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Gold Rush Timeline Elizabeth Broughan.

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1 Gold Rush Timeline Elizabeth Broughan

2 1850’s Gold was discovered in Enoch Point
Gold was discovered in Bright Gold was discovered in Omeo

3 1860’s Gold is found at Omeo, Walhalla, Dargo, and Central Gippsland. Towns begin to form in this region. Enoch Point’s population booms to over several hundred people Gold is found at Talboltville Gold is found at Bull town Gold is found at Grant Gold is found at crooked river

4 1870’s Gold was found in Jericho Gold was discovered in Boggy Creek
Gold was discovered in Bingo Gold was discovered in Scotch Hollow Gold is found at Jamieson

5 1880’s 1890’s Gold is found at haunted stream, Cobannah Creek
Walhalla has the richest gold supply in Victoria

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