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BRAD – The Gold Road The city of the Gold Museum.

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1 BRAD – The Gold Road The city of the Gold Museum

2 20-22 of june 2007 population 16.414 area 79,98 km2

3 20-22 of june 2007 Brad – city in Hunedoara County in Romania situated in a flat area in Apuseni Mountains city mentioned in documents for the first time in 1445 famous settlement for the brown coal and gold excavation 2000 years of documentary attestation of the gold mine

4 20-22 of june 2007

5 the mine Barza – Brad – one of the biggest in Europe the gold mine was stopped in 2006

6 20-22 of june 2007 The Gold Museum the most attractive objective for tourists, unique in Europe there are exhibited over 2000 exhibits of native gold probably the most important collection of this type in the world the native gold collection comes from the gold mines from the Metaliferi Mountains

7 20-22 of june 2007 there are exhibited old utilities and objects used at the auriferous minerals extraction and processing gold in minerals appears under different forms: fine dispersed, free or together with other minerals and rare chemical combination of gold with tellurium the exposed minerals have various, very interesting shapes remarked by visitors

8 20-22 of june 2007

9 The Gold Road a touristic objective that wants to put forward the villages, mining settlements built around the mines from Brad area the beginning of the route is the Gold Museum it covers the picturesque area Musariu –Ruda – 12 Apostle – Barza an objective on the route is Galeria Treptele Romane (The Roman Steps Tunnel) digged in the rock – a proof of 2000 years of mining in the area on the route – the underground visitation of a board the route crosses the roadway 74 and comes back to Brad the route has about 11 Km and today it isnt in a good maintenance because of the closed mining activity

10 20-22 of june 2007

11 The project includes : the repair of the road public lighting sanitation of mining areas sedimentation basins sanitation of water courses the adequate repair of the Galeria Treptele Romane (The Roman Steps Tunnel) the underground visitation of the Barza mine a commercial infrastructure to be created having symbol articles specific for the area

12 20-22 of june 2007 The Gold Road remains a witness of the traditional trade – mining and gold excavations on this route it was carried the biggest amount of gold from Europe

13 20-22 of june 2007

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