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Encouraging Students to Pursue Academic Rigor Presented by: Scott Power New Hampshire Scholars Director Deb Connell NH Department of Education.

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1 Encouraging Students to Pursue Academic Rigor Presented by: Scott Power New Hampshire Scholars Director Deb Connell NH Department of Education

2 What is NH Scholars? National program using business leaders to motivate students, beginning in 8 th grade, to complete a rigorous course of study Helps students attain skills they need in work & life: the ability to tackle challenging work & learn what they need to know to do it This program will increase postsecondary attendance rates, decrease drop out rates and encourage all students to achieve their personal best. Challenge Your Students 90% of high school freshmen say they expect to go on to college, while only 44% take the college prep courses necessary for college admission.

3 Who can be a NH Scholar? Generally, 25% of students already on board Main target: Remaining 75% of student body Program targets all students What does a NH Scholar receive? Gold medallion at graduation NH Scholars seal on diploma Electronic indication on transcript Increased academic and financial rewards (postsecondary acceptance, scholarships, career networking, etc.)

4 Show Me the Money Any student seeking aid of any kind must complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) every year to remain eligible. New Hampshire Scholars will have additional grant opportunities. Academic Competitiveness Grant National SMART Grant Local scholarships Institutional aid to help pay for college

5 New Hampshire Scholars 4-year planner process Parents Students Signed contract Preparing students for a successful future

6 4-Year College Workforce (Civilian & Military) Workforce (Civilian & Military) Community or Technical College New Hampshire Scholars Course of Study 9 th 10 th 11 th 12th English I English II English III English IV Algebra I Geometry Algebra II Physical Science BiologyChemistryPhysics World History Economics/ Govt. U.S. History World Geography 2 years of the same Foreign Language New Hampshire Scholars Have More Options in Their Chosen Career Pathway Encourages students to go above and beyond high school graduation requirements.

7 Business Partnerships Leaders in the business community deliver the message directly to students about the importance of high school coursework and its impact on their future success. Connect with school coordinators to provide workshops, activities and mentoring opportunities Students learn the 21 st century skills that todays employers require Critical Component 70% of the 30 fastest-growing jobs will require an education beyond high school. Source: Dept. of Labor Business volunteers help students understand that the choices they make today have a direct impact on their career and business success tomorrow.

8 Preparing students for a successful future The single greatest predictor of high school success is student preparation in early years. NH Scholars is helping establish trends: Increased 8th grade enrollment in Algebra I Increased enrollment in science and foreign language courses (particularly chemistry & physics) Increased enrollment in 3 rd /4 th year math courses Increased number of sections offered in certain subject areas

9 Preparing students The single greatest predictor of post-high school success is: QUALITY AND INTENSITY OF HIGH SCHOOL CURRICULUM Cliff Adelman, Answers in the Tool Box, U.S.D.E. for a successful future

10 The World is flat. The U.S. is falling behind. The magnitude of our competition is changing. The nature of our work is changing. Why Is Rigor So Important? 4 Reasons Ken Kay, 21 st Century Skills, 2007

11 Discussion How does your district support this? (Or how have you seen districts supporting this?) Why is rigor important? Encouraging students to pursue academic rigor is critical to prepare them for a successful future.

12 How are we doing?

13 Tracking NH students through college graduation For every 100 students in 9 th grade 46 enter a 4-year college 35 return for their second year 27 graduate with a 4-year degree Early Awareness 27% of ninth graders graduate from college Source: National Service for Public Policy in Higher Education

14 Too Many Students Need College Remediation in Core Subjects 11% 14% 22% 28% Percentage Percentage of US First Year Students in 2- and 4-year College Institutions Requiring Remediation

15 Most US College Students Who Take Remedial Courses Fail to Earn Degrees Percentage of College Students Not Earning Degrees by Type of Remediation 76% 63% Many college students who need remediation, especially in reading and math, do not earn either an associate or bachelors degree. NCES, The Condition of Education, 2004

16 Students Would Have Taken Harder Courses Knowing what you know today about the expectations of college/work … Would you have taken more challenging courses in at least one subject area? 62% 72% Peter D. Hart Assoc. – Achieve 2005

17 If High School Had Demanded More High school graduates who went to college High school graduates who did not go to college Peter D. Hart Assoc. – Achieve 2005 18% 80% 82% 17% 64%63% 15%18% Graduates Would Have Worked Harder

18 Higher Performing High Schools 1.Have very clear goals. Even when they start with high dropout rates, they focus students on college. 2.Put all kidsnot just somein a demanding high school core curriculum. 3.Work very hard on the quality, consistency and rigor of high school courses. Education Trust, 2007 High School Redesign Toolbox

19 How does New Hampshire Scholars support this? Engagement Commitment Support

20 What does academic rigor mean to you? 1.How would you define academic rigor and relevance? 2.What do high schools need to do to graduate students that are college and work ready? NH needs your feedback

21 New Hampshire Scholars Model for Achieving Academic Rigor Early awareness presentation delivered by business reps Early awareness presentation delivered by business reps Incentives to stay on track Incentives to stay on track Senior recognition event(s) Senior recognition event(s) 8 8 9 10 11 12 GRADES

22 Questions? Scott Power Director New Hampshire Scholars 3 Barrell Court Concord, NH 03301 603.225.4199 x300 Deb Connell Education Consultant NH Department of Education 101 Pleasant Street Concord, NH 03301 603.271.3769

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