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MGI ASIA AREA MEETING - New Member Presentation - KAP BASYIRUDDIN & WILDAN a member firm of M G I KAP Basyiruddin & Wildan Midsnell Group International.

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1 MGI ASIA AREA MEETING - New Member Presentation - KAP BASYIRUDDIN & WILDAN a member firm of M G I KAP Basyiruddin & Wildan Midsnell Group International BANGKOK, SEPTEMBER 06 th, 2013 1

2 Indonesia 2 Indonesia is an archipelago in Southeast Asia and located between two continents, Asia and Australia / Oceania. Territory of Indonesia extends along 3,977 mile between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean.

3 Indonesia 3

4 Business Sectors in Indonesia 4 Business Sectors in Indonesia: 1. Manufacturing (24% of total output) 2. Mining and quarrying accounts (12%) 3. Construction (10%) 4. Electricity, gas and water supply (0.75%) 5. Services constitute 38% of total GDP trade, hotel and restaurants (around 14% of GDP) transport and communication (7% of GDP) finance, real estate and business services (7% of GDP) government services (6%) 6. Agriculture accounts (15%)

5 Indonesia Exports 5 Exports in Indonesia decreased to 14740.70 USD Million in June of 2013 from 16133.40 USD Million in May of 2013. Exports in Indonesia is reported by the Biro Pusat Statistik Indonesia (Indonesian Central Bureau of Statistics). Indonesia Exports averaged 3434.26 USD Million from 1960 until 2013, reaching an all time high of 18647.83 USD Million in August of 2011 and a record low of 30 USD Million in January of 1961.

6 Indonesia Exports 6 China (14 percent) Japan (12 percent) the United States (9.5 percent) India (8 percent) Others include: Singapore Malaysia and South Korea oil and gas (20%) mineral fuels and oils (14%) fats, oils and waxes (11%) electrical equipment and machinery (9%). Other exports include: rubber and rubber articles (5.5%) clothes and footwear (6%) wood and paper (5%). In Indonesia, exports have been an engine of growth in recent years. Major exports are: Major export partners are:

7 Business Sectors in Indonesia – Mining 7 Coal Mine Kutai, East Kalimantan

8 Business Sectors in Indonesia – Mining 8 Gold Mine – Papua Province

9 Business Sectors in Indonesia – Mining 9 There are two blocks in Gold Mine area, a production area of 24,700 hectares in Block A and of 500,000 hectares exploration area in Blok B. As an illustration, production in 2006 in Block A has produced 610,800 tons of copper; 58,474,392 grams of gold and 174,458,971 grams of silver.

10 Business Sectors in Indonesia – Agriculture 10 In Indonesia, the agro-industry has become more important recently as data from the Central Bureau of Statistic showed that in 2012, economic growth was spurred by the processing industry, many being agro-industries, responsible for 23.5 percent of Indonesian Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The agro-industry processes the countrys top commodities, including oil palm, rubber, cocoa, fish, wood and paper.

11 Business Sectors in Indonesia - Agriculture 11

12 Business Sectors in Indonesia – Javanesse Tourism 12 Indrayanti Beach – Gunung Kidul, Jogjakarta Province Borobudur Temple – Magelang, Central of Java Province

13 Business Sectors in Indonesia – Sulawesi Tourism 13 Marine Park – Bunaken, North Sulawesi Bunaken Beach, North Sulawesi

14 Business Sectors in Indonesia – Sumatera Tourism 14 Kelimutu Lake – Flores, East Nusa Tenggara Province

15 Business Sectors in Indonesia – Bali Tourism 15 Exocitism of Bali Kuta Beach - Bali

16 Business Sectors in Indonesia – Papua Tourism 16 Raja Ampat – Kab. Raja Ampat, West Papua

17 KAP BW - History 17 In 1996 KAP Heliantono & Basyiruddin was founded with 2 (two) Partners. At 2008 name of firm changed into KAP Basyiruddin & Wildan with 2 (two) Partners. At 2012 KAP BW with 4 (four) partners decided to join as member of MGI. Currently, KAP BW has 3 (three) Partners, with 2 (two) offices in Jakarta and 1 (one) office in Riau Province.

18 KAP BW – Organization 18 MTH Square 3rd floor, Jakarta Head Office Office Branch Office MTH Square 2nd floor, Jakarta Pekanbaru, Riau Province

19 KAP BW – Services Provided 19 Assurance services is an independent professional service provided by public accountant (public accountant firm) that improve the quality of information for decision makers. Non Assurance service is a service provided by the public accountant without renderring opinion, with negative assurance, summary of findings, or the other type assurance.

20 KAP BW – Services Provided 20 Assurance Non Assurance General Audit Special Audit Attestation Services on IT Review Other Assurance Accounting & Bookkeeping Management Information System Management Consultancy Taxation

21 KAP BW – Type of Clients 21 Public Listed Companies 4% Banks24% International Institution 21% Construction13% Hospital 4% Manufacturing 7% Trading Companies10% Mass Media 4% Other14%

22 Thank You... 22

23 BASYIRUDDIN & WILDAN Registered Public Accountants a member of M G I MT Haryono Square Building 3 rd Floor No. 23, Jln.MT Haryono Kav. 10, Jakarta 13330 Phone: (62 21) 7123.6444, 9811.0290, 2906.7221, Facs: (62 21) 290.67304 e-mail: Website: 23

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