressed, nice man with authority. He said his name was Satu-Ra. …"as we entered into conversation, I noticed a peculiarity about his speech. Although - as I have already mentioned - his english was impeccable, and he spoke fluently enough, yet there was always a slight but definite hesitation before he spoke. It was, as if he were making the mental effort to say the first word…” "… I was shocked when I saw that his voice came from a device on his chest - rather than from his mouth."

4 At some point, the train stopped, and at the station a lot of poor and
sick people were gathered. Then this strange man went out and gave those poor people some kind of healing tablets!

5 How Satu-Ra looked like:
"..he had the light brown skin of a Eurasian, huge dark eyes, a rather small mouth, and an unusual chin line. Age in the 40ths.The lower part of the jaw looked slightly deformed. Then there were those fingertip- gloves, which he seemed to wear all times. Even though the weather was extremely hot. Above all, there was this peculiarity of speech, this complete reliance upon an electronic gadget to reproduce his voice.." Picture here is not the actual SatuRa, but any person, and manipulated from imagination after the description in the book

6 This SatuRa also had a very peculiar, but beautiful sister
Pictures are made of the artist Jonathan Bowser and not of the real girl This SatuRa also had a very peculiar, but beautiful sister that Pallman met later - she also did the healing work on the sick and poor indians Next day Pallman went to the shores of Ganges, where they went about healing the dying, poor people

7 Later Pallman was invited to a mansion i Madras
where SatuRa was - and there he got a special gold-ring from him, which he claimed was many time 10000years old, -with a diamond, and it was a kind of communication -device he said! The diamond glowed when he wanted contact!

8 Pallman says he left India 27.oct -64, full of questions regarding
Satu-Ra and his claimed, beautiful sister Xiti. His only physical proof for himself was the ring he had got from him, which lit up in a strange way. He brought it to a jeweller in Switzerland, who meant it was some very antique jewellery.

There he heard odd stories about things happening in the wild deep jungle by the Yavari-river, many things reminding him of his strange adventures in India So- at one time while there - he had very big pain because of kidney disease, and he had to look up a hospital in Lima

10 Then he tells, in the middle of the night, when the pain
were unbearable, suddenly appeared the curious girl he had met some years before - Xiti - Satu-Ra's sister! She suddenly was there by his bedside!! "…a faint light reflected from the jewelled talking device that I had last seen in Benares. Still without s peaking, Xiti stretched out her hands to me. Her sensitive fingers, from which she had removed the protective finger-tip gloves, ran lightly over my face with gossamer touch…” "I was free of pain! Even the fever left me. In that moment, I took Xiti into my arms, inhaling the sweet strangeness of her lovely body.

11 "The catholic sisters did believe it was a miracle,
the doctors continued to raise their eyebrows. … ”All this may be checked by any one of my readers: I became the miracle patient of the famous Maison Francais Hospital in Lima, Peru. When the doctors came around to put me on the operating table, I had already eaten a very heavy breakfast, a thing I had not done for almost three weeks…” ”For two days I had the pleasure of wandering through public and private libraries, museums, an English club, churches, shops, supermarkets with this Xiti…”

12 TRAVEL TO THEIR BASE They travelled by a slow train
up the Andes to Huancayo, where SatuRa met them and so by a wreck of a taxi to Lake Junin

13 By this lake Satu-Ra had arranged one of their disks to meet them.
This is Lake/lago JUNIN, from where they were taken into a flying saucer and flown into their research-plantation in the jungle, 17.feb-67,

14 Their ships and equipment:
"At that very moment the sun had disappeared, I saw my first "flying saucer" and at the time as it settled down gracefully and easily on the surface of the lake…” They were then taken into the craft and to "some kind of antiseptic reception quarter”: "Immediately I became aware of the biological, vegetational, cellular structure -similar to soft polyethylene - embellished with exquisite design and symbols. Only the floor was a little harder, and I suppose the reason for this must be its mirror-like quality. Through this floor, you could see like a surgeon would be able to see your brain. You could see a billion nerves and bloodvessels, it was like looking into the living cells of a giant's overdeveloped brain…"

15 To the ”plantation- lab” by the Mirim River (Rio Miri)
The craft then flew quick into the jungle hundreds of kilometres to their plantation research-lab by the river Mirim

…"the 'eye-centre unit' was some kind of an activated memory, a transmitting and receiving center, similar to our brains. The amazing thing is, that I was able to experience later, how this individual brain of the "saucer" became part of the giant system of cosmic generator-brains…” ”I might acquaint myself with the kind of life that the Itibi Ra-yans lived ”I saw their methods of transportation, their food-processing installations, their "biological" machinery and their instruments. I even listened to a concert and 'invaded' some of their homes - as the "eye" made one feel as if one was actually going to these places….” Picture here not of case directly

17 ”Most of their homes were built along riverbanks and the sides of lakes and other waterways. Their architecture was unlike any I had seen on earth, except in futuristic exhibitions. Pictures here yet not from the book - only suitable, made illustrations

18 "…smiling certainly seemed to have a therapeutic effect on
these people - there was an atmosphere of calmness and serenity. No one seemed out of patience. Nobody appeared to be in a hurry. Nobody seemed angered nor disgusted….” "…everybody I observed through the 'eyegenerator', looked filled of happiness. Everybody seemed to be smiling, young and old. There didn't appear to be many unhealthy people…”

19 Their Warning to Earth:
* She also told of planets which had been "lost" in technical thinking, and thereby loosing nature and God (the Whole/All consciousness SPIRIT BEHIND - WHICH IS the NATURE), - as they think they are the only gods themselves. But the result of this, said Xiti - may be their own destruction by cancer!!

20 They found a lost very old unknown city in the deep jungle
In the jungle of south-America the Itibi-Ra-people, also discovered a lost city they called "Lenislan" - 'the Rome of South-America'. They discovered this hidden city on the 15th of oct-66, by the help of their Indian friends told Xiti.

21 ”They had then been excavating for several months, until feb
”They had then been excavating for several months, until feb , they opened the principal temple of Linislan and found the religious symbol of the "flying man from out of space".- "This symbol was similar to a symbol they had on one of their control panels inside the craft and indeed she (Xiti) showed this to me the next day" The Linislan symbol represent life "creating new matter" and a symbol of the GOD-NATURE, The book claims the LENISLAN RELIGION gave birth to all the pre-Inca, pre-Maya, and pre-Aztec cultures. The native Indians in the jungle were not afraid of the crafts of the Itibi-Ra II people he writes - he also witnessed some of them were allowed trips in the ships!!

22 Stevens & Elders in an exploring journey in -72 into the jungle to find a lost city that the Indians knew of. .."there was also another feature there, which may have been vertical landing place in that city, 200foot in diameter circular platforms, and three of them in cluster, just like the three circular pads used by the Itibi-Rayans at their plantations…” The natives in this vicinity all reported familiarity with the "brothers from the sky"- as they call them. ”it was immense -actually a shaped mountain. It looked like we could be there by noon (they saw it in the morning)- but it took two more days of heavy crawling to reach it) They had to cross a river and the terrain was hilly, broken and nearly impassable out of the dense vegetation also + deadly, dangerous snakes and spiders. Up: Stevens and Elders from the expedition in -72, down is Stevens right- left the contactperson Denaerde, ca 10y later.

23 The Spiritual laws on Itibi-Ra

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