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Our Mission is to eradicate Mesothelioma as a life-ending disease. the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation, inc.

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1 Our Mission is to eradicate Mesothelioma as a life-ending disease. the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation, inc.

2 Fix the Problem "Billions have been spent on fixing blame. Now it's time to fix the problem. The problem is that early on we labeled mesothelioma as "incurable" without resolving to find a cure. A cure will not just magically happen, we have to make it happen." Roger G. Worthington Founding Director of MARF

3 Eradicate the Common Enemy! Marshall our resources to combat pure concentrated evil

4 Meso does not respect Youth or Innocence Elizabeth Clancy, age 23, Houston Our mission is to eradicate mesothelioma as a life-ending disease.

5 Meso does not respect Fame or Fortune Steve McQueen, age 50, California Our mission is to eradicate mesothelioma as a life-ending disease.

6 Meso does not respect Rank or Power Admiral Elmo R. Zumwalt, Jr., 79, Virginia Our mission is to eradicate mesothelioma as a life-ending disease.

7 Meso does not respect Faith or Family Dennis Harline, 56, Arizona Our mission is to eradicate mesothelioma as a life-ending disease.

8 Meso does not respect Health or Fitness Our mission is to eradicate mesothelioma as a life-ending disease. A former Navy man from 1942 to 1965, Mr. Pickens died of MM on May 5, 1999 at the age of 75. David Pickens, age 65, running the San Diego marathon in 1988.

9 A New Age "It is no longer acceptable to dismiss mesothelioma as untreatable, for untreatable implies an "acceptance" of failure. We must dispel this attitude of nihilism by education and the establishment of treatment networks. If we can be as aggressive with our investigations of novel therapies for mesothelioma as we are with breast and prostate cancer, we may avoid the perpetuation of this tragedy into the new millennium." Dr. Harvey I. Pass, Thoracic Oncologist, Karmanos Cancer Institute

10 International Experts in Mesothelioma Expertise in – Surgery – Chemotherapy – Gene Therapy – Radiation Oncology – Photodynamic Therapy – Molecular Genetics – Immunotherapy Attack Meso with the best and the brightest!

11 Science Advisory Board Harvey Pass, M.D. Chairman, Karmanos Cancer Inst. David Sugarbaker, M.D. Brigham & Womens Hospital Victor Roggli, M.D. Duke University Daniel Sterman, M.D. University of Pennsylvania Robert N. Taub, M.D. Columbia University Lary A. Robinson, M.D. H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center Steve Hahn, M.D. University of Pennsylvania James Mault, M.D. University of Colorado Larry Kaiser, M.D. University of Pennsylvania Joseph R. Testa, Ph.D. Fox Chase Cancer Center Claire Verschraegen, M.D. M.D. Anderson/University of Texas Eric Vallieres, M.D. University of Washington

12 The Grim Statistics 50% of the patients die within six months if they get only supportive care Only 28% of those considered for surgery are Stage I (most are end-stage) Even with the best therapy for Stage I disease (surgery, chemo and radiation), the average five year survival rate is less than 20%

13 Barriers to Successful Therapy, Part 1 Medical community nihilism (take a long cruise, tidy up your affairs) "Quick fix" supportive care which interferes with novel therapies Lack of hospitals with interest and expertise Lack of large, standardized clinical trials

14 Barriers to Successful Therapy, Part 2 Lack of research investment capital Causality and liability issues which engender bitter dispute and paranoia Lack of advocacy group (cf., AIDS, breast cancer, prostate cancer)

15 Put the Patient First What is the disease? What are the options? Where are the options Protocol or non-protocol

16 Increase Awareness of the Disease Educate the politicians Educate research-funding organizations Educate the front-line physician who sees the patient, specifically regarding new treatment options Recruit and enroll patients in clinical trials

