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By: Frances Hakes. All About Me She loves to hang out with friends!!!!!!! Her favorite colors are baby blue and violet!!!!!!! She has an 9 mounth old.

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1 By: Frances Hakes

2 All About Me She loves to hang out with friends!!!!!!! Her favorite colors are baby blue and violet!!!!!!! She has an 9 mounth old puppy named Cody and is an yellow lab!!!!!!!!!!! She is a good friend to have!!!!!!!!! Her favorite subject is writing and reading!!!!!!!

3 All about My School Her school is Mt. Bethel Elementary!!!!!! Her teacher is Mrs. Ferguson!!!!!!! The principal is Mrs. Johnson!!!!! The assistant principal is Mrs. Bachrach!!!!

4 The Funniest Moments Of Third Grade One day Jake kept purposely falling out of his chair!!!!!!! One day Liam randomly started doing his Cotton Eyed Joe dance!!!!!! One day Ashlyn pushed her chair back to stand up and then she tried to sit down but instead she fell to the ground!!!!! One day Jake kept running away from Ashlyn so she kept chasing him!!!!!

5 The Best Moments Of Third Grade When me Ashlyn and Olivia made the poster for the living history museum Olivia didnt want it so Mrs. Ferguson drew sticks and luckily my name got drawn to keep it!!!!!!! Each day of market day I sold out and I have one more in two more days!!!!!! When I got new best friends!!!!!!!


7 My Favorite Book Character Benny Jessie Violet and Hennry!!!!!! Why? Because I love there book series!!!!!

8 ABCS Of Third Grade Awesome Butterflies Cool Drama Excellent Fun Geometry Helpful Interrogative Joyful Knowledge Laura Music Noise Ocean stories Pashonent Quidraladirul Running in P.E Science Terrific United Vilioshios verbs Wow X-sited Yellow Zoom

9 Summer Plans BEACH!!!!!! SWIM!!!!!!!! STONE MOUNTAIN!!!!!!!

10 Three Goals Do homework before watching T.V. Have a better attitude about homework. Be a better friend than before.

11 By : Frances Hakes Once I read a book called A Bad Case Of Stripes by: David Shannon and when I was done reading this book it turned out to be great. The main character is Camilla Cream. Some other characters are the doctors, her mom and dad, an old woman, her classmates, and the principle. The book is as fiction as a monkey driving a car. The book took place her school and home. One day a girl named Camilla Cream got a bad case of the stripes and had to be examined by doctors. When she went to school she got teased by her classmates. The pills made her look like a pill. Then an old woman came along and feed her lima beans. I relate to this book because Im a girl and Ive gotten sick before. A book that relates to this book is Stone Fox because the grandfather gets sick just like Camilla. The world relates to this book because there are girls in the world and most people have gotten sick. If I were this character I would not lie or care if other people made fun of me. When I read this book I felt bad for Camilla because she got very sick and got called names. I admire this character because she didnt care what the other people thought of her. A character, place, or event in this book reminds me of the time I got very sick in kindergarten. I predict that in the next book her friend will get the stripes for not eating her favorite food.

12 A Pink Sparkly Crab By: Frances Hakes One day, I decided to go to the beach. I packed my goggles, chair, umbrella, and some towels. After that I set the alarm to my house, I headed off. Two hours later, I was about to cross the Florida state line. I was happy that I was almost there. Twenty minutes later, I was at the hotel. I got the luggage out of my car, and then I cheeked in. I went up to my room. When I got into my room, I saw a cage with a light brown lab puppy inside. Then I saw a note that said, Thank you for staying at this hotel. You may keep the puppy. I kept the puppy. Just then I wanted to go outside and have lunch. First I made a turkey sandwich. Next, I packed some fruit, two water bottles. Finally, I packed my chair, towel, and umbrella. Then I went down and started eating lunch. Then a pink sparkly crab started talking to me. I couldnt believe it so I fainted in my chair. One hour later, I woke up and had to leave. I packed my things, ran up the steps, got the crate dog, keys, and my luggage. Then I cheeked out, and put everything in my back seat. Then I headed back home with my new dog.

