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1 Belize

2 Belize Location: Climate: Government & Safety: Language:
Belize is a Central America nation, nestled right below the Yucatan, Mexico its border to the north, and on the south and west, it is bordered by Guatemala. The Caribbean Sea is to its east, giving Belize 174 miles of coastline. Belize is about 250 miles south of Cancun, Mexico. There are several major international airlines serving Belize, specifically American Airlines, Continental, Delta and US Air. These airlines operate to and from several US gateways in Dallas, Houston, Miami, Charlotte and Atlanta. Flights are direct, nonstop and take under 3 hours. For the more adventurous, Belize is accessible by road and is approximately 1,350 miles from Brownsville Texas. Climate: Average year round temperature of 79 degrees Fahrenheit Sunny with a breeze - no need for heat or air conditioning Government & Safety: Belize has a parliamentary form of government, like England, with a prime minister at the helm and it operates under the English common law legal system. Belize doesn't go to war and doesn't get involved with the problems its neighbors have suffered over the years. There has never been a war in Belize; even its currency has never been devaluated. Language: English speaking country All schools, banks, government forms, and road signs are in English Belize

3 Belize Tourism: “An Entrepreneur's Paradise”:
Belize is best known for its marine environment, in particular, for having the longest living barrier reef in the western hemisphere and the second longest contiguous reef in the world, after Australia. Divers flock to Belize to enjoy its underwater attractions. Belize, as a consequence of its medley of cultural attractions, unique marine and terrestrial biodiversity, and conservation efforts, is fast becoming a hotspot for travelers seeking eco-tourism and adventure vacation experiences. “An Entrepreneur's Paradise”: There are very few restrictions on what you can do and how or where you can do it It's been said that you can be anything you want in Belize...its true especially in business. Belize offers permanent residency status to foreigners from almost any country. The cost is $1,200 for a couple, and it takes just one year of living in Belize to qualify. Depending on what type of work you do a work permit can cost from $25-$500 a year.

4 EPZ Certificate

5 Government Concessions

6 Government Concessions

7 Government Concessions
Update Letter Feb

8 Belize Exploration and Mining, Ltd
Belize Exploration and Mining, Ltd. (“BEML”) is a gold and precious minerals exploration and mining operation operating in Belize. BEML has been granted the concessions for exploration in the Maya Mountains and Chico Ciebo area for the exploration and extraction of gold, platinum and other precious minerals by the Belize government. There has been preliminary exploration done in the past, which has pointed to significant opportunity for both gold and platinum. This exploration has been superficial and not to the extent and level of a professional conducted sampling and proven reserves project. BEML intends to partner with a key exploration and mining company in order to achieve the level of reporting results that would prove up the potential reserves that are available in the Mayan Mountain region. In addition to the reports already conducted by third parties BEML ventured into the region with a qualified geologist and landed by helicopter at several strategic locations where both rock formation and deposits and the actual finding of gold deposits pointed to greater opportunities. This preliminary exploration encourages a further full-scale project to prove up the potential reserves that has already been identified in this region.

9 BEML is mandated with increasing the value of the company by discovering or acquiring new mineral resources. Exploration involves the identification, prioritization and testing of geological, geochemical and geophysical targets. The exploration process ends when a discovery is handed over to one of BEML’s partners. BEML’s exploration strategy will bring sustained success in a highly competitive market. We have maintained our commitment to exploration over the years and the consistency of expenditure and activity has produced extraordinary results We have an exceptional set of assets and growth opportunities, both in identified projects and exploration prospects. We aim for a multi commodity exploration portfolio composed of the best opportunities available to us. We set ourselves apart from the rest of the mining industry by having a clear focus on finding and mining only the best resources. These resources must be profitable in all parts of the price cycle and deliver long-term economic value to BEML.

