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The National Youth Achievement Award

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1 The National Youth Achievement Award
Making Youth Leaders out of Ordinary Singaporeans 2.9.2

2 Aim of the Award To encourage young people aged to develop personal qualities of Self reliance Perseverance Sense of responsibility to oneself, to society and to the nation.

3 Background More than 111 countries worldwide are operating the Award Programme under various titles The NYAA Programme was officially launched in Singapore on 9th May 1992 by H.E. President Wee Kim Wee at the Istana.

4 Background NYAA is advised by an Advisory Board chaired by Mr Mah Bow Tan, Minister for National Development NYAA is administered by a National Council chaired by Prof Leo Tan, Director, National Institute of Education NYAA Secretariat is headed by an executive director, Mr James Soh NYAA Singapore is a Full Member of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award International Association

5 National Youth Achievement Award
Mission Statement To develop and maximize the potential of young people through selfless community service, challenges of adventure, skills development and physical recreation so that they may be exceptional individuals, who can contribute effectively to society and the nation. 2.9.2

6 What NYAA offers? Key Benefits: Leadership training
Project management skills Development and expansion of personal interests Adventure and discovery An opportunity to be an exceptional individual

7 Benefits of the Programme
No losers! Completing the Programme means earning an award National and international recognition Self-improvement -- discover new talents, abilities and skills Participate in recreational and creative challenges Meet new and interesting people

8 Opportunity and Challenge
Offers equal opportunities to all young people aged 14-25 Non-competitive -- you only compete against yourself to improve yourself Physically less able and disadvantaged youths can participate on an equal basis Voluntary and flexible -- projects completed on your own time

9 How it works Bronze Award: Silver Award: Ages 14-25 Min. 6 months
(For existing Bronze Award holders: Min. 6 months)

10 How it works Gold Award: Ages 16-25 Min. 18 months
(For existing Silver Award holders: Min. 12 months)

11 Minimum age to receive an Award:
How it works Minimum age to receive an Award: Bronze: 14.5 years old Silver: 16 years old (15.5 years old for Bronze Award holders) Gold: 17.5 years old (17 years old for Silver Award holders)

12 Four Sections of the Award Programme
Service Adventurous Journey Skills Physical Recreation Residential Project (only applicable to Gold Award Participants)

13 Service Purpose: To develop a sense of responsibility to the community and become better citizens To experience community building and bonding through service To learn through helping others

14 Service Examples: Volunteering in a Neighbourhood Police Post
Fund-raising projects Environmental protection and nature conservation projects Caring for animals Helping out in homes for the elderly or in children’s homes Volunteering in local hospitals Working with the disabled Or pursue an activity of your own choosing

15 Service The Challenge: To offer community service regularly
Bronze: 15 hours over a period of 3 months Silver: 30 hours over a period of 6 months Gold: 60 hours over a period of 12 months

16 Service Respect, love and care for our community and environment
Whether it is cleaning up the sea, preserving historic monuments or assisting the disabled, Service is designed to develop Respect, love and care for our community and environment

17 Adventurous Journey Discover more about yourself! Purpose:
Adventure and discovery Discover more about yourself!

18 Adventurous Journey Camping Jungle trekking Mountain biking Sailing
Examples: Canoeing Camping Jungle trekking Mountain biking Sailing Or create your own adventure -- at home or abroad

19 Adventurous Journey The Challenge:
Plan, train for and undertake a venture Bronze: 2 days/1 night Silver: 3 days/2 nights Gold: 4 days/3 nights

20 Adventurous Journey Teamwork and group cohesiveness work hand in hand to make the expeditions a success.

21 Skills Purpose: Develop and expand personal interests
Gain useful knowledge and skills and set a foundation for future learning

22 Skills Examples: Or pursue a new skill of your own choosing

23 Skills The Challenge: Show individual progress and sustained interest
Bronze: 6 months Silver: 12 months Gold: 18 months

24 National Youth Achievement Award
Skills Skills stay with us for life, and so will the vivid memories of the time invested in picking up the skill. In the company of like-minded friends, through the sharing of knowledge and the exchange of help between one another, learning a new skill has never been more fun. 2.9.2

25 Physical Recreation Purpose: Healthy body, spirit and mind
To develop strength, stamina, endurance and perseverance To empower you with confidence and self-esteem to help you face challenges in daily life

26 National Youth Achievement Award
Physical Recreation Examples: 2.9.2

27 National Youth Achievement Award
Physical Recreation Examples: Or pursue an activity or your own choosing 2.9.2

28 Physical Recreation The Challenge:
To show improvement in overall performance Bronze: 20 hours spread over 8 weeks Silver: 30 hours spread over 10 weeks Gold: 40 hours spread over 12 weeks

29 Physical Recreation Physical recreation brightens up our spirits, sharpens our alertness and keeps our health in check. Above all, it is fun.

30 Residential Project (Gold participants only)
Purpose: Cross physical and cultural boundaries to help communities bear out extremities and hardship Provide community service at home or abroad through residential projects Become global citizens by helping others

31 Residential Project The Challenge:
To undertake or initiate a project that will have a beneficial impact on the community at large, be it at home or abroad.

32 Residential Project Travelling to foreign countries exposes one to exciting sights, sounds and smells. The residential project allows the participants to live the local lifestyle, not as a mere traveller, but as a resident.

33 Residential Project Living, eating and working with the locals, our participants are exposed to a culture beyond their own. This challenges them to exercise their initiative, creativity and camaraderie to benefit the community at large.

34 Recognition for Personal Achievement
The Award Programme celebrates personal achievement that is measured against original circumstances and potential capabilities. Every participant can be a winner!

35 Recognition and Achievement
After completing the programme, participants are invited to an award ceremony. They will receive a certificate and a badge from a minister in recognition for their efforts.

36 Recognition for Personal Achievement
Participants and winners are from all walks of life

37 Getting Involved Step 1 : Getting the enrolment form
The enrolment form may be obtained from The school’s award coordinator The NYAAC’s office located at: 277 River Valley Road #02-01 StarDuS Clubhouse Singapore Tel: Fax: Web site at

38 Getting Involved Step 2 : Sending in the form and fee
A nominal fee is charged for each level as an indication of your commitment to the Programme. Fees are: Bronze: $5 Silver: $10 Gold: $15 Submit enrolment forms and fees to The school’s award coordinator OR The NYAA Secretariat

39 Getting Involved Step 3 : Receiving the Award Diary and Record Book
These two items will be issued to you upon submission of the enrolment form and fee. The Award Diary and Record Book represent the experiences and achievements of the participant. They act as a record of success and achievement.

40 Getting Involved Step Find an instructor for each of your chosen activities and work out a schedule. The Programme usually takes up about one hour per week of your leisure time. Step Begin your activities and record your progress. Your Record Book is to be completed and signed by your instructor. Step Send your Record Book and Diary to your award coordinator who will submit it to the NYAA Secretariat for endorsement. Upon approval, you will be invited to receive your badge and certificate at an Awards Ceremony.

41 Resources Should you need help or more information
Seek assistance from your school’s Award Co-ordinator Call the NYAA Secretariat at your questions to the NYAA Council at Visit the NYAAC’s website at

42 The National Youth Achievement Award
Thank you

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