13 Do Not Kill Ant By: Frances Hakes Dont kill the ant! You shouldnt kill them because they are useful. I believe you shouldnt smooth ants. The ant has a family. His family needs him. Hes just like us. If he dies, his family will die too. If we squash almost every ant, other animals will start dyeing too. Every ant deserves a life. Other animals need ants. The ant is helpful to the earth. He is good for the soil. If he gets eaten by a different animal, he wont be helpful ether. He is a living thing. Dont kill the ant! Please dont squash me flat. Oh little boy. said the ant. The ant is helpful, and a living animal. The boy would be a mean person if he stepped on the ant. Let the ant go free!

14 Grandparents By: Frances Hakes My Grandparents names are Gram and Grandaddy. Gram always tells me Im so sweet. I love my grandparents so much. They always watch out for me when I am at there house. When Gram cooks a meal she always asks for me to help her. Gram just had knee surgery so I cant play race up the stairs with her. My grandmother is very generous. My grandfather is also very generous. Once when I went he let me drive around in his truck with him. He loves cookies! Sometimes he will gage in front of the T.V. He is a helper at Kroger. My grandparents live in Texas so I dont get to see them much. I am so happy because Im going to Texas in February. They are the best grandparents a girl could ever have. Right now they miss me so much. I really wish they lived in Georgia.

15 The Pain And The Great One By: Frances Hakes One day my teacher read a book called The Pain And The Great One by: Judy Blume, and it was awesome. The is as fiction as a shark in a bathtub. Some of the characters are The Great One, The Pain, their parents, and their cat. This story took place at their house. The story was about a who fight. They never got along. They think bad things about each other. I relate to this book because I have a brother too. This book relates to Arthur because there is a brother and sister who fight too. This book relates to the world because there brothers and sisters in the world. I am like The Great One because I also have a six year old brother which is like her brother The Pain. A character, place, or event in this book reminds me of my annoying brother. In the next book, I think they will learn to get along.

16 A Robo Sister By: Frances Hakes Have you ever wanted a robot twin sister? One day a girl named Kellie Kioko invented a robot twin sister and named her Katie Kioko. She said she had always wanted a sister and now she had one. One day Kellie asked Katie, What do you want for dinner? Katie said, Well maybe we could have some pizza at Flos Pizza Hut for dinner. Sure said Kellie. So off Katie and Kellie went they ran down stairs, grabbed their purses and wrote their parents a note that said Dear Mom and Dad, We are at Flos Pizza Hut. We will be back at 9:00. Love, Katie and Kellie

17 My Favorite Vacation By: Frances Hakes September.14, 2010 I go to Dallas, Texas every year. I visit there to see my grandparents and cousins. I stay at my grandparents house. When I get there, I run in and start hugging them. Then my grandparents and my family go outside to get the luggage. My family members are very special to me. My family members are Alden, Mason, Victoria, and Micaly, and Hayden. Alden is 16.Mason is 13. Micaly is 16. Victoria is 14. Hayden is 4 months old. I call my grandmother Gram. I call my grandfather Grandaddy. My aunts names are Aunt Laurie and Aunt Susie. My uncles names are Uncle Jim and Uncle John. They are all wonderful!! My grandparents come to my house every year. My grandparents stay in the guest room. My grandmother just had knee surgery so they cant come this year. I hope they can come next year!! I really would like and hope for them to come!! On my last trip, my family and my family from Texas went to a water park. It was awesome!! We all went on so many rides. Also there are many different pools we went in. Finally it was time to go. I was very sad. When I got home, my grandparents cheered me up. It always is a fun trip. When I come and go, I always have some of the best times in my life!! Next time I go I know I will have more fun. Dallas, Texas is a great place to be. I never have the worst times of my life there.

18 By : Frances Hakes The ocean smells salty but refreshing. The ocean tastes salty and bad, really bad. The ocean feels good and the waves nock you under and then you come up and start to giggle. When you see the ocean you run in and start playing in the waves because its so beautiful. It


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