17 Fast Track Research Sponsor peer-reviewed promising proposals which involve – Novel benchwork investigations which can translate to immediate patient care – Novel therapies in clinical trials which need funding support for data collection, biologic correlates, recruitment, etc. – solidifying a standard of care

18 Novel Strategies, Part 1 Improved Imaging Techniques for Staging Tumors Novel Chemotherapeutic Compounds – Liposome-entrapped Cisplatin Analog (PLATAR) – New Antifolates (MTA) with Cisplatinum – Onconase Gene Therapy – Suicide Genes

19 Novel Strategies, Part 2 Immunotherapy (e.g.cytokines, vaccines) – Intrapleural interferon – Intrapleural interleukin 2 – Gene Therapy delivery of cytokines Photodynamic Therapy Intracavitary Infusional Therapy – Hyperthermia makes tumors more receptive to adjunct therapies

20 Novel Strategies, Part 3 Angiogenesis Inhibitors – Endostatin, Lovastatin, Thalidomide – Starve the tumors blood supply – Dana Farber, M.D.Anderson, Univ. of Wisconsin Interference with Growth Factors Early Detection (identify tumor markers) Novel Radiation Oncologic Therapies

21 Now is the Time for Commitment! Organization out of Chaos Understanding out of Confusion Data instead of Conjecture Practical application of scientific theory Collaborative clinical trials instead of isolated fiefdoms Survival Curves Upward and to the Right!

22 Time is Precious " Mesothelioma patients need time. With time and resources, we can find reasonable treatments. With each day that a patient lives, there is hope that a cure can be found and administered before time runs out." Dr. Robert B. Cameron, Thoracic Surgery Oncologist, UCLA Medical School

23 MARF Medical-Legal Alliance Dr. Robert Cameron operates on mesothelioma patient Hans Hoffaker while Roger Worthington observes, October 7, 1999

24 Raise Awareness of MARFs Mission Contact Government Funding Agencies Contact Philanthropists, Drug Companies, Insurance Companies Donations from Families (in lieu of flowers...) Contribute Commensurate with Wealth, Knowledge and Compassion What can I do?

25 Founding Member$1 million plus Platinum Member$500,000 plus Gold Member$250,000 plus Benefactor$10,000 plus Friend$100-10,000 Sponsorship Levels MARF hopes that the law firms and corporations who have represented parties in the litigation over the years will contribute an amount that is commensurate with their knowledge, compassion and wealth.

26 Board of Directors Roger G. Worthington, Esq. Founding Director Robert B. Cameron, M.D UCLA Medical School Jay W. Hughes, Esq. W.R. Grace & Co. Maura Abeln, Esq. Owens Corning Robert I. Komitor, Esq. New York, New York

27 MARF BYLAWS 2.02Restrictions..... D. The Board of Directors shall not authorize for review by the Science Advisory Board any research proposal that is inconsistent with the goals and purpose of the Corporation--prevention, treatment and cure of mesothelioma. The Founding Director shall have the sole authority to reject any research proposal submitted by any group or individual that may serve to bolster a litigation objective, such as research regarding the causation of mesothelioma. E. The Founding Director has authority to refuse contributions to the Corporation if the Director has reason to believe the donor intends to manipulate the fact of the contribution for political purposes that are not consistent with the purpose of the Corporation. F. The Corporation shall require that every donor sign an agreement that the donor will not use the fact of the contribution in jury argument. ARTICLE II - LOCATION AND PURPOSE

28 Compassion for the Terminally Ill Voluntary Solution Show the Politicians We have Heart Show your Clients you Care Show the Courts we go Beyond Duty Collaborate with Can-Do Cancer Scientists Keep your Clients ALIVE! Whats in it for me?

29 Clearinghouse for clinical trials Alerted to medical breakthroughs Network with Hospitals, Clinics, Doctors Recognition on Tax Deductible Contribution Weed out the Pretenders What other tangible benefits?

30 Your Generosity will Pay Off MARF is committed to winning the war on Mesothelioma

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