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Gold Award Training Girl Scouts of Colorado Girl Training.

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1 Gold Award Training Girl Scouts of Colorado Girl Training

2 THANK YOU! you have demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities and dedication to your community

3 The Girl Scout Gold Award is the capstone of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE) and the highest award you can earn as a Girl Scout. When you choose to earn this award, you express your commitment to yourself, your world, your planet and your future.


5 Discover: You will understand yourself and your values and use your knowledge and skills to explore the world. Connect: You care about, inspire, and team with others locally and globally. Take Action: You act to make the world a better place.

6 Girl-led: You play an active part in figuring out the what, where, when, how and why of your activities. Learning by Doing: You use a hands-on learning process that engages you in continuous cycles of action and reflection that result in deeper understanding of concepts and mastery of skills. Cooperative learning: You work together toward goals that can be accomplished only with the help of others, in an atmosphere of respect and collaboration.

7 When Discover, Connect and Take Action activities Are Girl Led, involve learning by doing and cooperative learning Leadership Skills Result

8 Who Earns a Gold Award? A Girl Scout in 9 th -12 th grade a passion for a community issue a desire to develop leadership skills, stretch abilities develop project management skills

9 Community Service or Take Action Service Limited impact Symptom- centric Temporary solution FOR the community Take Action Measurable sustainable Root cause Continues to answer need WITH the community

10 GSLE Outcomes Discover outcomes: –Develop a strong sense of self. –Develop positive values. –Gain practical life skills. –Seek challenges in the world. –Develop critical thinking.

11 GSLE Outcomes Connect outcomes : –Develop healthy relationships. –Promote cooperation and team building. –Can resolve conflicts. –Advance diversity in a multi- cultural world. –Feel connected to their community, locally and globally.

12 GSLE Outcomes Take Action Outcomes: –Can identify community needs. –Are resourceful problem solvers. –Advocate for yourself and others, locally and globally. –Educate and inspire others to act. –Feel empowered to make a difference in the world

13 Take Action Award Project Work With the community outside Girl Scouts Recruit a team-NOT a group Provide a sustainable, lasting solution Global Connection 80 hours suggested


15 Whats a Personal Compass? A personal compass is a tool-a creative and visual process Sets direction, uncovers assets, documents critical relationships Helps in goal setting Identifies your support

16 Build Your Own Your background Life Goals …or close Aspects of yourself People! Dreams & hopes What cant you live without?

17 Gold Award Process Earn 2 Journey Books including completing the Take Action projects OR 1 Journey and the Silver Award Gold Award Training Utilize the Gold Award Guidelines to develop your Gold Award Take Action Project. Submit proposal and interview with Gold Award Committee

18 Whos involved? You Your Team Community Advisor (s)

19 Who Else? Council Staff Advisor Girl Scout Volunteer Gold Award Committee Committee Liaison

20 Studio 2B? Interview by September 15 Plan to complete project by March 1, 2012


22 Project Steps Choose an Issue** Investigate Get Help** Create a Plan Submit Proposal Take Action Educate and Inspire

23 Choose an Issue YOU Where/what is your passion What would benefit your community What skills and strengths do you have

24 Choose an Issue Community What are the needs in your community? What would benefit the community both immediately and in the long term? What motivates, interests and inspires others? Can you build a team to support your idea?

25 Community Map A tool to help visualize Define community Identify elements What are the issues Choose one to investigate Find solutions

26 Sample Community Map Community: Colorado Springs Element: Parks Issue: Lack of off-leash parks for dogs in the Monument Area. Cause: Parks department has limited funding to establish and maintain new parks. Solution: Create a privately funded off-leash, fenced dog park in the Monument area. Seek community group to maintain park. Support: City of Monument Parks Department; local Vets; Community Dog Owners Element: Schools Issue: Middle & HS students are struggling at the start of foreign language classes. Cause: Textbooks assume certain basic knowledge of foreign language. Solution: Establish program to teach Elem. Students basic language skills. Support: School, Foreign Language Teachers, Activities Clubs

27 Investigate Learn everything you can about issue Focus and refine your ideas Find the Root Cause

28 Get Help Who is affected by this issue? Who has the power? Who supports young people and service? Who are the political leaders? Who are the leaders who are not elected officials?