10 Global Refiners, Ltd. (“GRL”) is a gold processing, refinery, and distribution firm, which has contracts with several mining outfits throughout the international gold mining market. GRL was incorporated in the country of St. Lucia, as an International Business Company, subject to the International Business Companies Act of 1999 as amended (the “International Business Companies Act”). GRL’s strategy is to build the first modular processing and refining plant in Belize and then expand to two or three alternate secure and tax beneficial strategic locations globally. The objective is to construct modular refineries in safe locations of close proximity to regions where large mining resources or operations currently exist and the potential threat of worker accident, worker protest, or any of the human resource incidents that normally would implode a mining operation are not present. GRL’s key business strategy and philosophy is for the final refining process necessary to produce LME certified gold bullion to be remote from the physical mining operations, in a tax free jurisdiction, and if possible where there are lucrative offshore tax benefits in available free trade zones.

11 This business strategy is in large contrast to typical mining operations which first spend extensive resources conducting research and analysis on ore bodies and mineral resources in mining concessions. GRL has taken an active approach of risk mitigation, first validating the processes and procedures to be used in the refining operation along with receiving all of the final permits and approvals required to operate at the site. Once these two elements have been completed and approved, GRL will then finalize the operations in either the corresponding Mexican concession or one of the additional concessions GRL is currently evaluating in Nicaragua, Honduras, Peru, or Belize. Lastly, GRL has made an active decision to employ the refinery operations as an environmentally friendly operation. The refinery will be void of the normal hazardous chemical materials such as cyanide and lengthy leach trains which are typically present in many hard rock refining operations. Although there will be a reduction in the maximum capture ratio GRL will be able to extract from the ore body by not utilizing these potentially hazardous chemicals, the benefit to the environment and government approval process will far outweigh the risks associated with using these types of materials.

12 Green Cement, Ltd., (“GCL”) is a cement processing plant utilizing an eco-friendly approach to convert the tailings bi-product from gold refining operations, in addition to being able to supply both Slag and Portland cement to the country of Belize.  One of the bi-products during the gold refinery phase from gold concentrate to gold bullion is a material called “tailings”.  Mine “tailings” are the leftover product, which is the waste rock or materials overlying the ore, or mineral body that is displaced during the refining phase without being processed.  GCL has disclosed that the tailings bi-product, which will result from the refining operations, will be free of chemicals due to the omission of cyanidation and toxic chemicals.  GCL will be using the technique of ‘Placer Mining’, which uses water and gravity to extract the valuable minerals, which is different than ‘Hard Rock Mining’, which uses pulverization of rock and harsh chemicals.

13 GCL is currently working with Paterson and Cooke, one of the most experienced global firms in dealing with tailings conversion to cement in the mining industry.  Paterson and Cooke specialize in providing solutions to the mining industry including tailings disposal and the conversion of tailings into cement.  The core theme of their research is that tailings disposal from a mining operation can be used for alternative uses such as backfill, landfill, construction of roads, etc. As previously mentioned GCL will be an environmentally friendly operation, and will not require the extensive chemical treatments on the tailings disposal.  This will allow the tailings to be converted immediately into a paste thickener and combined with an aggregate material to be used as an additive for cement bi-products in a Cement Processing Plant. While the final strength composition of the aggregate will be determined through a series of extensive testing and thorough analysis by Paterson and Cooke, at a minimum when converted into a paste thickener and used as an aggregate, the tailings is a perfect solution to be used for land fill, underground backfill, highways, roads and other practical industrial means.

14 In keeping with the company’s strategic business plan and vision, GCL has sought to construct a boutique cement processing plant to utilize and convert the tailings bi-product from the refining operations, in addition to being able to supply both Slag and Portland cement to the country of Belize.  This boutique processing plant will also be an environmentally friendly operation with a small carbon footprint, minimizing the offset from these traditional industrial operations.  In addition, the processing plant will maintain its focus on being energy efficient, and minimizing raw material consumption.  By utilizing the waste product from the refining operations, the tailings bi-product, and reducing the raw material consumption for the processing plant the company will be at the forefront of sustainable design and practices for the cement production industry.

