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Disclaimer During the course of this presentation, Stroud Resources Ltd. may make forward-looking statements with regard to the Company’s projects and.

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2 Disclaimer During the course of this presentation, Stroud Resources Ltd. may make forward-looking statements with regard to the Company’s projects and or business plans. Statements may also be made with regard to the company’s business strategy, partners, and market position which could be construed as forward-looking. Forward-looking statements are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause results to be materially different than expectations. Any statement regarding the potential quantity of mineralization is conceptual in nature, as there may have been insufficient exploration to define a mineral resource on the properties. It is uncertain if further exploration will result in discovery of a mineral resource on the properties. P.2

3 Share Structure P.3 Exchange Listing: TSX Venture Exchange
Trading Symbol: SDR Issued & Outstanding: ,540,650 Warrants: 16,166,558 Nov. 05, ,375,000 Dec. 15, ,676,843 Jan.14, ,114,715 Options: ,640,000 Fully Diluted: ,347,208 52 week high/low: $ $0.045 Insider Ownership & Associates: % Institutional Ownership: % Debt : Nil P.3

4 Company Profile Stroud Resources Ltd. is a Canadian public company, listed on the TSX Venture Exchange, exploring for Silver & Gold in Mexico and Canada. It is well funded, carries no debt, and earns revenue from its interest in 6 Natural Gas wells in Alberta. Silver Resources ( Indicated ): 12.4 Million Oz Silver Resources ( Inferred ): 9.1 Million Oz Silver Equivalent Resources ( Indicated ): 14 Million Oz Silver Equivalent Resources ( Inferred ): 10 Million Oz Silver resources are potentially recoverable through open pit mining P.4

5 Company Profile Hislop (N1-43-101 Compliant)
Hislop Gold Resources – Canada (Indicated): 483, Au g/t - 102,760 Oz Hislop Gold Resources – Canada (Inferred): 367, Au g/t 69,754 Oz Leckie (Historical Estimates) Leckie Gold Resources – Canada (Indicated): 349, Oz /T - 70,644 Oz Leckie Gold Resources – Canada (Inferred): 57, Oz /T - 9,902 Oz P.5

6 Why Silver has growth potential
ETF holdings continue to grow Silver inventories at historic low – above ground supply dropped by 86 percent in 2009 Mine production in 2009 was 709 million ounces, yet demand for the metal was 889 million ounces. A steady increase of industrial / consumer demand by approx. 6% annually over last five years Continually new demand and uses found by industry, (especially in the fields of electronics, medicine, and water purification) Source: The Silver Institute, 2011 P.6

7 Projects Santo Domingo silver-gold project, Mexico (100% owned)
Hislop & Leckie gold projects, Northern Ontario (100% owned) (option agreement on the Hislop project) 6 Natural Gas and Gas Condensate Wells, central Alberta (3.75% owned) – revenue generation of ~ $100,000/year P.7

8 Major Silver/Gold Projects in Mexico

9 Resources: Silver-Equivalencies are calculated using a 46:1 ratio based on Gold at $ /oz and Silver at $29.06/oz dated Feb.04, Recoveries were estimated at 92% for Silver and 95% for Gold. No Base metals were used for calculating Silver Equivalencies. * Cut-off was USD $20 per tonne. This cut-off was calculated using a grade of 45 g/t of Silver Equivalent calculated at an historical ratio of 65:1 based on USD $15 per ounce of Silver and USD $975 per ounce of Gold. P.9

10 Santo Domingo Project P.10
Situated approximately 90km NW from Guadalajara 135 ha comprise of two contiguous mining concession Excellent road access Close to major water supply and high voltage transmission line Similar in size and structure to Fresnillo & Zacatecus mines and 9.5 km from Cinco Minas: Fresnillo: produced 400 million oz silver-zinc-lead Zacatecus: produced 800 million oz silver-zinc-lead Cinco Minas: produced 15 million oz Ag & 97,500 oz Au from 1.2 million tonnes of ore P.10

11 Santo Domingo Project P.11

12 Santo Domingo Project P.12

13 Santo Domingo Mineralization Highlights

14 Santo Domingo Cross Section

15 Santo Domingo Mineralization Highlights

16 Santo Domingo Mineralization Highlights

17 Long Section - (looking West)

18 Santo Domingo Mineralization Highlights

19 Santo Domingo Project P.18

20 Management: Very Experienced
George Coburn B.Sc. - Director, President and CEO: Mr. Coburn co-founded Stroud with his wife Rosemary Coburn in He has 38 years experience as a geologist in Australia, Canada, United States, Philippines and Mexico. Mr. Coburn was part of the on-site team that discovered the Jabiluka deposit, the world’s largest high grade uranium deposit. Stewart Fumerton Ph.D., P.Geo. - Professional Geologist: managing the Mexican silver projects for Stroud. He has over 30 years of silver and gold exploration and project management experience in Canada, Europe, Africa, Asia and South America. John Cantin - Drilling consultant: Mexcan project. Fifty years of diverse experience in all aspects of drilling. Former operation manager for 19 years with Conners Drilling. in charge of all operations in Canada, South America and USA. P.19

21 Management: Very Experienced
Lonnie Kirsh - Director: Mr. Kirsh is a corporate finance and securities lawyer with Toronto law firm Kutkevicius kirsh, LLP. He has previously worked in the listings division of the Toronto Stock Exchange and the Corporate Finance Branch of the Ontario Securities Commission. He has more than twenty years experience in working with companies in the natural resources sector. Mr. Kirsh sits on the board of a number of listed public companies. P.20

22 Santo Domingo Mineralization
Two Veins can each be traced for more than 700m La Rayas Vein - Typically m wide Exploration projections indicate a mineralization zone 35m wide by 300m deep by over 700m along strike Guadalupe - Typically m wide Average grade of approximately 110grams silver equivalent per tonne P.21

23 Highlights Potential for a “World Class” deposit of 150 to 300 million ounces of silver on the Santo Domingo property Excellent infrastructure, property accessible year round River at the bottom of the hill, two stage pump system supplies water to the drill Bunk House and drill hole logging and cutting facilities on site Two wheel drive road directly to the camp SDR owns its own drill rig, drilling one hole per week Strong management and technical team Stroud plans on carrying out a diamond drilling program in 2012 to increase resources and commence a Preliminary Economic Assessment of the property P.22

24 Hislop Project P.23

25 Hislop Project P.24

26 P.25

27 Leckie Project P.26

28 Leckie Project P.27

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