29 Build A Team Recruit team members based on skills needed and passion shared Use connections- find the go-to person Communicate Establish credibility

30 Create A Plan You are the Project Manager Explain Take Action Goals SMART Sustainability Budget Timeline

31 Submit Proposal Prepare the proposal Send to staff advisor Allow 6-8 weeks Get feedback Interview Approval

32 e When to Submit »Submit your proposal when you are ready to implement your plan » or about 30 hours into the project

33 Take Action! Take Action Outcomes: –Can identify community needs. –Are resourceful problem solvers. –Advocate for yourself and others, locally and globally. –Educate and inspire others to act. –Feel empowered to make a difference in the world.

34 Educate & Inspire Publish your project Register or update on Take Action Submit your final paperwork to liaison Final Presentation for committee


36 Funding the Project Identify the resources or materials that you need and identify possible sources Be able to explain why you need it? –Be specific –Be realistic –Research costs

37 Where is it coming from? Personal funds Troop funds - requires a vote Grants, sponsors Mom, Dad & Grandma not recommended

38 And More……….. Girl Scout projects cannot raise money for another organization You cannot be responsible for money Requests for Donations or money earning proposals MUST BE APPROVED Any funds/donations raised must zero out

39 Create a Pitch Think of how you can describe your project to others in 15- 30 seconds. –Make it memorable –Target your audience. –WIIFM? –Make it personal

40 Sustainability A Take Action project must be sustainable, continuing after your involvement is complete. The project makes a lasting change not just a one-time event Some ideas for sustainability: Leave a manual Create a curriculum Find a group or organization to sponsor your project in the future. e

41 Global Connection What are people in other citiesstates countries doing about similar issues? How do you find out? Publish what you are doing

42 Remember………. This is YOUR project Your choice We want you to succeed You are capable of AMAZING feats

43 Submit your proposal 6-8 weeks BEFORE you want to interview and before you begin step 6. Submit a Project Proposal that is concise, comprehensive and clear to the council staff advisor Use the CURRENT form to describe your plan and why it matters to you Articulate your issue Be open to constructive suggestions that will help you refine your project.

44 And then…………. The staff advisor or committee member will contact you to provide feedback on your proposal An interview will be set up You will be assigned a committee liaison to work with you through your project. The staff advisor will be available to you to answer any questions you have on process, funding or issues.

45 Committee Interview In person or by phone, etc In person is preferred You and 1-3 committee members Tell them about your project Answer questions-work with them to refine your project RELAX: the committee wants you to succeed

46 The committee looks for………. Root Cause Measure of success Collaboration Advocacy Challenge Sustainability You have a genuine interest in the issue

47 Committee Decision Project approved Keep in touch with your liaison at least monthly, even if nothing is happening. PERSEVERE! Conditional Approval Be clear about what you need to work on. Dont let it slide - get back to your liaison within a week. Resubmit Work with the committee member or the staff advisor to expand your project.

48 Put your plan into actionPut your plan into action Stay in touch with your Project Advisor/teamStay in touch with your Project Advisor/team Communicate with your Committee Liaison at least once a monthCommunicate with your Committee Liaison at least once a month Document your activities and time. Please include action photos!Document your activities and time. Please include action photos! Change it UP!

49 How to handle difficulties Expect them 5 minutes to panic - -then FOCUS Think it through Consult your supporters Talk to your liaison

50 People may not be familiar with the Gold Award you will have to SELL IT! you will have to SELL IT!

51 DOCUMENT Reflect Reassess outcomes Summarize Share your experience

52 Meet with your liaison to review your report liaison approves final paperwork final presentation PAPEROWORK, PHOTOS Almost there……….

53 For inclusion in Celebration Book March 1, 2012 For Graduating Seniors Last committee meeting in September of the year of graduation Celebrations for 2012 April 30? Generally the last Monday in April or the first in May May 24? Deadlines

54 Gold Award pins may be requested from staff advisor for regional ceremonies Usually presented at council celebrations GSCO provides Gold Award pins Recipients recognized by State Legislature 2 nd Monday in April Letters from agencies and individuals are requested on behalf of recipients Celebration!!!!!!!

55 Resources Guidelines for girls and adults at all levels Girls Guide Safety Activity Checkpoints Trainings Forums Internet Safety Pledge www.girlscoutsofcolorado. orgwww.girlscoutsofcolorado. org Highest.awards@colorado.o rg

56 Go change the World

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