15 Rohrex Mini Cement Plants 50 TPD – 300 TPD
 Significant advantages: Cement industry brought within the reach of small enterprise and local communities. Quick return on capital investment. Regeneration and development of rural areas and uplift of local economy. Low capital investment costs and minimum infrastructure facilities. Making full use of small scattered limestone deposits. Indigenous self-sufficient profitable enterprise without continued reliance on imported technology and equipment. Portland cement produced is comparable with large manufacturing plants and is to international standards. Rohrex Mini Cement Plants 50 TPD – 300 TPD

16 The Connection Mining, Exploration, and Discovery of
Gold and Precious Minerals. Processing and Refining of Gold and Precious Minerals. Eco-Friendly approach to re-use tailings from processing and refining and convert the waste into Slag and Portland Cement.

17 Stake Bank Enterprise Limited
Stake Bank Enterprise Limited. The single idea encompasses the spirit of Stake Bank Island. Located 4 miles off the Belize mainland, Stake Bank is to serve as the new home for the island’s growing cruise business, providing both port-of call and homeport facilities coupled with an engaging series of onshore amenities. Stake Bank however is more than just a cruise hub…it’s an extension of the fabric, culture and vibe of Belize showcased throughout its tourism village, entertainment events and cultural attractions. It is a place to encourage the use and enjoyment by both residents and islands visitors.

18 The plan contemplates the development of an 18-acre island, phase 1 and an additional 20 acre, phase 2, near the current cruise ship anchorage site. The island's development includes a marina for transiting yachts in addition to various recreational facilities such as a casino, restaurants, water park, beaches and numerous water sports including jet skiing, parasailing and snorkeling, developing a cultural Belizean experiences. This development will change the way tourism is enjoyed in Belize. It will allow for more flexibility in cruise ship departure times making it feasible to enjoy longer stays. It will remove the hazards associated with the tendering of guests from ship to shore. It will make Belize a more attractive tourist destination, at the same time enjoying the diversity of the Belizean landscape, culture and people in addition to the variety of available land and water related tours making Belize a star of the Caribbean. Additionally, provisions will be put in place for the refueling of the cruise ships.

19 The Owner/Developer of this project, Mr
The Owner/Developer of this project, Mr. Michael Feinstein, is not a new comer to projects of this nature and size. He is a well-known businessman with a proven track record. His most recent project was the development of the Tourism Village, a project similar in scope to Stake Bank except on a smaller scale and on the main land. This project was and still is a massive success. Stake Bank Enterprise Limited is bringing together the key players within the industry, cruise lines, Government, statutory bodies, agents, tour guides and the general public. The experience is one of high involvement for the whole family, low risk, quality service, reliability, safety and recreation similar to the Xcaret and Wet And Wild Experience, only on a smaller scale.

20 The focus of the project is multi faceted with numerous major benefits to the Country, the people of Belize and the visiting cruise lines. The focus of the project is to maximize the opportunities to encourage tourists to spend more of their dollars in Belize by providing more spending opportunities, overcome Belize Tourist Board's regulation regarding number of tourists per day on the mainland which is already at its maximum, compliment the Tourism Village and other major tourism related investments, capitalize on a new segment within the industry, the cruise ship crew, that is presently not being serviced, provide increased employment to almost 500 Belizeans, provide a convenient launching area for all water tours, eliminate the problems associated with robberies and tourists being harassed by beggars on the street and expand the boundaries of water sports available in Belize. This plan is about setting a new standard in Cruise Ship Tourism while maintaining Belize's natural, unspoiled image.

21 Startup cost is estimated at $50M
Startup cost is estimated at $50M. Sales in the first year are estimated at $17M, profit before interest of $12.5M and a gross margin of 14.6%. The cash flow projections show healthy net cash flows and cash balances even after taking into account a debt servicing of $5M annually. The projected balance sheet shows substantial growth in net worth from $9.5.M in year 1 to $57M in year 5. The business ratios table outlines some of our performances and positions over this 5-year plan. We are optimistic that the synergy realized from this project will lead to overwhelming success.

22 Environmental Clearance Letter
Granted to Stake Bank Enterprise Limited for a Cruise Ship, Resort, and Theme Park Development located on Stake Bank Cay, Belize.

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